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So to start, check out my ONs and OFFs and see if you think we're compatible. If you post here i'll check out yours also, so if the link is not in your sig, like it is in mine, then please link me to it.
    I like to do long term RPs, they're just ten times more interesting to me, and usually free form. Although most of these plots will focus on two characters, i love playing multiple characters, and so anyone who wants to do that, i'd really love to RP with. I also adore long posts with lots of description. Of course, there are exceptions. You can't write a ten paragraph post, mid-conversation, and expect it to make sense. It wont. I'll never write less than two reasonable paragraphs, and I expect you to do the same. As for introductions, they must be at least 3 or 4 long paragraphs, so that you really get a good grounding for the story.
    Other than that, and general courtesy for the roleplayer, I don't expect anything more. I do like to talk to those I RP with outside of the RP, so i'm more than happy for you to PM or message me on YIM.
    Below are plots/stories which I already have and would like to give a try. I'll add more, and take some away when they have been done enough, and so on. All plots are open to discussion and development with my partner, and can also be mixed together. Secondly, just because i have plots, doesn't mean that I wont do one of yours. If you like what you see, and would like to RP with me, but don't like my plots, just ask, i can look at yours, or we can come up with one together. Thankyou.

    Modern Realistic -
                could include:  [VAN] [NC-H] [BON]
There is a young girl who has had quite a turbulent life. She is young, and has fallen pregnant. Having had the father leave her, because he was too young also, she finds herself dazed and alone. She falls into a familiar pattern of drug and alcohol dependency, when she is seemingly rescued by the man who will become the love of her life. At first he seems to understand, having had similar issues. He is older and wiser than her, and she cannot help but be attracted. Everything goes well until he finds out that she is pregnant. At this point, unwilling to give her up, but not caring for the situation, things take a turn for the worse, and though he still appears loving, and still keeps her hooked, the psychological and physical abuse continues. Even when he is accused of raping her brothers girlfriend, while she is in the latter stages of her pregnancy, she refuses to believe it and stands by his side. His always. Even as both spiral into a dangerous world of alcohol and drugs, and her child ends up suffering.
     This is mainly designed to involve a seemingly equal relationship, as the girl is quite strong minded, but is actually a master/slave dynamic. There would be physical and emotional abuse. The dominant character in this would be your male. The RP can be started from any point which you desire, though I prefer it beginning quite early, and I am happy to play multiple characters if there are other aspects of it which you wish to be RPed such as the rape of her boyfriends girlfriend.

   Modern Fantasy -
         could include - [VAN] [NC-H] [BON] [EX]
The year is 2050. For the last 5 years the world has been in turmoil. 5 years ago, an army took to the streets, an army of the most unusual kind. Fallen Angels. They terrorized the streets at night until a curfew was issued. No one knew why they had appeared or what they wanted, but sometimes, children and even adults would go missing, completely untraceable. These adults had a strain of DNA left in them from when the Angels first walked the earth and mated with their human counterparts. Now, the Fallen Angel army knows that these are Gods only hope, if they wish to take over the earth. They have to destroy them. Finally, as people are sitting in a church, praying, desperately for some aid an explosion occurs. A group of strangers (though it could be any number) run out the back way, away from the chaos. This is where they are confronted by an Angel who informs them that they, are the ultimate hope for the people of Earth.
    This is a weird one and could be played in anyway. Your character could be either an Angel or a Fallen Angel. The Fallen Angels blend easily, so for example your character could be seen as completely normal, could even already be a part of one of the Angels lives, but he doesn't realise it. It could involve a lot of torture and pain, or could lead to romance with him having to capture the Angel, but then wanting her released because he is in love with her. Or something similar to that. We could also play multiple characters, and attempt many different things if you like this idea. It would involve some fighting, and obviously some magic and also a quest type setting in the long run.  This is actually a book I am writing, and so it would be wonderful to play out any aspect, to help me with my own writing.

An FAQ about this plot

  How many fallen angels would you say have invaded Earth

In the story, there are quite a few. Basically, the angels were not originally fallen. God sent the Grigori to earth as Guardian Angels, but some fell in love with the humans they were sent to protect, and they had children. These children where the Nephilim. The Grigori became the fallen angels, and the humans who still contain a strand of angelic DNA are their distant offspring. There is a far amount in the army, set in divisions, those who dwell only at night, those who mix with the humans, and so on.
    How do their powers work?
This would depend on the type of angel. For example. One in the Army, who is of the night division, would be able to use the shadows to their advantage, twisting them and so on. Others would have super speed, and others would have special magic-like attacks they could use. It is totally up to you, though attempt to link it to your character and their personality. The only important thing is, that the humans who have angelic powers, will be very vulnerable at first because though they will have slightly more strength, be slightly more susceptible to dreams and be empathetic, and so on, they will not have their full powers. They must go on some sort of personal quest, which can be discussed, to unless that full power.
      Can Fallen Angels die or be hurt? How?
Yes. The Fallen Angels can be hurt, and it really sets them back. They can become mangled, disfigured, scarred beings. But not with regular attacks, such as with a knife, it will do practically nothing. With a gun you would have more success, but not for long. Basically, only the Angels can hold them back really, with their own celestial power. However, the Fallen Angels will have also padded out some of their army with humans who have a strain of angelic dna, these humans will be very vulnerable, and though stronger than regular humans, just as with the good guys, they are easy to kill. The Fallen Angels themselves, can never die, but can be captured and trapped, tortured forever.
      Has the world become a war-zone? or do some areas still have normal lives, with only pockets of earth under attack?
Five years ago, the angels stepped from underground, and swarmed the entire earth. Lining the streets at dusk. They shot, maimed, tortured, and killed and generally had fun. This was the main attack. Now, everyone has a curfew, the F-A only attack after dark, and recently the attacks haven't been as harsh, apart from a few disappearances. Basically now, they're keeping order, and making sure things are ready for when they ultimately rule. In the day, life goes on, though with the small threat of what would happen if they decided to attack, NOW.
    How is the devil/hell involved?
Hell is non-existant. The F-A weren't sent to hell, they were forced to live on earth, underground, unable to meddle with Gods creatures, the humans, and unable to go back into heaven. It was a hell on Earth. The devil is interesting, and NPC. It is a role that ultimately, I will play because I know how i want him to be, but i don't think much needs to be said, as even within the RP he is always intended to be a mystery, until he just, is not.
    Why are the fallen Angels suddenly able to invade Earth? What stopped them before?
Nothing. Over the years, people began to lose faith in God, Religion, and Angels. This lack of faith lead to their being disaster after disaster. Attacks, natural disasters, and a general dissent. Faith and Belief was at it's all time low. And this is when the F-A realised....God had abandoned the people. He had left the humans to fend for themselves, and they weren't doing so well. Earth was theirs for the taking. They waited a few years, making small isolated attacks, just to see if God would return. But when he didn't they put their plan forward, and finally, five years ago, they swarmed the streets and took over full force. We begin the story, five years into this, when things have began to stabilise a little, and now the hunt is on for those few, powerful people, who could save the humans and bring God back into power.

(With thanks to Mahes666) 
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