New Role..any takers?

Started by Pixilicious, June 25, 2008, 10:20:06 AM

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I was thinking of doing a fantasy, romance type role play involving a vampire and a human, at least at the beginning and then it changes to where I get turned into a vampire myself...something like the following..

I am the daughter (human) of a wealthy detective in the town in which we live. Recently there has been a murder of a girl in the town that my father has mistakenly traced back to your brother. My father ended up killing your brother because of it. Now the high council within your Clan says that your brother's death must be avenged and therefore you set out to seek revenge on my father..I wanted to pick up this scene when your men brings myself and my father to you after you'd ordered them to find my father and bring him to you. You hadn't bargained on me being there and didn't know of my existence until I was brought in..
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Not sure wether this is taken or not, but since I've recently been approved (I'm just mentioning this because I'm still excited! Weee! *Does a backflip*) I will raise my hand to this idea! *Raises hand*

Though I might be abit rusty, I think the situation of hating your father and his daughter being there (Me being the corny player that I am) should be quite.. fascinating!

Contact me if you think I'm worthy. *Hops off to lurk abit more*

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