A man with a secret (M seeking F)

Started by Jester, May 30, 2013, 06:23:00 AM

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Phil Evans was new at your office. He kept himself to himself and made little effort to socialise with the rest of your colleagues. He arrived early and left early and kept to himself during his lunch hour.

You find yourself drawn to his simple quiet manner and find yourself intrigued by his good looks and the mystery. During your lunch hour you often try and sit near him so you can listen to the music he plays on his ipod and also to see what books he is interested in. Sometimes he notices and moves away.

It would not bother you so much if he had not also begun to attend the same gym as you. The gym was yuor sanctuary and the place that you felt most at home. It seemed strange to see someone from work there. He was fit and strong and spent nearly two hours there most nights and also at the weekend. It seemed strange that he did not have better things to do or people to see....

He was dark and good and looking with little fat on his body. It was obvious he was a runner and when he ran it was one of the few times you noticed him smile...

Would you have ignored him he did not also live in your apartment block? If you did not walk the same journey or catch the same busy twice a day. You never saw him with anyone or even talk to people unless he had to.

Finally you meet him at the theatre. He sits alone like you. You thought you were the only one to go to the theatre alone but it seems not....


Will you find out?