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April 15, 2021, 10:07:25 pm

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Author Topic: The fancies of a wild Saz (M for F)  (Read 763 times)

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The fancies of a wild Saz (M for F)
« on: May 10, 2013, 09:40:38 pm »
Welp, haven't done one of these in a while and honestly don't remember the first time I've done one of these in the first place, so lets see if I can kick off the rust. I'd be more than happy to chat over ideas that aren't mentioned and flesh out the ones that are, so don't be bashful if you see something that strikes a cord. If you're not sure about any of my Ons and Offs, I'd be happy to talk them over and figure out what will come into play and what won't. I do appreciate anyone who takes a look, and I hope to find some takers willing to discuss some of my ideas or work out a plot for one of my fandoms. Trust me, I don't bite unless asked.

Without further ado

Cowboy Bebop
Demon King Daimao
High School of the Dead
Full Metal Alchemist
Chromed Shelled Regios
Eureka Seven
Code Geass
Ghost In The Shell

Avatar (Last Airbender or Korra)
Young Justice
Star Trek (Various Eras)
Teen Titans

The Dresden Files
Harry Potter
Alice in Wonderland (Might need some talking)
Grimm's Fairy Tales (Lots of good stories to work with)

Iron Man
Green Lantern
Green Arrow
The Flash

Video Games:
Bioshock Infinite
Guilty Gear
Anarchy Reigns
Legend of Dragoon
Kingdom Hearts

Green Lantern: Being a huge Green Lantern fan, I'd love to do a story based off of Kyle Rayner and his adventures. One idea that I'd really like to play out would be his relationship with Soranik Natu. I'd really rather this be an alternate tale based after her induction to the Corps rather than set during the current events of the comics, but I'm open to discussion. Another idea is Kyle with an OC character, or both OCs just inducted into the corp. I'd also be willing to have characters from completely different corps forced to work together for some particular reason or another (so feel free to share ideas if you're interested in that angle).

Pokemon: Still a bit rough, but I do have some ideas on where I want to go with this. Basically, it's the same idea as classic Pokemon, but where the pokemon are actually humanoid with amazing abilities. An example of what I have in mind for the pokemon can be found here. I want to play a trainer going around finding and training various pokegirls. I'd like to find a person who doesn't mind playing multiple characters (though with one or two main character pokemon being frequent) and is willing to talk out the details involved. If you have any other ideas based on this core plot idea, please feel free to talk them over with me.

Children of Night: In the city, the naturals rule the shadows and control daily life. Humans are treated as second class citizens stuck in menial jobs, while those that are born of "superior" abilities are given everything in the world to succeed. In the middle are the half-breeds. Humans that verge on the edge of being something other than human, yet are close enough to humanity to not be fully accepted by the naturals. Enter Private Detective Zeke Cross, a half-breed who knows how to talk to both sides of the coin to get information. Once an average joe working for the police department, Zeke became a werewolf after a run in with a drugged up club owner's bouncer. Cross constantly searches the night for the man that turned him into a monster, though whether to thank him or kill him is a well guarded secret. Tonight though, strapped for cash once again, Zeke is taking a case that will take him to the darkest reaches of the city, and to his own mind. (Heavy noir feel to this story. Looking for someone to play the client that hired him on his current case, as well as the devil on his shoulder)

Cyberpunk-Fantasy: No, not Shadowrun. Nope, this is a world where technology is revered as magic, and "magic" is technology. After a long period away from Earth, a colony on a familiar yet distant planet forgot all that was before and created their own stories as they continued to strive forward. In that time, nanite-based cybernetics became common in 90% of the population, yet they didn't realize what it was that was truly within them and most could not harness such power. With these nanites, they could modify their bodies into what is now considered an "armored" form, allowing the use of abilities beyond their understanding, such as shooting balls of fire or arcing lightning bolts from one's hand. What this world considers magic also produces power, which can be harnessed to power common appliances. The people of this world then proceeded to form governments and squabble amongst each other, with the central government keeping the world in check.

The story begins with a man named Roland awaking in a tower, chained to the wall with no memory of how he got there. According to the guards, the man had been there since long before their births, yet with no sign of aging. As Roland awakens, the city is attacked by an opposing kingdom. In the ensuing battle, Roland manages to free himself, discovers the ability to use magic, and stops the forces of the enemy kingdom. However, it also jogs part of his memory, and thus begins a quest across all the kingdoms to find the Once and Future King and stop the wars that have been waging for much of the people's lives. During his journey, he finds another mage (your character) who recognizes him from a book, though they both know it is impossible for the man in the book to be Roland, as he would have had to be alive for over a hundred years.

Alright, so that was just a rough idea of the concept that I have spent years writing out stories for (and yes, years. Plural). I'd like to do an rp based on it and see where things go. The world is fairly open with many various types of kingdoms (based off of historical earth countries). I'd be happy to explain the finer details of mages and such in a PM, if interested.