Been a long while, gonna try again.

Started by Kai, June 08, 2013, 02:38:24 AM

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Well, I joined her about five years ago, but haven't done anything in about three. Fancy that huh? I fell out of the desire of Forum-based Roleplaying and went on to Chat-based, as it seemed more reliable and it was, in essence, faster. However, that only lasts for so long until you realize that you can't rely on anyone in chats! In all the time I was here, everyone was honest and straight-forward, which was nice, and far more illiterate too.

The main problem with chat-based Roleplaying is you're gonna get headaches if you like grammar and details. That's what brings be back here, I'm tired of a lack of grammar and one-liners. Now, I used to do one-line RPs here too, but no more! No details means no fun! So please, I'll have no interest in getting anything going with anyone that doesn't like to do more than a single sentence.

So, I figure for now, I'll just throw up a couple of my original RP ideas to get started, as well as a list of series I like, and just general scenarios to plan around, and a list of some of (but not all) my characters.

The Live-In Maid
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Well, this one was always a fairly popular one, as it's a fairly flexible set-up. The key things to note: I can play female or male for this one, though if I'm male, he's hired ONLY by a female (or herm if it's necessary.)  The original recruit post was:

A young girl has lost everything she had, save for a few clothes and possessions. Her parents died in a car accident over a year ago, and she had to live in the house alone until only a couple months ago when an arson burnt it down. The fire consumed almost everything, her clothes, her pictures, her possessions, her birth certificate and all other legal documents. She was now alone, with nowhere to go...

While stumbling around town, she discovered an ad, it said something about a mansion owner wanting to hire a young girl to work as a live-in maid...

Remember, this can also work for a male character, most likely young, to be the maid as well.

Sheltered Brother
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A boy has been home schooled most of his life, and almost never let out of the house. He's just recently turned 16, and his parents tried to keep knowledge of most things away from him. He was allowed video games, but not internet access or friends. He was never given a chance to think about sex, any video games with a rating of T or higher was kept away from him, and he wasn't allowed around girls. They even sent his sister to live with someone else.

Now, his sister is coming to move back in for a while after having gone through some rough times, including near bankruptcy. She has no clue how isolated her brother was, and now that their parents had left for the weekend, she wanted to change that...

The various series I'm interested in can involve Canons or OCs, though everything should be worked out first though to be sure, I'm trying to get back into the swing of things with forum roleplaying.
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Shaman King
Yu Yu Hakusho

Video Games
Ar Tonelico
Dragon Quest
Final Fantasy
Fire Emblem
Golden Sun
Kingdom Hearts

Feel free to throw me a PM or leave a message if anything interests you. I'm looking forward to getting things going again!