Someone's looking for love (MxM)

Started by Ella, June 05, 2013, 06:04:12 PM

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Hello everyone! :)

I'm glad you're taking the time to read through my ideas and for you to consider roleplaying with me. Feel free to have a look at my on and offs, just to make sure that we won't clash horribly. There you can also find what I hope for in a roleplaying game! :)

That being said: At the moment, I only want to play an MxM game, my mind doesn't feel all that comfortable with an FxM or FxF situation at the moment. Also, I tend to get more easily into playing dominant characters, but will also play a sub - but he will probably be a bratty one. Also, I really like quite some plot included - the drama, the emotions - they just give me the kick... But yes, smut is also fun  - the emphasis may differ depending on the plot. But be warned: somehow I always manage to turn things sweet in the end - I guess I'm just a big old softy!

Right now, I'm trying to get back to writing after a very long hiatus and in a very busy and somewhat exhausting time of my life. I will try to make myself post as regularly as possible, although the most posting will definitely happen during the weekends. I usually post about 3-4 paragraphs, less when there's a really fast pace, more if necessary. But I find that with very long posts, it tends to happen that several strands of action will happen simulaneously and that often doesn't make much sense to me. Outside of the actual writing, I enjoy talking to my writing partners and am happy to PM or chat over Discord - about ideas or just friendly chatting.

Now on to the "plots"! These are very rough ideas and nothing is set in stone. If you have other ideas that go in a similar direction and that agree with my ons/offs, I'd be happy to discuss them with you! I also have an additional request thread for story ideas surrounding greek mythology, which you can find here.


Sheep among Wolves  (MxM)
In a world where women's fertility rates have dropped to almost nothing, evolution has found a way, creating a mutation that allows a small amount of men to bear children as well. But while the fertile women are treated as goddesses, are revered and showered in gifts, those "omegas" - often weaker and smaller than usual - are considered lesser and traded like cattle - rather expensive cattle, that is. Only the wealthy can afford to buy one to use by themselves, but more often than not groups of men living as families will pitch in to buy an omega as common property, all children born considered the family's offspring. But what happens when dynamics change and feelings develop? What if love starts to emerge, trumping the mere need for survival of the race?

- Well, that is what I'd like our story to explore. Within the boundaries of the general idea, many things are possible and are up for discussion. Who plays whom? Will other family members make an appearance or will those encounters be left vague? Are the characters strictly human or are we dealing with a pack of werewolves? Will there be an actual pregnancy? Will there be love fast or will it get worse before it gets better? Will they run away together? None of it is set in stone and I'd like to flesh out the idea together with you. Before and as we go!

Will you teach me?  (MxM)
"So what's it like then? To kiss someone?" An innocent question from one (step-)brother or friend to another, who's older and a little more experienced. "I could show you, you know," is the answer that changes everything.

- And so the story begins. I'm more inclined toward a story without an actual blood relation, but would be willing to test the waters, if that's something you'd want. Apart from that, obviously 16+ is a must, no huge age or experience gap, no coercion or significant power imbalance. I'd like for this to be a story that's more on the sweet and realistic side, of making experiences together (maybe even a gay/bi awakening of sorts or maybe some more kinky stuff that would make sense), of relationships changing and of a future yet to be determined.

Not all heroes wear capes  (MxM)
It's a normal night in a BDSM club, with patrons mingling and scenes being played. But something isn't quite right. There's a Sub in the middle of a scene and he's clearly tapping out - but the Dom doesn't seem to be inclined to stop. So something has to be done. And while things are taken care of quickly - after all, such behavior is absolutely forbidden in this kind of establishment - and the Dom gets kicked out fast, it leaves the poor Sub to crash all alone. So what if the person who stopped the scene would take care of the poor Sub and would, for the first time, show him how a good Dom should treat those that trust him - with respect and even affection if that's what's needed?

- This is a rather self-indulgent idea on how the aftercare and the potential following relationship could go. I'd play the rescuing Dom, you'd play the saved Sub - details are up to both of us, although I do enjoy seeing some deviance from the usual twinky Sub trope.


Just write me a PM if I managed to catch your interest, please don't reply to this thread. I'm looking forward to talking to you! :)






Back from the dead with a few tentative ideas and high hopes to find someone to rp with :)