Anita Blake non-cannon role play opportunities (more detailed ideas)

Started by bandit, June 14, 2013, 07:34:52 PM

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So to tell you a bit about myself...

I've been a member here for ages but I've been writing a handful of vampires all made by the same non-cannon master vampire Constantine for several years now. I have a small group of friends who I write with though not in a group setting per se, though some times the other characters pop up here and there...

I'm looking for someone who is a history nut.

In some cases I'm hoping to play some of these vampire's back stories would be willing to talk about it with an interested party.

In other cases I'm looking for someone interested in playing something very modern and I'll talk more about that in a moment.

Understand that I'll likely be selective about who I write with when it comes to these characters. I've worked very hard to keep things well written with them and their pasts and would like to maintain a certain consistency with their stories.

This group of characters starts with the Master Vampire Constantine, who I mentioned earlier, and then the rest are vampires that he has made over the years. They are all very close acting more like a military unit than a group of typical vampires and are rarely apart from each other for very long.

Here are links to the characters and their backgrounds from a wiki that myself and some of my other writing partners have put together over the years.

Constantine Greek Master Vampire - 940+ years old
Thomas O'Banon Irish Master Vampire - 380+ years old
Karl Friedrich von Moltke Prussian Master Vampire 280+ years old
Gime African Vampire - 170+ years old
Mose Kovner Polish Vampire - 100 years old
Mani Kahnawake Mohawk Vampire - 220+ years old

Know a bit of history and like a challenge writing?

Okay, for those of you who have followed my blog you'll be familiar with my talking about a dear friend of mine who passed away a little over a year ago. She was one of two people who has been writing with me for over a decade and was actually the person who got me into Anita Blake to begin with. She wrote a particular character named Olivia who was a big part of my character Constantine's past as well as his present day life. This character was also loved almost as much by me as I loved my dear friend who wrote her.

For more information on the former Queen of Prussia turned vampire Cabaret club owner, check here.

If you like the looks of the character I can send you some sample backstory written with her as well as some of the more modern stuff we were writing with her. If you like her enough that you'd like to sort of audition to take over this character then please let me know.

I know this might sound absurd, the idea of "auditioning" to take over a character but if you look at the history of Olivia, of Constantine, of some of the other vampires you'll see that a lot of love and time has gone into them. Not only that but this character is a bit of a legacy so I would want to see her handled just right. I think that if the right person came along that it wouldn't matter anyway.

There's one writer here at E that I've already approached about taking over Olivia and I hope that if you read this that you consider taking me up on the offer. (You totally know who you are!)

If you're not that writer though don't hesitate to talk to me about Olivia. This amazing and fun character is simply collecting dust at the moment and I would love to see her back in action.
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