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June 22, 2018, 04:16:00 PM

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Author Topic: Charmer Life {My Little Pony Fan-Fantion}  (Read 626 times)

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Charmer Life {My Little Pony Fan-Fantion}
« on: June 05, 2013, 03:56:16 AM »
Breed: Unicorn
Sex: Mare
Sexuality: Straight
Brief Personality: Charmer is blind her still green eyes had been like this since birth her older brother was playing with her and picked on her and nip at her one day and he bit it off her left ear. Charmer hates that people hover over her as if she was going to hurt herself. She can see the world different than any other pony as she use many different charms to be able to find her way around the world that is nothing but darkness. She can come off a bit hatefully when meeting people as she thinks that everypony wants to try to do everything for her. She found out her skill was making charms for people and things of that though she will not just give anypony a charm. They must be pure of heart even though many believe her to be evil.

Charmer was walking along the stone floor of the building of what she believed to be a library. She didn’t have much for books but yet loved to sit and smell of the books. As she only to wish to find how to make charms. Charmer enjoys making charms to bring the world of the darkness to light to her. To maybe have a moment of sight that she never had been grace to have. She had slowly come to the terms with the dark world that she was forced to live in.

When she was younger she had been angry with whatever Powerfully Pony in skies far from them.  That had been watching the living move along in the world they had made and gave powers to the Pony of the world to take care of it. As they take care of ponies on earth and sky. The Powerfully Ponies was among the lost that had been taking from life. They were among the stars.  Though being a blank flank was the least of her problems. As she was blind and the other children had been cold or pity toward her and she couldn’t stand it.

Charmer walked up to the pony that was caretaker of the Library, she knew she was by the woman as she smelt much of old books. The smell of the leather bound books and the dust that seemed to have been sucked into the pages of the long forgotten books. The smell made Charmer’s nose tickles as if she was about to sneezed. “Yes Ma’am.” The Liberian said the rough voice of the old Earth pony that had long bright pink that had slight pepper from the ages. Charmer enjoys her small times with the old pony, name Sunlit. Her name was not much of what she did or so Charmer thought. But really if Sunlit didn’t take the time to talk with Charmer, she would never see the world as she soon would.

Out of everypony in the town of Hollow Shades, it was much like Ponyville but slightly bigger, {I am not sure if this is true as much not know of this place.}, Sunlit was the only pony that really wanted to deal with her now that her brother was gone to School in Canterlot. He was going to the school with the gifted unicorn. Everypony knew each other there in Hollow Shades, and no one seemed to pay much mind to the little blind pony. Even when she was in school her teacher didn’t mind much to her only answering her question lightly but she didn’t seemed to know how to help Charmer.

Charmer couldn’t help but to smile at the older woman, “I thought you were going to show me smells of plants today.” She said lightly as she had gave up any hopes of doing well in normal school as she was nothing special like her older brother. 
As Sunlit smiled brightly at her, “Of course, I will, let me put away these books.” She said as she knew that Charmer was always there by noon. She never though much of why she came at this time or even how she made it through the town, yet even to think how she knew that she was in front of the old pony. 

Sunlit didn’t think much of it as she went back to work as if she knew that Charmer would follow her. Charmer knew the library well and knew where the rolls of book shelves line the building as she could hear the cricking of cart that the old pony moved along the rolls of shelves. Charmer ears flicking around as she trots along behind the old earth pony. Charmer was happy the most as she looked around as if she was looking at things. It was more of her moving her head toward the sounds around her. She could take in more than most of Pony around her. Her nose had itching feeling from the smell of Sunlit.

Soon after Sunlit had done her work as she smiled at Charmer, “This way.” she spoke lightly to the young pony with a smile. Charmer giggled lightly as she followed her as if she could see where the pony was point at. They spent hours on her smelling different plants until Charmer thought her nose was going to fall off. She couldn’t help but feel the eyes of other ponies were watching them.

Oh, how she hated the feeling of eyes on her watching in shock that she was able to do anything at all. Was she supposed to stay in her little house alone and never come out to bug other ponies? Charmer couldn’t do that as she let her hooves lead her through the town of where she had lived her whole life. She never left this small town of Hollow Shades.