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Author Topic: Ilden Origins  (Read 791 times)

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Ilden Origins
« on: May 26, 2013, 04:34:45 PM »
Everyone has an origin. Some of them deep and impressive, where others are simple and small. There's one particular family which has battled the dark force since ancient times. They always were there, and always had set traits that never seemed to dillute. The first born is the one who looks the most ordinary, just like any normal person could look. The firstborn is gifted with great intellect and a talent for magic. Physically frail, but with an indominable will. Their greatest potential lies in the ability to absorb powers and use them, until that said power runs out. The secondborn always has bright white hair, like snow. This one is capable of many inhuman feats. The white haired ones are incredibly tough and strong, manipulating an energy known as the Titan Force. However despite all that power the second born is highly corruptible and constantly deals with his darker self. Once the second born's powers develop and manifest it is called a Titanblooded human and often ends as a slave to the balance. The third born is always female, with white pupils instead of black.
Once every 100 years these would appear in one family, and they always seemed to rise up and fight the darkness whenever it was most necessary. But to look at the origins of these protectors, we need to look where it began. To the age of Darkness.

Way back, before the big bang, before the first matter, long before the first act of balance, there was only Darkness. Nothing else. This Darkness was all that existed. And it was just the way the void preferred. Nothing cluttering up it's body, no pesky sources of light constantly searing through it. Time had no meaning. But then, an external force still unknown brought the first balance. in the exact center of the void, an odd white spot had appeared, and started to grow. It was quite the struggle, this first clash of Light and Dark. They are still locked in that neverending struggle. Each trying to gain domination over the other, but neither ever gaining or losing ground. The two charged eachother with their full power. Their void could not handle the sheer magnitude of that clash, and violently exploded. An act we now know as the Balancing. Both entities lost their sentience. Spread over the void, caught in everlasting twilight as the two opposites merged together. The void imploded crushing down, as the residual reality warping energy made a fundamental change. The first matter came into existence. by the time the final traces of the said energy dissipated, all the newly created matter started to gather all together, increasing it's mass. once all of that pre-universe matter clumped together, it's own mass caused a huge explosion, scattering all this matter all over, in new and varied forms. This particular event was quite important in the formation of the universe as we know it. For it is it's birth. The Big Bang.
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The Dawning
« Reply #1 on: May 26, 2013, 05:40:59 PM »
The light and dark had separated again, no longer being sentient entities, but their clash was restarted anyway. Stars popped up all over the endless void, created from matter, generating light, in an almost Conquest like fashion. The dark responded with the anomaly called "The Black Hole" which mass was so heavy and concentrated that it would suck in light itself, therefore spreading darkness through the void. Still their battle was even, until the first planets formed. Through some oddity Life had started to exist. naturally infused with equal amounts of Light and Dark, these lifeforms just existed. They didn't bother with the eternal struggle. Soon however the Darkness found it's way into the hearts of the life, turning them into further weapons. The light was forced to retaliate by doing the same thing. After uncountable of years of eternal war, the Earth finally took shape. Life developed there too. At first, nothing useful. single celled organisms. Then came the sponges. Then the first life to create oxygen. We all know how evolution would take it's course, right? no need to explain what we already know. Let's skip over to the time where the humans lived, in fear of the supernatural. there were too many to count, some good, some bad, but the humans were defenseless against them. Until a single woman rose up. She had white hair, Deep blue eyes, and was INCREDIBLY strong. Magic seemed not to harm her, in fact, it only made her stronger. The demons, the dark ones feared her. They struck up a covenant. The Demons agreed not to enslave, harm, or otherwise influence the humans as a race, in exchange for the female to join their side. However, the woman was not an idiot. She saw through the ploy at attempting to corrupt her to the darkness. She begged, she cried, she bargained in attempt to have the light hear her request, and by some miracle, it did. Soon she gave birth to 3 children. The first looked ordinary, but the female knew that the kid had inherited her power to absorb, as well as her intelligence and magical talent. The second kid had the same white hair as she had. She could feel the titanic force burn brightly within her child. the third was a girl, a splitting image of herself, blind but imbued with a talent for and control over weapons unseen before. The noble woman knew that these children would hold the power to save the humans in the darkest times. With a long and dangerous spell, the lady split apart the world, dividing it between the supernatural and the humans. However, as this woman broke the world, she erred. She did not foresee that the world would attempt to heal, like a wound would. Several rifts over time caused a sizable amount of the creatures on the supernatural side to end up in the human's side. However, she had given her soul in wounding the world, and she was no longer able to protect her kind. Death was quick to claim her.  The three siblings were adopted into different families, each discovering their abilities on their own. The oldest was raised by a Mage, mostly so that he could keep the kid as a test subject, for the magical man had seen his ability first hand. The second brother was raised in the care of a knight, though away most of the time, he trained the white haired boy to fight with a sword, and taught him the way of the knight. Taking on more than he could chew, the child got himself into a fight with several thugs who had been harassing the local Alchemist. That is when his abilities first manifested, and from where he started to train it. As for the youngest, the girl lived the most sheltered life. She had been taken in by a noble family, but she wasn't fit to be a princess. She often behaved like a tomboy, and was more independent then was accepted during that time. She would've been married off to another family, but fate decreed otherwise. On a full moon, she found herself in a most dangerous and strange predicament. Once all of them had their powers manifested, they were drawn together by a shadow left behind from their mother. It told them of her past, their identities, and more importantly, their role as protectors of the human race. Each of them was granted immortal life so they could fulfill their destiny.

Over the ages, they saw the world move on. They saw their civilization fall, the humans forgot everything, their past, their culture, even their technological and magical prowess. It was as if some higher force had pressed a reset button. They did what they could to save and preserve, but despite all their effort, all traces that remained were legends and myths. the Supernaturals that were remained decided it was wiser to hide themselves among the humans, and live alongside them. Those that didn't, well, they were quickly killed by the 3. Over thousands of years they saw civilizations rise and fall, even being forced to destroy a few themselves. However, them being human souls in immortal bodies, they grew weary of life. They started to long for an end. They gathered a few trusted supernatural families, as well as actively searching for a special kind of person, who was especially in tune with the elements, not just of the human world, but also those supernatural. After another long search, finally they found the one they looked for. We find ourselves in the Medieval Age, with the Knight Gicel Fýren. He was a tall man with brown hair, and green eyes. His preferred weapon was the bastard sword. He wore light armor, so he was exceptionally quick on his feet for his profession. Sir Fýren was fiercely loyal to his king, and good to the common folk. However, the male was growing restless. A series of brutal murders had stirred up the people. It was whispered that it was the work of a werewolf, that demons were attacking them one by one. Of course the scholars believed those to be superstition, and the local church offered 'protection' to those who believed enough. They claimed that it was a punishment by God to root out the faithless ones. The three siblings, through the manipulation of minds, and so on, set up a meeting with the knight. Gicel met them with distrust and suspicion. There is where our true tale starts.
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Ilden Origins: Gicel Fýren
« Reply #2 on: June 01, 2013, 05:42:09 PM »
The Rise of Gicel
~ Chapter 1 ~
[under construction]

It was early, the sun had not even risen yet, and everyone still slept. It was sort of peaceful, with this calm silence. A silence that not so long ago had been disturbed by a loud scream, causing all the critters to scatter, into safety. This very early morning where the sun had not touched a single soul yet, the night had claimed another victim. After that scream it had been unnaturally silent for some time, though the critters and animals that had fled the premises returned swiftly, getting back on their schedule. Soon the sun would rise and the night critters would go to sleep, and surrender the world to the day. On this cold morning, when finally the first sunray pierced through the heavens, the squire Ricimer already woke up, ever eager and ever happy to learn. Today was a very big day for the kid, for his Knight, who has been his teacher, his advisor, father figure and much more, would finally grant him his very own weapon of choice! The young squire already knew which weapon he would choose. The very same weapon his mentor wields. Not just because it was his knight's weapon, but also because it felt right. Of course his lord had trained him in several different weapons, from blunt to edged, Ricimer had made up his choice. As he got up from his bed, he rubbed the sleep out of his eyes, while donning his brightest smile. The squire was quick to prepare himself, slipping into his tunic, embroidered with the crest of his mentor, the Silvery Blue flame, much unlike the crests of other knights, which were animals and creatures representing the greatest aspect of the knight who owned it. The boy picked up his blue shield, which stood against the wall right besides his comfortable bed, and went for the courtyard to get some fresh air. As usual, at night the torches weren't lit along the way, so Ricimer had his eyes get accustomed to the currently dark surroundings. The walk to his destination proceeded quite uneventful, however to the young squire's complete astonishment, he found that his lord was in the courtyard, clearly preparing something. It was too dark to see what, but Ricimer took a soft step back, not feeling like getting a whipping for arriving too early. It seemed that the knight was planning something special for him...

"Don't bother hiding, Ricimer, I already know you're there." The brown haired knight spoke out loud, his breath visible in the cold morning air. "there's nothing wrong with being eager to start, or early to make sure you're in time."
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Re: Ilden Origins
« Reply #3 on: June 03, 2013, 03:31:35 PM »
reserved for chapter 2