Exalted! (M for F)

Started by Yandros, May 31, 2013, 11:58:52 PM

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Deep within the North, people cling to their cities, their walled fortresses.  These walls, these barriers are all that keep the hordes of undead creatures from overwhelming them.  But worse are the stray travelers who have all too plausible stories.  Those are the ones to look out for, the ones who seem all too willing to help or make a deal.  The Fair Folk disguised as normal people, all too ready to ravage a person to leave nothing more than a drained husk behind.  Frigid mountains give way to glaciers that end up moving out towards endless tundra.  What creatures live here are hearty and dangerous things, eking out what existence they may.  Some tribes of beastmen roam the lands, hunting the herds of prey that they can find, with some even following the animals in a never ending trek along this barren landscape.

Buried under the ice and snow, perhaps there is more than simply more dirt.  Perhaps there are remnants of the First Age, or maybe even a previous existence‚Ķ

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So yes!  I would love to do an Exalted game set in the North.  I am open as to the style of Exalt, though I will not do Abyssals or Infernals. 
As for the style of game, I want there to be adventure mixed in with the sex.  I want there to be epic scale combat (this IS Exalted afterall), and I want there to be interaction with the world.  Concerning any overarching story, I am happy to work with my partner to work out whatever story might come from it. 

I also am open to entertaining the thought of this becoming a group game.  So perhaps we can all work something out!