A Challenge-mode Roleplay (FforM)

Started by ghostlyshadows, May 21, 2013, 08:28:31 AM

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This is not my typical role-playing style, as I am generally against pre-writing another person's role for them, even in the barest sense as it is done here. However once the idea of a challenge-mode type of scenario was presented to me, I could not help but come up with an idea. Requirements for this are minimal. Though I will have a character in mind for you, you will be free to mold him as you see fit. Personality, status, abilities, desires, family members etc.. all those are up to you. I simply am providing a model. Think of it like a coloring-book. It's got the outline, but you have to color it in.

The Idea

You are the son of an emperor in a desert trade city-state or empire (think Scorpion King type world), and are finally coming of age. Your father will be looking to you to step up and begin taking responsibilities for the kingdom and the growing threats beyond the city walls. Your first task will be to respond to an arranged setup with the intention of marriage with my character. This interaction and how your character handles it is entirely up to you.

As for the threats in this world, they come in many forms. Whether it be raiding parties from the lawless tribes, some cannibalistic, some merely thieves, or the new whispers of a Growing Darkness bringing dark magics into the currently civilized world, there is no end to the potential challenges that can be faced. Monsters/creatures/world inhabitants are not set in stone here, there is quite a bit you are free to bring to the table so long as it fits the tone established thus far.

My Character

Sha'uri Mitsana belongs to a wandering, magic-infused, gypsy-like tribe (the Han'ti) from the southern borders of the desert empire. Her father is Vandlo Mitsana, the sheik for her people. He has a good relationship with your father, bringing in trade goods and resources available only from the south. Despite this relationship, Vandlo will never have confirmed in any way what the Han'ti people are ultimately capable of.  The empire will only know of her clan's gifts in the sense of unfounded rumors, with one exception: Sha'uri's mother, the tribal Seer..is an occasional consultant to the emperor regarding the safety of the empire.

She will have the gift of the elemental attunement to earth, which has quite a few possibilities to it. However any gifts she has, she will be very protective of them, as well as any powers available to the rest of her tribe. It is because of the untapped potential within her, as well as the good trade relationship already present with the empire, that your father has chosen her for a potential arranged marriage. It is about curiousity as much as strengthening the bloodlines of your family, and you can choose how much your father has revealed to you about either her or his intentions regarding "aquiring family ties" to the Han'ti.

Character Detail

Eyes: Emerald     Height: 5'7"   Weight: 133lbs    Age: 22

Looking every part the dark visage that is characteristic of her people, Sha'uri is an exotically intoxicating sight to behold.
Her lithe, curvacious body is taut and muscular, the uncharacteristic strength gleaned from her travels throughout the desert, and from not being afraid of getting her hands dirty.
Lush, midnight black hair trails down her back, either free falling or tied into a braid and adorned with jewels. It perfectly frames her delicate facial features and those emerald eyes that look out at you, seeing everything with an inexplicable air of wisdom. High cheekbones above a noble jawline give her profile soft, yet strong angles, accentuating her small shapely nose, and full curving lips. All this with her darkly tanned skin serve to give her a distinct hue of uniqueness amongst her tribe, making her stand out more than she would like.
Her scent, should you get close enough to note it, is a musky hue of spices and herbs, with just a touch of vibrant desert blooms overlying it.

More often than not, she will be seen wearing the classic dress of her people, thin flowing skirts and small tops that tend to be rather tight and showy. She has few tattoos, markings inherited from her desert clan, their meaning impossible to interpret to outsiders. Each one serves to tell a story of her life so far, and these runic markings trail elegantly down her spine. A single one can be found on her face, a tiny dragon flowing along her right cheekbone.
The final note of her appearance is likely the most subtle under the circumstances. Her piercings are simplistic, with ornate hoops on both ears, up the length of the lobes, and a single jewel set in her bellybutton.

Sha'uri's personality exudes a tenderness, even when emotions are running high, making it hard not to feel at ease in her presence. Typically only speaking when spoken to, what time she spends rare city social setting is spent simply watching and listening. When she does speak, her voice is huskily quiet and seductive, and the traces of an accent can be heard in the purr of her words.
To the people she is close to, she is known as caring, loyal, peaceful, and wise, as well as easily accepting of her place in the world.

Despite being the daughter of the sheik, she has no sense of entitlement or a desire to become the next in line to oversee her people. Her life as it stands now is one of quiet curiosity, with an expectation of something larger looming on the horizon...

Her Family, A few useful notes

Sha'uri is the daughter of the sheik overseeing her tribe, Vandlo Mitsana. While devoid of the more magical side of life, he is known as a shrewd businessman within the empire, his strength and determination not to be underestimated. Complimenting him perfectly would be his wife, Nefiri, with her talents lying behind her presence as the tribal Seer. Rarely ever seen by anyone outside the tribe, this woman would be known to the royal family for her ability to keep the empire safe via foresight. There is no sign yet that this gift has been passed on to Sha'uri, but the possibility of it would certainly increase her potential value to your character and family.

The Setup
I am open to writing in a bit of back-building, should you want to familiarize yourself with the world and what might be possible within it. Otherwise, we can more or less begin with your character being given the order to go out and address the Han'ti and meet Sha'uri. The arrangements will have already been put in place, both she and her people will be expecting such an arrival.

I know what I like, handle it or don't. <3


Taken! Thank you all for your interest :)
I know what I like, handle it or don't. <3