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July 07, 2022, 11:10:42 am

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Author Topic: Craving bimbofication (F for M or F)  (Read 2012 times)

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Craving bimbofication (F for M or F)
« on: May 10, 2013, 10:02:29 pm »
Hey everyone. I decided to put this up because I've been really craving RPs involving bimbos and bimbofication. Things involving sexy, airheaded women who are all body and no brains, especially if the women don't start out that way. I'm open to a wide variety of suggestions (check my O/Os if you're looking for something a bit more specific), but a few examples that come to mind that I'd particularly enjoy:

1) A clumsy, ditzy, average-looking young woman meets someone who wishes to become her 'benefactor.' Like a sugar daddy, but instead of buying her material possessions, he or she buys her upgrades. This chronicles the tales of the woman and what she experiences as her body slowly becomes more and more spectacular (changes to her body, the resulting changes to her personality, how the rest of the world treats her, etc).

2) Sort of the reverse of number 1, a very bright and very attractive woman has a new romantic interest in her life. However, her love is only interested in her for her body, and finds all those excess IQ points only makes her harder to deal with and less fun to be around. The love interest proceeds to use a strict regimen of hypnosis, brainwashing, and traditional slut training to empty out the poor dear's head, slowly teaching her that a proper woman is pretty, not intelligent.

3) Finding the perfect girlfriend is so hard! A special service that caters to wealthy clients who want the perfect girlfriend/wife/mistress/lover/sex slave makes (impressive) profits by finding normal women and transforming them into giggling, gym-sculpted, fake-chested airheads.

4) A new drug is gaining popularity in certain dark corners of the rave scene. Twice as powerful as ecstasy and about half the duration, the drug is known as 'Venus,' because of the strange fact that it only seems to affect women. However, the drug has certain irreversible side effects, including spontaneous weight loss, unexplained muscle tone, firmer/fuller breasts, blonde hair, and heavy loss of IQ points. Due to it's abilities to push the user into a heightened state of near-constant orgasm, Venus addicts often become much sluttier as a result of their abuse. If they are unable to find Venus, their bodies subconsciously seek out the next best thing; sex.
NOTE: In this one I would particularly like if my partner would take a little time to describe my character's (an young raver who has just been given her first hit of Venus) body's responses to things. Venus addicts are often known for losing control of their bodies, which then desperately seek out ways to return to the orgasmic state.

Any variations or other bimbo-related plots are welcome as well!

"Like, oh my gawd, why does my, like, head suddenly feel totally lighter?"
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