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Author Topic: Furry Dating Game  (Read 560 times)

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Furry Dating Game
« on: June 11, 2013, 10:23:04 PM »
Hi everyone! I'm currently developing a role playing/dating sim video game focused on romance and some light plot/mystery elements. The game centers around a tropical island called Sunset. In recent years is had been bought and developed by a huge multinational entertainment and resort company who has transformed the once pristine island into a pleasure retreat for the rich and powerful, complete with domed botanical garden casino in crater of an inactive volcano. Before the company can open completely phase one of the plan is to import colorful characters from around the world to populate the new town. This is invitation only and the player is the newest recruit to the island. The player is currently recovering from some recent heartache after a person he/she started an online relationship with didn't show at their first real date. The player doesn't want to admit how much this hurt and feels foolish for how deeply he/she fell for someone they never even met. This had led to a series of bad dreams that haunt the player during the corse of the game.

The game revolves around the player taking jobs and meeting the various inhabitants of the island, some who have been there for a year or two, others are newly arrived. Relationships and rivalries are formed as the player begins to date around and help out various characters with odd jobs. These relationships will evolve into romance and even true love, but can also lead to bad breakups, infidelity and all the other pitfalls associated with dating.

What I'm looking for are role play partners who can help me by either taking on the role of one of the characters or the player and develop the various voices and personalities in the game and uncover the many mysteries of the island and some of the hidden motives of the LUNAR corporation.

I'm also extremely open to general feedback and colaborations on the games development, we have a small team only 3 people, but we are very motivated. I can send links to demos and concept art if anyone is interested.

I should also note the game is designed with anthropomorphic characters in mind (I feel they lend a certain light hearted character to the game and also more easily let players experiment with different sexualities or experiences without some of our social biases.) This is mainly a visual component to the game and, as with all things, are the masks these essentially human characters wear. For this reason if anyone enjoys the characters and story, but wants to play in this RP as human characters I'm very happy to do so.

Ok so here is the character list! The characters are not my creation but the creation of Red.Hind who was our lead writer but has taken a little hiatus. I find myself writing a lot of the dialog and I'm more of an artist than writer. I totaly fell in love with these characters and I hope you do too!

here's a super rough short demo (the clipping is all screwed up but you'll get an idea):


Linn, Gute Sheep
Maggie, Holstein Cow
Marli, Poodle
Lisa, Long-Nosed-Leopard-Lizard
Rita, Common Rat
Yang, Siam Cat (twinsister of Ying)
Ying, Siam Cat
Jess, Horse
Bruce, Wild Boar
'DJ Shaggy Bear', Brown Bear
Miles, Red Fox
Michael, Black Panther
Felix, European Lynx
Crocodanilo, Crocodile
Inti, Ostrich
Cindy, Squirrel
Nurse O'hara, Bunny

Special: (These are characters not meant to be 'dated' by the player due to story relevance or game mechanics)
Sheriff Jill, female Sika Deer
Deputy Sheriff Chris, male Timberwolf


Linn, Age 23 (July 5th), female Gute-sheep. My 'wish character'. For more details just ask me ^^
Height:162 centimetres
Weight:58 kilograms.
Favourite color: natural green.

Basic Description: Her forearms are covered in wool up like sleeves. Her legs are also wooled from the ankles up to her thighs (think of overknee socks). The rest of her body is sheared (covered in light greyish undercoat-fur) except the head of course and maybe a bit of wool covering her breast (B-cups) and a line running down her spine and tail. She doesn't wear piercings or tatoos and isn't too fond of them but she is nuts for ankle bracelets on herself and females. Linn prefers to wear vests and skirts or hotpants, occasionally.

Linn left her flock to stand on her own hooves and kinda wishes to form a new flock for her now. Wether sexually attracted to someone or not, Linn is always warm and friendly once she get's to know someone although she's a bit carefull around strangers. She values honesty, loyalty and seeks for a protective partner since in a flock, everyone cares about the other. She's fond of the nature and being outside, so she made her interests and her job meet as she's a Botanist. Most of her life she's in the nature and not at all afraid to get her wool dirty - quite the contrary, actually.

She's bisexual with a strong emphasis on females because she is used to live with a flock which has one ram and the sheep caring for each other in what ever way  She's especially fond of other sheep or canines, less attracted to lizards and neutral towards the rest.

Fetish-wise her "weak spot" are hooves. She'll melt away if the player offers to caress them. (So these are important )

Margret (Maggie), 34 years old (February 12th), Holstein cow.
H:180 cm
W:90 kg
Descr: Strong but feminine frame. Wears clothes adept for farmwork, one-part dresses in her freetitme, nosering (piercing). DD-cup breasts.

Maggie is in charge of the farm and works hard to keep it running. She's a strong cow who can look after her and respects people that also like to work hard and aren't afraid to get themselves dirty. She's a caring person and it's hard to really get her mad. She's friends with Linn and they often spent work (regarding Maggies farms' crops) and spare time together. She's not too fond of fancy and expensive stuff, allthough she'd love to have one fairytale-like night out in a fancy dress and be treated like a princess but wouldn't tell anyone as well as she wouldn't buy a dress or jewelry since it's luxury and not worth it when you have old-fashioned work to do.

Sexually she's straight though she had caught herself daydreaming about other women a couple of times . A male able to keep up with her work, lifestyle and her "romantic needs", which can be quite challenging to please, would suit her.

Marli, female poodle. 19 years old (January 1st).
D: Model figure. Fond of the color Pink. She has a tatooed red heart with her own name on her thigh and a pet dog, a male border collie.

Marli is 'fucking special', at least that's what she thinks allthough the world reinforces her believes. She's a young show star who gained interregional success performing major pop-acts. She's residing in the "La Di-Da", the luxury hotel of the town where she's booked an entire floor for herself, guarded by security personnel. Dressed in expensive clothing and overloaded with fancy accesoires she always glitters and shines in the public. Her fans are what's keeping her alive - although she seems to doesn't care for anyone but herself. If you'd ever get near her, you better treat her like the pop-godess she is or you'll hear her tenderly whispering the word "SECURITY!" faster than you can imagine. What's catching her attention? Something or someone letting her look good. If you want to impress her you'd better have and do something "special" - or wait until her career crashes and burns...

Sexually she's straight, at least to the public. But who knows what sexual orientation lies beneath the surface of a spoiled, bored pop-diva?

Ying and Yang, female siam cats. 24 years old (November 22nd).
H:166 cm
W:55 kg.
D: Very athletic, cat-like frame, a or b cubs (depending on your gusto). Yings favourite color is purple, Yangs' is yellow.

The two twins are mysterious to most others. They are identical twins and love to confuse people by dressing up the same prefering asian themed, silky gowns. They both work in a fancy restaurant in town and take terms in their work times, creating the illusion that this mysterious beauty never sleeps. They are absolutely loyal towards each other, though their personalities differ quite a lot. Ying is a dominant character and knows what she wants. She can be manipulative and seductive and mainly cares for her sister and herself which has it's reason in their past where the two weren't really treated well. Yang is, despite a troublesome past, still a big hearted, warm person and rather submissive. She thinks it is fun to play along with her sister to confuse people sometimes not realizing that Ying is using her plays on purpose. To the outside they are one person, except for a small detail: They both are big fans of a TV show featuring two superheroes who are in love with a regular schoolgirl, "The purple bolt" and "The yellow lightning". Obviously, they heavily root for the one or the other...

Sexually, Ying is bisexual while Yang is straight.Ying is a dominant character who loves to be in control, Yang is more submissive and tender, but both really love the smell of leather...

"Spike", 18 years old female rat (October 17th).
H:155 cm
W:45 kg
D: Small frame, very agile. A or B cups. She wears a black hoody with an anarchy sign on it, torn trousers and has a few piercings most prominent four earrings in just one of her ears, leather bracelets - well, you get it, she's the "punk" 
Favourite color: red.

"Spike" is the town's anarchist. She lays waste and chaos to the civilized life where she can, damages property, steals from anyone and spits insults to you even if you just walk by her - at least that's what some of the townsfolk will tell you. Actually, "Spike" is named Rita but she doesn't tell anybody. She's a little runaway, left her hometown and family two years ago. She tramped through the country where she met up with Bruce, the boar. Together, they finally ended up in the town. The streets and the beach are her home and she tries to make it by selling her self-made pictures and jewelry made out of scrap. But that's often not enough and so she sometimes steals from the local groceries to have something to eat or is trespassing to sleep for a night, especially if the weather gets a bit harsh. No one would suspect that her parents were folks of good social standing, a lawyer and a teacher, who often put her daughter under high pressure. This is what eventually drove Rita out of the house and that's why she developed a growing hatred against authority. But she's also lonely and tired of living just on a day-to-day basis.

She's bisexual and would really long for someone to share her fire with. But although she has experienced some harsh times already, she'll never use her body to her advantage and wouldn't give herself to someone whom she can't trust. But when she does, you might discover why she's clinging to a pair of handcuffs tagged to her jeans...

Lisa (Liz), female long-nosed-leopard-lizard (look it up, they have a neat pattern ), Age 29 (April 16th)
D: Slender figure, no breasts (she's a lizard, after all), very flexible. Her colorfull pattern doesn't require tatoos or accesoires, but she likes to wear finger and tail-rings.

Liz is the local librarian for quite some time now. As a child she spent almost all of her spare time reading and this hasn't changed to the present day - it was just a logical choice that she took the job. If you'd like to know anything - just anything - and you can't get hold of an experienced expert right now she's just as good and reliable. But her wisdom comes at the cost of social skills. It is no big deal for her, but more for those people who want to talk to her - or even spent a dinner together. She might seem cold, logical and not very friendly but she can be. If you manage to get her attention - which can be quite easy in this small town if you know how to pull this stunt off - you GOT her attention. To become friends with Liz surely is hard, but it is certainly worth a try.

Liz is a lesbian, plain and simple. She is no amazon but just not into guys - although most people would bet she's completely asexual. But once this lizards' fire burns, you might witness some athletic lovemaking en par with really astounding rope-tricks, every circus would be envious about.


Bruce, male wild boar. Age: 21 (September 13th).
D:Sturdy, muscular but also very "comfortable" figure. Wears a black leather vest and shorts, bracelets and chains, has a broken tusk.

Bruce spent his youth in a pack of male boars, all constantly dreaming of and looking forward to being selected by a strong sow matriarch to breed her pack. He never was too fond of this idea, feeling all comfy in a pack of males. Upon reaching adulthood without determined tries to impress a sow yet he began to fear repressions from his packmates for his feelings and ran away. On his journey to nowhere, he stumbled upon the young Rita or "spike" as she wanted to be called. The two runaways quickly grew fond of each other once they learned about each others motivations. They became as close as siblings and Spike was very happy to have someone looking for her without being sexually attracted to her. Bruce learned that in his home feelings for the same sex weren't widely accepted. So Spike played along, convincing others they met that she was his girl.

Bruce is mostly attracted to other males, though many females will mourn this circumstance. A wild boar lover just has a very special kind of fascination: Noiseful, musky dirty lovemaking crowned by a messy twenty minute climax - who could resist this primal temptation? But then again, maybe Bruce will have a special kind of "thank you" in petto for a very special lady out there...

Jess, brown horse stallion. 26 years old (September 1st).
H:192 cm
W:110 kg
D:Muscular frame
Favourite color blue.

Jess is a impressive sight for everyone. Muscular, strong and determined in appearance you'd suspect him being a bodybuilder, pro-sportsman or fireman. Actually, he works at the financial department of blahcorp, seldom leaving his office. He wears a business combo which has a hard time fitting him and a Clark Kent-like set of glasses. Actually, his colleagues suspect him being a super hero in his spare time. His actual reasons for his job choice is that it doesn't offer much contact to other people. He feels awkward in social situations. He doesn't have much friends in town and most people do either avoid him because they're afraid or stick with him so he can "take a look into their financial records". He's tired of people trying to use him for their advantage, but he just cannot let anyone down. He really wishes for someone respecting him as a person.

Sexually, he's bisexual but inexperienced. His former relationships either wanted his body or his skills. He won't tolerate other partners and would be deeply hurt if betrayed. He's a kind and tender lover but features also the raw lust of an potent stallion. His kink would be a slight submissive partner, letting him in charge for a moment.

DJ "Shaggy Bear", male brown bear, Age 31 (May 20th),
H:185 cm
W:100 kg.
D: A man like a bear  Wears a extravagant cowboy-hat, sunglasses and hawaiian shirts.

"Shaggy Bear" is actually named Kody and runs the club slight out of town. He's best been described as a "Duffman" character, always trying to bring the party and good vibrations to the people. In his club he personally likes to welcome every guest and makes sure that they have a good time. On the other hand he takes his responsibility very serious which comes with the offer of a place where his guests can really forget themselves. If this happens people like to mock him "the care bear" - but if he can help it, no one in his club is bothered against his will. And every troublemaker should think at least twice before starrting something in Kody's club.

Kody is a straight male with a certain weakness for older females. He's not as interested in the young crowd but is very impressed by a woman who knows what she wants - especially if that's a cuddly and passionate lover.

Miles, male red fox, age 26 (October 30th),
D: overall athletic built, wears tight shirts and jeans and a tribal tatoo on his sleeve.

Miles is the bartender at Kody's club. If the DJ doesn't turn the volume up too much, Miles is someone you can talk to. He listens to the stories the people have to tell, wether they are good ones or bad ones. Since he works in Kody's club, Miles is of course a responsible person who knows when one oh his guests had one drink too much. He's accustomed to a fast paced life which should better be enjoyed before it is too late.

Miles is Bisexual and no person for a long lasting relationship. While he's a very kind and understanding person he just doesn't believe in long lasting relationships. Instead, if both partners know what they want, a night at the club offers oppurtinities to enjoy himself.

Michael (Michelle), male panther, age 27 (August 16th),
D: slender figure. Wears expensive suits, a small jewel earring and finger rings.

Michael, or better Michelle due to the fact he speaks with a storng french accent, works at the reception desk of the "La Di-Da". On the outside always correct with expensive, clean suits and straight figure he's a bit bitter on the inside. The "La Di-Da" is not quite the luxury etablissement he has hoped for. Sure, they have quite wealthy guests and a pop-star from time to time, but the town is just not exactly Los Angeles. That caused Michael to develop a certain sarcastic, sometimes cynic attitude towards, well, everything. But beneath the annoyed, sarcastic surface he just can't say no and will do what he can to fulfill poeple's wishes.

Michael is homosexual, prefering his exact reflection in the mirror. If it's supposed to be another person he relates to he prefers a fancy guy with a taste for fashion and expensive perfume. If it's as fancy and civilized behind his bedroom doors is certainly another question.

Felix, male european lynx, age 28 (may 28th),
D: wears a chef's uniform with a red scarf.

Felix is the restaurant's chef and really excels at his profession. His meals attract tourist and high-class visitors from all over the country. He's on good terms with the Ying and Yang sisters who are in charge of the etablissement. He's very eager to cook and appreciates high quality ingridients - in short, a perfectionist by the book. It may lie in his past, since Felix was an armyman and his cooking talents made him very popular with his comrades. In private, he is just as precise as in his profession. Everything is carefully planned so in the end all works out perfectly. This can be a gift but also a heavy burden.

Felix is a straight male although his popularity does not end with the ladies. A perfectionist in bed can be a quite refreshing experience, although it may lack a bit of primal spontaneousness.

Crocodanilo (Danilo), male croc, age 26 (december 3rd), (Katsu's wish, for details ask him ^^)
D: slender athletic figure, wears a orange-red bathing shorts and a necklace with shark-teeth.

Danilo is the local lifeguard. His ever watchfull eye guards the towns' beach and all of it's guests can enjoy their time safely while he's on duty. His species actually is able to stay under water for a very long time and excel at swimming which mostly are his hobbies anyway. The beach is his home and if he's not in his guardhouse he's maybe diving somewhere along the coast - he's not too comfortabel being downtown or on the "dry" woodland outside of the town.

He's Bisexual and has many admirers among the beach crowd, offers he gladly accepts from time to time, although he's really seeking for someone who can fully understand his passion for the sea instead of just admiring his skills and trained body.

Inti, male ostrich, age 38 (may 20th),
D: big and thin, wears colorfull african-style gowns, his long, bald neck is covered in exotic tatoos.

Inti is a towns' resident born far away. Everybody in town knows and likes him as he regularily shows everyone a fantastic athletic performance during the summer games. He's a perfect sprinter, a sympathetic storyteller and musician. He'll often tell kids hanging out on the beach stories of exotic countries and crazy adventures. He's a very warm and friendly person on the outside but a bit scarred on the inside. He's a widdower, his wife died many years ago before he got into town. Even though he's very kind and social, he's been lonely since.

He's Bisexual but has nearly no intimate contact to others, still mourning his loss so many years ago. But a understanding person could let him be really happy once again.


Cindy, hermaphrodite grey squirrel. 21 years (November 11th). (Katsu's favourite
D: female figure with C-cups. She wears big headphones almost all the time and prefers her HL²-shirt. That one, that came with the immense rare collector's edition, which goes really well with her comfy shorts.

Cindy is a very extroverted person. You can hear her laughter a mile away, mostly because she just fragged someone via a double-jumped missile headshot in her favourite FPS. She's nuts for games and hi-tech and gladly works overtime in the mall to afford a new kind of tech-toy which will let her stay in touch with her gameblogs' followers and friends. She's full of energy and self-esteem and never grows tired to comment on, well, anything.

Cindy is Bisexual. Although she'll often make sexual references in her jokes and comments she's a virgin and doesn't know that much about the real act. She has no problems with her body and doesn't feel the need to hide anything except for the fact that she's eager on the one hand but also terribly afraid of the other to meet her first partner.

Nurse O'hara, herm bunny, Age 24 (February 2nd),
D:C-cups, playboy-esque figure which is however hidden beneath a light blue-ish modern style nurse uniform.

Would it be the 1950's, Nurse O'hara would be the perfect cliché at least from her looks. But the modern dress code in the medical sector hides her "dreamstatue" a bit - which is a perfect match for her professionalism. While at work, O'hara is a kind person but treats all of her patients equally and does her best to support Doc Morrison. After work she likes to visit the club or beach to meet different people. She's good friends with Cindy whom she shares a certain anatomical feature with but unlike her, O'hara is not as self-confident as her looks would suggest.

She's a lesbian herm with a dream figure - but really not "proud" of it. She's actually uncomfortable with her body and tries to hide what she's got. She's especially aware that everyone thinks of her like an ordinary female. Only Cindy and the Doc know so far.


Sheriff Jill, female Sika deer, age 34 (March 28th).
W:62 kg,
D: slender and atletic figure, B-cups. Married to deputy sheriff Chris, not available for player-relationship.

Jill has been the sheriff of the small coastal town for 10 years. Shorty after she joined the force the old sheriff quit and let the unexperienced doe in charge. Luckily, there's not much crime to fight here. Speeding, small-scale vandalism and missing pets are the most spectacular things that ever happen here. She's a kind, just person, taking her job seriously. Jill is here to protect and serve, not to punish individuals who come into conflict with the law. She has a very good standing with most of the citizens, maybe except for "Spike", the Rat-Girl, whom she feels worried for.

Jill is straight, happily married to her deputy sheriff Chris for five years.

Deputy Sheriff Chris, male Timberwolf, age 38 (December 7th).
W:95 kg.
D:Sturdy, muscular, atlethic. Married to Sheriff Jill, not available for player-relationship.

Chris became Jill's deputy a year after she became the town's sheriff. After some time serving together they fell madly in love. Each other is the only thing they love more than their job. Where Jill is sensitive part of the law, Chris is a bit more straightforward authority, although his temper has been severly calmed by his wife over the years. The biggest difference in their personality is maybe the girl known as "Spike", always trying to test the small towns law enforcement's patience. While Jill is very worried about the girl, Chris would love to just lock her up, ending the constant nagging she causes.

Chris is straight, happily married to his Sheriff Jill for five years.

Albert, German shepherd (animal).

Albert is Chris & Jill's dog and the official police dog of the town. Primarily, he's a watchdog or used when someone is lost around the wilderness. He's an intelligent dog, in fact you could bet that he understands every word you say, excpet when there's some beef jerky around. He's just nuts for this stuff...