Rise of the Mutants (Mutant seeking F)

Started by Jester, May 30, 2013, 06:19:52 AM

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It was 2013. The world had fallen. Nuclear war had destroyed 99% of the worlds population and the world was torn apart.

Pockets of civilization existed but the world was different now. Some of the survivors had been changed by the war and were rejected by surviving humans. These people were called mutants and ejected from the cities and towns that housed "norms".

Even the bandits rejected the mutants as many of them had new abilities since their mutations. To some mutants it was not always a curse.

The biker was a mutant. He sat atop his bike alone travelling the desolate empty lands. He had a gun at each hip and a shotgun across his back. He kept away from civilization and he enjoyed his privacy. Clad in leather and with a helmet covering his face he could be mistaken for a norm but he wasnt.

He could see the jeep on the road ahead and the woman stood beside it. He saw her reach for her guns and he slowed to a stop. The great beast rumbling between his thighs. He watched her for a moment deciding whether to approach or not. The vehicle had its hood up and she was not going to get any help for days..... Slowly he approached.

The biker will meet another person/ mutant and together they will decide that travelling together will be better. I want to explore their relationship and how they survive. I would like the story to cover...

1. Their romance and sex life.
2. Finding a place to live.
3. Capturing roaming cattle and animals.
4. Setting up a farm.
5. Meeting other mutants
6. Meeting "norms"
7. Trading with muties and norms

Are they good or bad or a mix of gray in between? What are their mutations? Is it romance or lust that brings them together?