Drumming Teen [m/m m/f f/f]

Started by traci80, May 31, 2013, 05:36:37 PM

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  A teenage boy moves into a new neighborhood across town with his mom. Before the week is out he joins some local boys in a rock band who were in need of a drummer. He stays with his girlfriend who he left on the eastside. Because of the distance he ends up having a lot of free time away from her. The two guitar players are bi and try to get him in bed alone and with a girl. A tomboy in his new neighborhood tries to get into his pants and push his old girlfriend out of the picture. But it is the sadistic, bass player who pursues the cute, straight drummer most and dream of tying up the new band member.


  The same idea, but he joins a band with all girls.
  I can play the drummer boy, or all the other characters.