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Author Topic: Looking for Detailed Writing Partners (F seeking M characters, Extreme)  (Read 386 times)

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Offline Camie CalamityTopic starter

Hello and welcome to my role play cravings.  Let me first take a second to say, thank you for stopping by, Thank You!  Secondly, if you see anything of interest to you please shoot me a personal message rather than replying here.  Thirdly, your real life gender isn’t important; all I ask of you is that you be able to write a male persona.  Fourth, last and not least, these are general ideas and your input is not only welcomed but also encouraged.

                                     Role plays can be via forum or email, no instant messenger role plays!
Bosses Daughter (M/F, Male character needed, extreme due to violence.) Taken

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Growing up the daughter of a crime boss, Sierra Jameson  has seen more than most in her thirty one years, making her the perfect target in an investigation against her father and his gang.  Your character has to get in, gain her trust and take down the gang that torments the city.  Simple enough, right?  It should have been an easy enough job.  Until emotions got involved and deceit was uncovered.

I would like to see this as a long term role play with Sierra discovering your characters true self and her turning on her family. The role play its self would include periods of sex heaviness, drugs, violence, and of course the must have, plot pushing scenes. 

The Jungle(M/F, Male character needed, extreme due to violence.)  Taken by Swedeboy
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When a biker gangs leader is picked up for murder, the least likely to offer help should be the district attorney.  It looked like an open and closed case, and for the most part it was.  All evidence pointed to the defendant and even the jury its self would have been quick to convict had Catherine Michaels , the prosecuting attorney not thrown the case.  Now with no one to answer for the crime and the rival gang out for blood your character and Catherine join up to find the real killer.

This again would be a long term role play with sex heaviness, drugs, violence, and of course the must have, plot heaviness.

 Warning:  My Vampires Do Not Sparkle!

Vampires and Werewolves (Looking for a Male Werewolf, extreme for violence and etc.)  Taken

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I must admit that I am a huge fan of the movies, Underworld, but also was a late arrival to the newest of the films the Awakening.  However, I would like to take a little from all four movies and create a role play with someone using our original characters.  Remember again your input is welcomed and encouraged, its open for discussion.

In a world were werewolves and vampires were only in nightmares humans went about their normal human lives.  Vampires and werewolves raged war upon each other in the undergrounds, battling for supremacy.  The war it’s self-dwindled the numbers, once the humans were alerted to their true existence a new war began and a battle between the three ensued forcing vampires and werewolves to unite against the humans.

I am thinking along the lines that the leader of the Lycans, overtaking an elder during a battle forcing her to join forces, at least until the humans have been taking.  As violent as the two are with a mutual hatred for the humans, cools their own hatred with a romance developing between the two along their journey. 

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Offline Camie CalamityTopic starter

Added two more ideas and deleted one idea.