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Angels and Demons (M seeking F Partner)

Started by ZephySempai, June 01, 2013, 04:33:23 PM

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Closed for the moment. Thank you all for showing interest.

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Hell knows no mercy, be it mortal or immortal soul. The scorching inferno burns with sin and the blood of tortured souls waters the ground below. Your actions in life have brought you to this place, and whether you intend to escape, or make this hell your home, no path walked will be an easy one. Demons and corrupted souls populate this murderous underworld. Ruled by the Fallen Angel and governed by the many Arch Demons, hell is a place where survival of the fittest is its only law. Many will be after your life here, for your blood holds unfathomable power in this realm and, whether angel or demon, many if not all, hunger for the power they plan to harvest from your dead corpse.

About me

If the introduction has caught your attention and piqued your interest then please read on. My name is ZephySempai but feel free to call me any variation of that; whatever makes you feel comfortable. I’m a pretty good writer, but still pretty new to the website and a little inexperienced in some areas, however I am doing my best to meet my weaker areas head-on and improve on them as much as possible. I’m a nice guy and like to talk both in and out of character, so feel free to send me tons of PMs about, well, anything, and don’t be too surprised if I reply back, though I can be somewhat reserved. I absolutely adore Anime/Manga and Videogames, but I have no problem adapting to other styles, or real life, if it makes my partner comfortable. Feel free to check out my Ons and Offs in my signature to learn a little bit more about that. Overall I’m a pretty simple guy that likes to have fun. I like action, adventure, and funny randomness. Slather on a healthy coating of sexy over all that and you’ve got yourself a happy-fucking-Zephy :)

About Angels and Demons
The story itself will take place in hell. There are two alternate paths you can take depending on which role you’d like to pick up, as well as one sub-path for the Lady Demon. If I made it sound complicated, don’t worry it’s not. I’ll explain more soon. Regardless of which role, the story will revolve around your character and mine; a human who possesses a corrupt soul. The main plot of the storyline will be to travel across hell to the realm of an Arch Demon and slay him. Though it sounds simple enough, our characters will be at a huge disadvantage. For one, your character’s powers will be severely limited, whether Angel or Demon, and my character’s abilities barely exceed the strength of a normal human. On top of that, they will meet much opposition from other Demons and Corrupts who are hunting your character. Aside from this linear storyline, there is much open from for any changes and adaptations throughout the journey so feel free to throw any ideas out there.

Character Roles
I am currently looking for a Female character to fill the role of her choice of Angel or Lady Demon. Though the roles are different, whichever is chosen will only slightly alter the main storyline. I’ll start with the Angel.

The Angel’s storyline and role is simple. She lived a good life as a human and earned her way into Heaven after her murder, or it could be an accidental death (your choice), however upon further review, a dirty little secret was discovered by God. This girl had a terrible sexual addiction when alive (Could be something funny like chronic masturbation, nymphomania, addiction to semen, anything sexual really). Because of the heavy level of sin, she is not allowed into Heaven and, in fact, will be thrown down into hell. The only way this Angel will be able to escape Hell is by finding a particular Arch Demon and retrieving a special Item God lost to it in a bet (Keep in mind that gambling is a Sin and mull that over for a while). The Angel’s storyline is to find the item (haven’t decided on it yet, but I want it to be something that makes you go “Why would God even need that?”) and retrieve it from the Arch Demon. Unbeknownst to the Angel, were a demon or corrupt soul to kill her and drink her blood, they would immediately gain the strength of an Arch Demon: the potential for power increasing the longer the angel remains alive in Hell. Needless to say, any demon that sees the angel will be quick to try and kill her. Also, because she hasn’t been an angel for long, she has no idea how to use any of her abilities. Even levitating and flying is difficult at first, but eventually she starts to figure out certain abilities as time passes. Those are completely up to whoever decides to play the angel.
In a nutshell, the angel meets my character, and together they hunt down the arch demon, retrieve the item, and then the Angel is allowed back into heaven.

Lady Demon
The Lady Demon has two paths, but both have the same backstory. When alive, she lived a pretty normal life, or even a questionable one (your choice), and when she died, either from murder, an accident (whatever would end her life), she was immediately sentenced to hell. For what reason, you may ask? Why, the same reason as the Angel. She has a terrible sex addiction (Again, anything or everything. It’s up to you), and because of this, she has developed a lot of features which resembles that of a Succubi (Horns, tail, maybe even a change in skin tone) and has become a lusty Lady Demon. This is the point where the storyline forks.

The first path for the Lady Demon is the Power Path. This storyline features the Lady Demon as an Arch Demon herself, however she has her powers literally stolen from her by another Arch Demon and thrown from her rule, which is very unfortunate considering the souls that she ruled under particularly liked when she was in power. She wasn’t insanely evil and treated her servants pretty well. Now, the Arch Demon terrorizes her entire territory and, without her power, there is nothing she can do but run away from the demonic assassins the Arch Demon has hired to kill her. So of course, she runs in to my character, who dispatches some of the Assassins, she sees his ability, and asks for his assistance. At first he sees her as nothing more than another demon and refuses, but after mulling it over a bit, he decides to help anyway because it seems she actually does care for the souls of her subjects. Now, even with her Arch Demon powers stolen away, her blood is still that of an Arch Demon so, same with the angel: If one were to kill her and drink her blood, they would immediately become an Arch Demon themselves.

The second path for the Lady Demon is the Servant Path. This storyline features the Lady Demon serving under another Lady Arch Demon, who is defeated and conquered by another Arch Demon. He then imprisons the defeated Arch Demon, possibly doing terrible things to her. Your character also is defeated in the battle and has almost all of her power sealed. The only way to undue the seal is to kill the Arch Demon who placed it upon you, but he’s already sent many assassins to slay you, which has forced you to flee for the time being. Your character then runs in to my character, asks him for assistance, and then heads back to do battle against the Arch Demon, save her Lady, and restore her power. Fun Fun Fun.

My Role
I will be playing the role of a 20-year-old Gang Member raised in the concrete jungle, who died during a chase after a bank robbery. Though he lived a horrible life, he was never a bad person. Still, he was immediately thrown into hell, where he has lived for four years now. He uses two sharp daggers, made from the bones and fangs of demons, as his primary weapons, and also wears a horrendously terrifying mask when in combat. Though he, at first, appears like nothing more than a corrupt soul, he is actually a kind, thoughtful, and very capable young man whose only crime was being born in a terrible place, and doing what he needed to survive. Also, because of the long period of time he’s spent in hell, his corrupted soul has grown. Periodically, he can tap in to his soul’s power and call upon demonic strength, though this accelerates his own corruption and, if done too much, he will lose what little shred of humanity he has left and become a full demon, which he has been trying to prolonged ever since he learned of this.

Other Notes
The story is intended to be an action-adventure with a lot of comedy and sexy sexy thrown in as much as possible. Feel free to relax and take things at your own pace as well. You don’t have to suddenly know everything in the world about angels, demons, or that type of subject matter as this is purely a world from my own twisted imagination. Definitely have fun with this, and if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to PM me, post them here, hack my facebook to get my address and send me a creepy letter; whatever you gotta do. I also love hearing new ideas so if you are suddenly whacked with the inspiration paddle definitely share your thoughts with me :)