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Author Topic: Beanhollow's Page (F for M Partners)  (Read 3222 times)

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Beanhollow's Page (F for M Partners)
« on: June 01, 2013, 04:09:56 pm »
    Currently under construction (please feel free to take a look around). Lots of old ideas sitting here and new ideas yet to be unveiled...

    WELCOME TO BEANHOLLOW'S REQUEST PAGE*Places cookies on table for all to enjoy*
    If interested in a plot or pairing, please contact me by PM, not here on the thread. Thank you!  :-)
    Please take a look at my O/O preferences before contacting me, which, you can find here.

    I'm looking for a forward-thinking, creative, spontaneous and a relatively literate writing partner. I want someone who can bring fresh ideas to the able as well as someone I can bounce ideas off of and brainstorm with. I find this is especially important when first building a new story. Oftentimes, I'll have a jumble of various ideas to throw at the story so I really like asking my partners ahead of time their interest with that said idea.

    My posts are typically anywhere from a minimum of two/typically three paragraphs to about eight paragraphs long. It depends where we are in the plot but I try to put out as much as my writing partner gives me. Again, I'm not asking for lengthy posts but give me something to work with. Details are a plus!  :-)

    I really enjoy getting to know my writing partners OOC. It's not a must-have but it does help with communicating and brainstorming our goals/ideas for our story. Plus, I've had a the pleasure of meeting a few wonderful souls over E and it's only added to my experience here. :-)

    If at any point you don't feel particularly motivated by one of my replies (or the story for that matter) please let me know as *soon* as possible so that we/I can fix it or we can stop the roleplay all together if it comes to that. My least favorite thing is having a partner beginning to loose enjoyment in our story yet, they withhold telling me that in order to fix the problem. The last thing I want is for either of us to not enjoy the story we're trying to develop. I love good communication with my partners and want to offer the best tools for our story to be a success.  :-)

    Last but not least, I can usually get 1-2 replies out per week on average. I know everyone has a life outside of E and there will probably be times where we can't be as active. In this case, please try and let me know if there will be a week or a few weeks you will be missing and I'll be sure to do the same through my a/a, or I will apologize for my lack of activity. *Please note during COVID-19, my replies have been lacking tremendously. Along with everyone in the world, I am currently balancing life with COVID and therefore replies are very slow which is not ideal for me or my current writing partners. Please keep this in mind and be patient with me as replies have become slower than normal.

    Please feel free to suggest any other ideas as the plots listed can always be modified.

    Brother x Sister
    Bestfriend's brother x bestfriend
    Boss x Secretary
    Teacher x Student Craving as a one-shot
    Client x Stripper
    Vampire x Human/woman

    Online dating.
    Type: Modern. Toys, Dom/Sub, and heavy kink elements to explore.
    Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
    Online dating: This is where she "meets" YC. It starts off slow and sweet but as secrets are revealed and barriers are broken MC finds herself diving into conversations she's never even explored with herself. YC is offering to buy her toys, encouraging dirty behavior and pulling out her darkest desires. It's a world she never even knew she could explore, and yet....she wasn't scared. She was beginning to look forward to all of the tasks and dirty conversations that they would have every night- all within the comfort behind her computer screen. The more he offered to do to her, the more she felt a pull towards him. Was this relationship toxic? Was he pushing her too far when he made her wear a vibrator all day in public. And when did she start only responding to him as master? Was it too late to pull back, or was she too far in to care? Now he was wanting to meet in person!

    (Ideally I'd love for this to be a slow build of her confessing to the ideas of being his perfect little submissive. She wants to be dominated and is attracted to how bold he can be with her through forceful written words or as simple as building her up with confidence by complimenting her. Eventually they'll share photos, phone conversations, and eventually they'll meet in person which is where the story will really be worth all the build up. --I'm open to changing the plot around some. I also want to emphasize that I don't want this just to be a smut-story. I feel like the way I wrote this lot it looks that way, but I'm looking for them to be open with one another emotionally as well. I really want a slow build of him pulling out her deepest desires and feeling comfortable enough to open up with him about this life she's only fantasized about- and perhaps him as well.)

    Green Card Marriage
    Type: Modern romance story.
    Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
    He was a good friend, but he was always just a friend. They had met in her home country (we can choose) and she had shown him around. Sure, there were some hints of flirtation as she had always found him to be attractive but, she just never saw herself with him in that light. However, he was near and dear to her heart. He even helped her move to the states by proposing a green-card fake marriage. It was fun, really. Acting out a marriage...receiving wedding gifts for their shared apartment...and now they were faking a honeymoon that their families had chipped in for them to go to Hawaii! It was all so magical, and in the heat on the last night of their honeymoon he made a move on her. In return she had too and when they both woke up, they were wondering if this was a mistake or perhaps something more? The plane ride back was quiet and awkward and neither of them were talking about it...

    Girl in Training
    Type: Modern
    Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
    She was an ordinary lady, except for the fact that she was designed and programmed like a robot to serve her master. This includes cleaning, cooking, anything his heart desires. You character ends up viewing the catalog of girls and wants to meet my character in person. He decides she's the one basing it on her look and/or personality, so he takes her home. The only problem is that after taking her home, he notices a few defects if you will. She doesn't quite listen like she did the first week he took her home. Come week three and she's hesitating to please him as he's ordered. Will he send her back or does he enjoy the idea of teaching and breaking her back in?
    -One way we could start the story is from the first time they meet. Perhaps a mutual physical attraction? Maybe tradition is to take the trained girl on a date (a fancy dinner perhaps?) to decide if she would best fit into his lifestyle.

    Beauty and the Beast Twist Open to discussing a lighter plot setting as well. [/s]
    Type: Fantasy OR Modern (BDSM, Master and Prisoner. We don't have to use a 'beast' as you character. Playing a person will suit just fine too.) *The plot can be modified or course*
    Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
    The beast( or your human character) keeps my character as a prisoner for trespassing into the castle of which your character lives. Her reasons of trespassing are to find her father, and whom she takes his place in the castle dungeon so he can be free. Belle and the 'Beast's' relationship seems to always lead to the beast%u2019s eagerness to torture my character in pleasure for his own amusement. He continues to use her as he pleases night after night. Eventually, the beast becomes attached to her, beginning to show signs of emotions he had never shown anyone else before. His soft spot becomes much larger as he is warmed with her presence. My character begins to wonder if something has happened to stop the beast from his tormenting which she was just beginning to enjoy and play into. At the same time, the Beast was actually allowing her to speak with him at the dinner table without having to be called on with permission. She could even get away without calling him Master every once in a while. She liked how he was becoming more affectionate with her. It could only make her wonder if the Beast would have another outbreak and decide to chain her up again or maybe he has finally changed for the good.

    For this beauty and the beast plot I am taking a different route. I really want to experiment with different erotic writing styles that I haven%u2019t yet explored. I want to incorporate some Dom/Sub roles along with pleasurable torture (No real pain involved but I certainly enjoy rough sex scenes). I really want there to be an unusual and unique relation between the two.[/i]

    The Spy
    Type: Modern (Love story or Fling)
    Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
    My character's father is a rich man. He's also an overly protective father, so when he finds out his sweetheart is getting into the stripping (prostitute?) business he loses it. He can%u2019t talk her out of it either. She%u2019s stubborn just like him. Instead, he hires an uncover spy if you will to watch his daughter and keep a safe eye on her. Do whatever it takes to keep her safe and have her trust. I trust that you can do that without her knowing I%u2019ve sent someone to keep an eye out? Are her Father's last words to your character.
    -This is a very open-ended story line and it could go whatever direction we choose. One way I see this story going is for your character to play the part of someone in the crowd during one of her performances. Perhaps he pays a little extra to see her afterwards? Perhaps he becomes a regular or acts the part of liking her more than just for her job/body? Maybe they both end up falling for one another but at this point she finds out that he%u2019s been sent by her father and now her trust is lost. Will he ever gain her trust or the woman he loves back?

    Partners In Crime
    Type: Modern
    Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
    My character has been fighting crime side by side her beloved fiance for almost two years. They were a perfect team, until one night everything changed and MC's love disappeared from her life forever. -Three months later, your character, a newbie to the southern branch is unaware of MC's recent misfortune. Being unfamiliar of her personal situation his finds it easy to feel attracted to her and shocked to find that she's single. No on in the office would plan on telling him though. MC refused to hear her recently deceased fiances name be mentioned infront of her, and who could blame her?- YC on the other hand can't help but lay his eyes on this powerful, strong, beautiful, and independent woman suited up in a tight police uniform;not to mention her target skills were on point, so he certainly was being paired with someone more experienced. Unfortunately for him MC has no interest in men at this time of her life. She was finding herself again and her skin was tougher than it once was. He'd learn quickly that she doesn't like to open up like the rest of the crew. In fact when YC was first put on assignment with her MC threw a fit, reminding her chief in command that she doesn't do partners. -The problem for MC is that yours is more persistent than the others who have tried to be her partner in the past. He's not afraid to shout out his opinions or even flirt with her. Somehow with the odds against him, MC slowly grows a liking for yours. The next thing you know he's filling more than just her thoughts....
    The question is weather or not their partnership will bloom into something more or will this only remain as a release for her own sexual desires?

    The one night stand?
    Type: Modern
    Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
    Two total strangers happen to ignite a spark. A burning sensation is be felt between the two of them, and for the first time ever my character opens herself up to an opportunity of a one night stand. -A few days pass and MC is feeling fine about the situation, leaving the pleasant thoughts in the back of her mind of what a surprisingly salacious night it was, but then, as her name is called into the conference room, she notices her lover of the night across the table from her! The fiery feeling is there warming the room once more. My character then finds out he's apart of a new branch that her company will be teaming to work with. Not long after, the feeling from the other night ignites. This time they are (Some options: in his office, elevator?, stairwell, in the break room during lunch break?). After meeting up a few more times my character comes to the realization that she is not sure if she should allow these feelings to go on because she knows that the more she interacts with him, the more she will fall for him and there is no telling if he feels the same for her.

    *I was also thinking that it will become hard for my character to resist yours as perhaps he has opened her into a kinky world never explored.*
    So the question is: Does he feel the same? Will MC have to accept the way their relationship is? Or does he have another idea for what kind of relationship could become of this?...

    The Ex Factor
    Type: Modern
    Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
    Our characters had a thing for one another while growing up together. A relationship so to speak but for one reason or another they had to part ways. (Perhaps one was moving? Or we could make it a more complicated reason?). It isn't until the two bump into one another ten years later where the spark of chemistry re-ignites. Optional: The only problem is that YC or MC is engaged.

    Caught in the act
    Type: Modern (Blackmail, Incest/OR we can modify it to be her best friend)
    Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
    She was young and foolish, only enjoying the thrills of life. Her boyfriend who was borderline too old for her wasn't the best influence and the girl was beginning to act more rebellious because of her supposed love for him.
    This time she took it too far. She opened her window to the pitch black midnight sky, letting her boyfriend sneak in. Things got out of hand in the bedroom, (or at least were about to) until her brother stepped into the room. Shock filled the girl's face until her skin tuned as white as a porcelain dolls. Immediately the boy dismissed himself just by seeing the anger filled in her brothers eyes and the way his body held itself. The younger sister thought that surely things couldn't get more awkward but.... somehow they managed to that night.

    The Gladiator
    Type: Middle Age/Modern
    Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
    This is an idea in the making. I was thinking it could be based upon a love story. Perhaps your character is a gladiator and mine a wealthy princess of a dangerously corrupt kingdom. My character%u2019s father, King of Rome, has loyal servers is placed in charge of buying, trading and training new gladiators to fight. Your character has just recently been traded and bought for a high price due to this high reputation of fighting techniques. The King refuses to let his family life overlap with his other hobbies and other tactics but my character is a curious one, often hiding in the shadows and listening in to her fathers whereabouts. It is here where MC accidently interrupts the gladiator and her fathers first encounter.

    It's love at first sight for my character, and after she sees that he has won over the crowd of the coliseum she feels that she must meet this man. What starts as one-time congratulations and compliment on his performance is now an ongoing greeting between the two. Eventually the simply and friendly conversations between the two turns into something much more but there is always a fear that her father will find out about where she goes off for hours at a time each day. Will her father find out about this forbidden love? And if he does, what will the consequences be?

    How your character reacts to mine is up for discussion. We could add a few twists here. Perhaps he's just using her affection as a way to get out of fighting in the coliseum, kidnapping my character or threatening by knife point to kill her until her father decides to let him be free. Or perhaps he does fall in love with her and they must live in a life of fear until they find a way to be free from hiding their forbidden desires. Again, there are a lot of different ways this story could play out. [/b]

    The last Dragon[/b][/s]
    Type: Fantasy, Medieval 
    Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
    This is a super vague idea, but, here it is: The story is set in a simpler time period and out of a small village a young girl finds something that was thought to be missing for over 100 years. Thought to be extinct. It's a dragon egg/hatchling. How long can she keep this a secret and what adventures will their future hold?

    Feel free to take a look here, though there's no guarantees the fish will bite. [/color]

    "Online Dating Never Works" (Older online-plot idea. Written like a one-shot)
    Modern, kink exploration, possible Dom/sub. Could go many ways; 2 options
    Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
    The two have been talking online for two years. He knew just about everything about her and she knew just about everything about him...everything except his true sexual desires in which he had planned to show her after their first in-person meet up.
    Would she accept who he was, or turn and run? Would she enjoy it, or fear what she had learned? Or would she come crawling back for more?
    The swipe that was right
    What did the message say? Who was this guy? And what interested him in her? How would she respond? And why was is that MC was single for so long? Fear of settling down? Too picky? Too shy? Or did she have a secret side of her that didn't need just one man? (Many options!)

    A Fling of the Past Not necessarily craving
    Type: I'd love for this to be 1920's theme. This idea is inspired by The Great Gatsby with a more romantic ending.
    Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
    It was one of those rare love stories. A 'Love at first sight' moment. She was 18 and he 21. They were inseparable from the moment he'd asked her hand out to dance. They had made love that night, and for the many to follow as well. Everything was perfect...until the sad news came that YC was being deployed. She wrote to him for two years without hearing a word back. Four years later since he was deployed, he has made his way back to America in hopes to reunite himself with his former lover. He lives in on the the wealthiest mansions that Charleston provides. He could have anything he wants in life, but the one thing he wants is her. The catch is that she's married now, and has moved on from him. Of course her husband is a cheating, lying sack of garbage, but he can provide for her so she doesn't complain. But with YC in the picture, will their history from four years ago be enough for her to start a new life? Will she be able to forgive him for never writing back to her? And will they be able to re-kindle the love they once had?
    Option 2:
    Similar to the first option but instead of leaving for war MC's mother decides that YC is not worthy of her due to his lack of wealthy upbringing. MC is devastate of course and they try to sneak around this but they are caught and forbidden of seeing one another again. Four or five years later, YC has made something of himself and wants to prove himself to MC and her mother, so he can rightfully take MC's hand in marriage. OR, Four or Five years later they run into one another and the sparks re-unite, but they both have married and moved on but have yet to let that detail in for one another. Eventually when they do, they decide to keep their love affair a secret from their spouses, perhaps to the point where they aren't ashamed on going on double dates either.

    Masquerade Ball (BDSM Themed Event?) New Plot 1/6/2019
    Type: Mostly Modern, Strangers who meet, Close encounters
    Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
    This is a fairly loosely structured plot. So far I'm thinking YC and MC meet at a (Optional: BDSM themed?) Masquerade Ball Event. It's a yearly event and many people travel to just to come dance for one night and let loose, all with the idea that their identity is hidden and they can be anyone they want for the night. -In this case I was thinking it could give both our characters time to chat and dance and really hit it off- With the mask hiding each other's true self it feels a little easier for YC to admit some of his desires to control her, whispering in her ear as they dance, asking if she'd like to be controlled for the night from a man behind a mask. MC, with little to no experience like that in a bedroom is instantly intrigued and so she follows him down the halls of the ballroom where they find an empty theatre and make love behind the curtains.

    The chemistry between them is undeniably on point. She's fully under his control and yet she really has no clue who he is. -It isn't until the end of the night where she realizes it would have been nice to get his number, or to know who he really was, but it's too late. Now they'll both have to wait another year (or half a year. Summer and winter masquerade ball?)
    We could fast forward the story some here until the next masquerade ball where everyone at work is talking about the event- but MC is looking forward to the event for her own reasons. When our characters meet again, and YC asks her to take her mask off, they offer on doing it at the same time (or we decide). It's then that she realizes it's her new boss/co-worker/rival at work, or just, the guy at the coffee shop she's grown soft for. (We decide!)

    (These are pretty loose ideas, it could be her neighbor, doesn't necessarily have to be her boss or even someone she knows that well, though, I think that would be half the fun. We can even write it as only MC asking him to reveal his mask, and only her knowing it's her boss, and YC still having no idea who he's messing around with. This would be interesting the next day at work when MC start acting strange around YC at work.)

    Thank you for stopping by and taking a look at my ideas. Please send me a PM if I have tickled your interest  :-)[/list]
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    Re: Beanhollow's Page (Looking for Dom. M partners)
    « Reply #1 on: April 15, 2015, 11:25:12 am »
    New Plots Added:

    The Gladiator *Craving*

    The Ex Factor

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    Re: Beanhollow's Page (Seeking Dom Male partners)
    « Reply #2 on: January 16, 2017, 12:48:44 am »
    Updates have been added!
    New Plot: Partners in Crime

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    Re: Beanhollow's Page (F seeking dom M partners)
    « Reply #3 on: August 26, 2017, 03:32:19 pm »
    Looking for another partner or two!

    New plots added: Girl in Training & The Spy

    *Still trying to find the best way to organize my plots and will be updating my o/o soon as well! 

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    Re: Beanhollow's Page (F for M partners)
    « Reply #4 on: August 30, 2017, 05:00:29 pm »
    A lot of improvements and updates as far as clutter and organization goes  :-) *Feeling happy*
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    Re: Beanhollow's Page (F for M partners)
    « Reply #5 on: January 21, 2018, 10:14:07 pm »
    Looking for one or possibly two new partners.

    Added three new plots:
    A fling of the past
    Green Card Marriage
    "Online Dating Never Works"


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    Re: Beanhollow's Page (F for M dom partners)
    « Reply #6 on: January 06, 2019, 03:06:44 am »

    Added two new plot cravings:

    -Masquerade Ball
    -Online Dating

    Also added Teacher x Student pairing as a craving.

    Looking to add one or two more stories.