Trap looking for Mistress! MxF or MxFuta

Started by kiva10, June 06, 2013, 07:36:37 PM

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Its getting kind of hard to find any requests for a sub on this site so I decided to quickly throw this one together for myself.

The title pretty much sums up what I am looking for. I've got a serious craving for a good roleplay that would involve me playing a more submissive character. I do tend to play traps, but I can change that if that's not really your thing.

Now onto some rules.
~MxF and MxFuta only!! I'm straight but I enjoy that sort of stuff.
~Please be somewhat literate!!! Post at least a paragraph a submission. I understand writer's block, but please no one-liners!
~Send me a smiley face to show you at least red this.
~I really have very few limits. It really just depends. Just tell me the sort of stuff you are into, and we'll see if we have any conflicting interests.
~Any pairing is fine by me.
~Finally, pm me if you are interested. I may not be able to check this page that often, but I get to my pms pretty fast.

Lately, I've been craving some good non-con. At least, at the start. It could grow into consent if things play out in a certain way.


I know a'll  to well exactly what you mean. I scan  for days and days and can never find someone.  I'm looking for the exact same thing you are.


Going to throw another bump in right here.



Once more looking for some fun. This time, I am curious about trying something involving hypnotism.