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Author Topic: Putnam [NC, Monster]  (Read 308 times)

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Putnam [NC, Monster]
« on: June 12, 2013, 03:11:43 AM »
Putnam, Kentucky always has been a slow town. A town mostly populated by coal miners and their immediate families, Putnam offers almost picture perfect take on small town life in the Appalachian Mountains. Or it did anyway. Officially, nothing is happening. With no charges filed or official complaints brought up officially nothing is happening but the rumors are spreading.

According to the grapevine, it started three days ago in Heavenly Kingdom Park when Natalia Youngblood - the local 5th grade teacher - was out for a jog. She was attacked by so far parties unknown - but Doc Crowe will tell you that in her opinion Natalia was gang raped by at least three men who shoved something like a police baton into her when they were done. Good news is that they didn't hurt her much worse then bruises, but the bad news is that this mystery pack of rapists didn't use condoms either. The day before yesterday it happened again, officially nothing because Mrs. Melanie Saldana hasn't filed any official complaints but Doc Crowe is sure that she was also gang raped by at least three men who didn't use condoms then shoved something like a police baton into her when they were done. Then last night it happened again, to Julie Jackson while she was at work behind the counter at the Gas'n'Go.

The weird part is that if you can get Natalia, Melanie, or Julie to describe their attackers they'll tell you there was only one rapist. He just gave them enough semen to pass for three men when he came into them and a big enough penis to pass for an object. And they'll tell you he had hairy legs and horns. In fact, Julie's been unable to draw anything but what she claims her rapist looked like since the attack, and she claims he looked like the picture on the left. . .

Quote from: RP Info
Something a bit experimental, and based on my Putnam story.

The basic idea is that I'm going to put up a group thread representing the fictional town of Putnam, Kentucky where your characters will interact and live out their daily lives, or try too considering some rumors of a string of brutal gang rapes are floating around. Characters can be either gender and any race, Putnam's mines are good for quite a few jobs - but occasionally a Satyr whose taken up residence near the town will ambush, rape, and attempt to impregnate one of the female characters. Whether they succeed with the impregnation is negotiable, obviously.

I'm hoping for lots of characters, here's the basic profile I'm hoping for -

Quote from: Profile
Appearence: [Include a Picture]
Short Bio:
Quote from: If Character is Male
Other Info: [What you're looking for in this RP, O/O's if hoping for a sex scene - a husband watching his wife getting raped and having an orgasm from said rape for example]
Quote from: If Character is Female
Satyr: [Yes or No, do you want your character to be raped by the Satyr]
Preg: [Yes or No, do you want your character to be impregnated by the Satyr]
Other Info: [What else you're looking for in this RP, O/O's for any rape/sex scenes you want to apply - excessive semen or  large cocks for example.]
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Re: Putnam [NC, Monster]
« Reply #1 on: June 12, 2013, 08:50:40 AM »
Quote from: More Info
Some other information that might be good to know.

Due to the large scale that might be accommodate I'm thinking of pretty much accepting any character that meets some quality standards. Just has to believable to be someone that would live in a small town. Nothing supernatural please, unless its really good then maybe.

Also, playing with the idea of supernatural forces involved meaning pleasure during the rapes - something to consider.
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Re: Putnam [NC, Monster]
« Reply #2 on: June 12, 2013, 11:23:13 AM »
Quote from: A Slight Tweek
Talking in PMs with somebody, I want to make clear that I'm encouraging character interaction. Satyr attacks will be arranged by PM, I think.

Also, expanding the roles a bit - you can play someone not from the town if there's a reason they'd be nearby, like a hiker on an Appalachian Trail.