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April 11, 2021, 01:49:51 pm

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Author Topic: Various ideas of extreme nature (MxM, MxF)  (Read 436 times)

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Offline FaustTopic starter

Various ideas of extreme nature (MxM, MxF)
« on: June 10, 2013, 11:42:40 am »

Thank you for taking a look at my thread. It includes my ONs / OFFs and a few plot ideas / picture prompts (not yet :( ).
I will be updating this thread every once in a while.

If you have any questions or suggestion for possible plots which aren't listed, feel free to PM me. I'm open to hearing and talking about your possible ideas with you, so don't hesitate.

To possible partners:

I prefer my stories to have plot, but I can be persuaded to do an occasional smut-based oneshot.

I know that typos happen, but please be able to put together a coherent sentence and check your spelling. I'm not a grammar nazi, but if I don't understand what you're trying to say, it's a bit hard to come up with an answer.

I have no requirements when it comes to post length, though I am not a huge fan one one liners. I always try to return as much as I get from my partner.

Please, don't just vanish on me. Real life can get in the way and I respect that, but when it happens every two weeks, it can get annoying and break the RP. If something's up, please leave a message and we can simply put the RP on hold.
Also, if you lose interest in the RP, let me know rather than just stop replying. RP can get boring and people can become disinterested, but that doesn't mean there can't be common courtesy.


I prefer to play characters (both M and F) that are on the submissive side when it comes to sex, though I can be persuaded to play switch - just ask me.
Outside of the sexual aspects, my characters can have various personalities and traits. They can be submissive and willing, feisty and fighters, fast talkers and liars or anything in-between - up to a mutual agreement :)

When it comes to settings, I feel the most at home in fantasy - historical or modern.
Modern settings are fine too, if the plot would require it.
I can be also convinced to try sci-fi, but I don't feel too comfortable here, as I have very little experience with it. I wouldn't want to ruin the RP for my partner because my own inexperience with such backgrounds. I am willing to learn though :)

I am open to borrowing worlds or settings from existing sources, such as WoW or Pokemon (not a fan of the show, love the setting and monsters) - so if you have any ideas which would be from these settings, don't hesitate to contact me.

I only play original characters, simply because I feel that I wouldn't be able to do already existing characters justice. I am a fan of many things - comics, games, movies - and I value the things I like. I simply feel that taking intellectual property belonging to someone else and using it in an RP wouldn't be quite right.
Also I feel that playing my own original characters allows a lot more freedom and shuffling room.

I prefer to RP over PMs, but forum RP isn't a problem either.


The kinks I like are very many, and mostly on the more extreme side, but I won't include the entire listed here. If the one you're looking for is not listed here, don't hesitate to ask me about it - it's possible that I will agree to them.

Of course, the fact that I like these things doesn't mean that they need to be present in every single RP I do, so don't let them scare you away if they aren't your cup of tea.
I am perfectly capable of a nice light RP or more comedic plots.

  • Bestiality
  • Monsters, demons and anything nonhuman
  • Large, strangely shaped cocks / insertions
  • Double penetration (and more ;))
  • Master / slave relationships
  • Sub / dom relationships
  • Relationships between rivals
  • Humiliation
  • Groups, public use
  • Marking, branding


I don't have many, but here they are. I won't do these things, so please don't bother asking me about them.

  • Scat - let is stay in the bathroom
  • Gore - this doesn't include getting hurt if the plot requires it
  • Worship - please don't ask me to worship your... anything, really


If you have any other ideas you would like to play, don't hesitate to PM me about them. I like to hear fresh new ideas and even good-old classics.

Best Served Cold
The plot centres around two nations at war. One is mostly peaceful, the other expansive and warlike (the races may be whatever we wish, but humanoid). The latter would frequently attempt to conquer the former and claim their lands and wealth, but every one of their attempts would get crushed by a massive army that seemingly appears out of nowhere. Its origin and secret of the otherwise weak nation's strength is a mystery to the attackers.
That is until they manage to capture a common farmer (serving mostly as plotbringer) who, in fear, reveals that the secret behind the army is a queen that resides in the castle. Any ruler is capable of birthing almost any creature and serves as a sort of queen-bee - their role is to give birth to soldiers who may live a short life, but are strong enough to defend her and the people.
It will become clear that for as long as she is allowed to breed, the attackers will have no chance. Luckily, the farmer also reveals that the queen has a brother who is capable of the exact same magic as her, being of royal blood. However, he is locked deep underground because of a crime he had committed a long time ago. The attackers would set out to find him and he would agree to provide them with an army that could rival the one of his sister.
The prince, however, is arrogant and the only thing making him help is his lust for revenge against those who locked him away. Not long after he joins the attackers though, they would discover that once he is lying under someone, he can't stop himself from becoming a willing bitch. This would turn the tables on his entire revenge plot and slowly turn the arrogant prince into a tool for breeding.
  • A huge variety of kinks can be used with this plot.
  • The plot requires either mpreg or having the prince use his magic to grow female plumbing in other to give birth.
  • Only MxM.
  • I would take the prince (and the race he belongs to, including the plotbringing farmer), while my parther is free to adjust the attacking nation and their leader as s/he would wish.

Serving the Gods
A young man (explorer, criminal running from justice, merchant, whatever we agree on) is travelling through a forest or jungle when he finds himself surrounded by what seems to be a jungle tribe (I was thinking something similar to the Aztecs). He tries to run, but he gets caught eventually. They take him back to their city where he is presented to the High Priest. It seems that he will be sacrificed to please their gods, but the priest decides otherwise (wether this is only his decision or the gods actually intervene is up to agreement - either can open interesting possibilities). He becomes the toy of the priest (or the gods), used to fulfil their desires.
  • This can go into several directions. It can be between the man and the priest, the man and the god/s, that can have any (even a monstrous) form. Or the man can simply be kept to please whoever happens to require pleasing at the moment.
  • I would like the story to be MxM, but having the captive be a female could also be possible.
  • I would like to play the captive.

Two neighbouring kingdoms are at war with each other. It seems, however, that neither of them can win, so the kings decide to settle their affairs a different way. They choose the way of peace and betroth their children to one another. The kings are far from finished though and both of them instruct their child to try and overthrow the other in the marriage so that their own country would become the dominating force.

The alternative to this is that one of the countries would lose the war and the king would offer his child as a spoil of war, in exchange for their country being left alone. He would instruct the child to wait for the right opportunity and then strike, killing his betrothed and thus opening the way for them.
  • This plot can go a number of ways. They could either keep true to their parents' plans or eventually find a way to each other and rule together.
  • The plot is meant to be MxM.
  • I would like this to be switch or a sub/dom relationship in which I would like to play the sub.

Deal with the Warlord
A young woman, known as a thief and con artist is hiding in her underground hideout while the town is being raided. The raiders are from the neighbouring country, the forces of the resident Warlord who frequently attacks the lands around, seeking to conquer as many as he can. She is confident that she is safe, until one of the raiders accidentally discovers her hideout. She is brought before the Warlord, expecting to be executed, but instead they strike a deal.
The Warlord offers her the position of his queen and spy. Being of foreign origin and no stranger to manipulating people, she is perfect for persuading the neighbouring kings that she is the Warlord's unwilling captive, willing to help them against her captor. As she gains their trust and extracts useful information from them, she would return back to the Warlord with it and thus help him conquer new areas. On the other, she would be treated as a queen and share the Warlord's wealth.
The catch, which she didn't think of when she agreed, is that the Warlord's wife must frequently prove that she is good enough for her glorious husband, which would include a 'testing' of her sexual abilities.
  • The trial for the queen can be anything and include any kinks we choose.
  • This can be either an MxF or MxM plot.
  • I would like to play the thief.

A New Pet
A simple master x slave plot. A wealthy man comes to the slave market to pick out a new plaything.
  • Possibility of multiple slaves with different personalities and traits.
  • The slave/s can be a human, elf or any other (even exotic) race.
  • The slave/s can have various personalities, based on what we would agree on.
  • I would love this to be MxM, but we could also agree on MxF if you can persuade me.
  • I would take the slave/s.

More coming as I think of them...

Picture prompts:

There will be some...
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