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Author Topic: Bioshock Alysium [Rated Materish]  (Read 318 times)

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Bioshock Alysium [Rated Materish]
« on: June 07, 2013, 10:01:22 AM »
GM Note: This RP is a little Mature for a Pg 13 rating, consider it M 13 because it will have gun violence, and horror elements. There is no sex and doesn't go beyond that, but the game can be spooky.

I once had a child, he was the apple of our eye. My wife and I believed in beauty of all miracles of life. But God had decided to forsaken us. How could such a kind God make a child suffer so much with illness and decay till he died. Did he even make it to heaven I even wonder. And that is why with the sweat of my brow I created my own city, beyond both religion and that of science of the surface world.

 A world where I became the God who would make sure no child should suffer under the hands of a terrible fate. For the true God of the human race was cruel, who steals the children of the parents to bring them to heaven when it isn't their time.

 Those who were born Defected once had no chance on the surface world, and now they have a grand chance to live life beyond what was once written in stone. I will not be the doctor who leads families astray telling them to abandon hope, to abandon their child of three years to die. I will not let go of the children of this world.

 Bring them to me, bring them here, and they will live anew. They will live beyond even maybe our own years. I will descend to a place once known as the residency of the devil himself, and show them that a true god lives beneath them.

Bioshock Alysium

Welcome to Alysium, the ingenious man of this marvel of an underground world built by our faithful leader, no doubt a genius in our eyes Sam Anders Fosters. The story of Alysium, is a story of how a father lost a son. As many of you have experienced in the past. The doctors did nothing, all they did was wait for the child to pass through the night. Torn by the health system, Sam sought a world that wouldn't turn its back from frightful parents. He had a message and a dream to use science to save those children born of those godless diseases.

Years of money, study, and science allowed him to build Alysium and allowed him the gift of bringing this rich world and environment open for the public. Families poured in, bringing their children one at a time for their children to be saved. Some survived the process, others did with mutations and some splicing damage. Some families looked upon the faces of these children and rejected them. In Sam's world family is bonded to one another. The parents who rejected their children, disappeared from Aluysium's ideal. And that is when the orphanage district was built.

That's where the children stay. That's where those who were rejected stay. Though by one man's illusion or delusion, whichever way you want to put it, none of these children know whatever happened to their families. They live here in peace and live here in harmony. Until the day Sam decides they are worthy and chosen for his master work. No one knows what Master Work is, just that it must be something grand and marvelous is Sam decides and chooses the most worthy.

You are one of these children. Who lives in the orphanage, you have lived here all your life. And are either close to be chosen for Master Work or otherwise never heard of or seen again. You're not children per say, but you have lived here all your life, providing guidance as role models to the real children. You stand tall as Sam praises your work, and you stand proudly over the other children. You will live proudly in the honor of a name, a science, and a miracle. Because these are the things Sam admires and so you must admire them as well.

Yet do you know in the future that danger may loom. But that is all a whisper in the secrets kept in the darkness not known to you.