Back with new ideas! [MUL]

Started by The Lotus Eater, June 27, 2008, 09:48:21 AM

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The Lotus Eater

1st Idea: Rock Story! [VAN]

Character A had a huge crush on Character B all though out high school, making it arguably something more like love.  Unfortunately the admirer was at the bottom of the social hierarchy when it came to popularity, and Character B was right at the top.  Character A wondered if at times when he/she was able to speak with him/her, they got along wonderfully, or was it merely delusion?  Years later Character A who was always something of a music natural (and self-confessed rock nerd) gets into a band with others like them and they start to play, quickly growing into a full-blown rock band of immense popularity.  Their number one fan would be none other than Character B, but do they even remember each other?

This story would have a strong emphasis on the relationship, and has the potential to be a strong story.  As for bedroom stuff I’m not too bothered, and don’t mind going by nothing more than my Ons & Offs and working it out with anyone interested.   

2nd Idea: Magic College [UN]

The main characters share a dorm room in their remote country boarding school, which just happens to unique in that it teaches various forms of magic as its core subjects.  These girls are mischievous and get into a lot of trouble, especially at the hands of their school rival, a talented but vindictive girl who often bullies the pair or finds ways to mess with them using magic.  Of course she does it in a subtle way as not to mar her good girl facade.  The pair have had a enough, and steal a book from the headmistress’s personal collection.  Together they try and find some spell in the book to get their revenge, but the book is a little advanced for them and things start to go wrong…

This RP would involve lots of fun applications of magic *wink* and probably have a good sense of humour to it, although at the same time I think it could get very steamy. 

3rd Idea: Sword & Sorcery/Horror [NC-E]

The young princess of a conquered barbarian nation has been capture by her enemy invaders and locked away by the diabolical sorcerer king.  In one final effort the remainder of her people attack and she is freed, her savours are quickly butchered but the princess manages to escape.  Not only did the sorcerer king promise to do terrible things to her, but he let slip a secret that could mean his downfall… The sorcerer king uses all his power to turn the dark swamps and twisted swamps the fleeing princess treads to turn the monsters and beasts on her, their eyes his own, as well as their forms...

Enter the hero!  Or better yet, anti-hero.  This RP would be pretty dark and twisted, but good story telling is required on both parts to make sure it’s done tastefully (and tastily!).

Due to time restraints I can only do one or two of these ideas for the moment.  Please post or PM me if you're interested and have any questions!

The Lotus Eater

3rd Idea [NC-E] taken!

Edit: 2nd Idea [UN] taken as well!

Thanks you two  :)