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May 28, 2018, 03:04:33 AM

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Author Topic: Seeking Partner/GM for Supervillain RP based on Mutants & Masterminds  (Read 291 times)

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Offline Tieshaunn TannerTopic starter


after quite a while of being limited to being the GM, I would like to be a player again.

Specifically, I would like to play a supervillain based on the Mutants & Masterminds 3E rules. For that, I am looking for someone to make the GM, playing the heroes, bystanders and other supervillains. The game does not necesserily have to USE the M&M rules - I am just fine with playing a ruleless game, depending on what the GM prefers. I merely use the M&M rules as a framework to create (more or less) balanced characters.

The game should be under the Extreme Tab, as I prefer to play in realistic settings where anything goes (basically the only thing I would never play would be fetishes involving human waste -> meaning, no watersports/scat) and I would like to cut loose for a while.

I can promise regular participation (I am generally online every day for at least five hours, usually more), politeness, high standards regarding orthography and creative RP - I especially like social interactions and playing the 'evil seducer' role.

This is my favourite character for this RP (Power Level 10 with 150 Power Points):


A vampiric power-mimic, he can access the powers of any person - so long as he has, at some point, consumed at least one pound of genetic material from them. He can also draw power from corpses, so long as there is still at least 1 pound of genetic material left for him to consume. Despite this, he does not need to be particularly fond of cannibalism - he can do it only in order to gain power and prefer not to kill his victims (unless he would kill them either way). Or we can include the cannibalism fetish if whoever wants to be the GM likes that particular fetish.

Once he has consumed some genetic material, he can recall the powers at any time - however, he can only hold a limited amount of power at a time and his powers start out weak and charge up over time, taking longer to reach their full potential the stronger they are.

His main motivation is the desire to increase his power library, as he is addicted to the feeling of a new power being memorized. Other than that he chases thrills, seeking physical and mental gratification. And, whenever he needs money - or has nothing better to do - he also works as a mercenary, with his wage being dependend on how much he is interested in the job.

The advantage of this character is the fact that he can adapt to any situation and be as powerful as the GM wants (by controlling the powers he manages to memorize). He would start out with any powers the GM would like him to have at the start. Or we could play an origin story, with him having just manifested his powers and beginning his career.
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Offline Jayna

I'd be interested in this! Maybe even as a GM