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Author Topic: Formless' Ideas. When my muse takes form.  (Read 1914 times)

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Formless' Ideas. When my muse takes form.
« on: May 10, 2013, 01:23:52 PM »
Welcome to my gallery of ideas. Please have a look around. I hope you'll find something that intrigues your mind.

A simple request :

Please check my ONs & OFFs if you find something you like in this thread. This is so you'll have a good idea about what I seek and what I can offer in a roleplay.

Also , please do not post in this thread. If you like an idea and wish to discuss it , send me a PM.

Thank you very much for understanding.

Notice: Please bear in mind that these are basic ideas based on visuals or simple concepts. None is written in stone and if they inspire newer ideas that you'd like to discuss with me, then I'll happily discuss them with you as I am always up for newer experiences. You can also check the link below for my other thread where there's a lot of other ideas. If any strikes your fancy, please do not hesitate to contact me about them. Thank you for your interest.

These are considered long term Roleplays.


The Henna Artist

Category: Possible Light To Bondage

Gossip within the King's court. Drama, delights and so many secrets happening among the icons of society. Alliances formed while sipping wine, betrayals while waltzing to the royal music. And yet one person was on top of it all. She's of foreign lineage. She won the queen's graces when she offered her services. Painting the ladies with Henna with an artist's touch. beautiful, elegant and costly. She know how to charm a lady's heart or a man's mind. What starts as praise to her client's hands or body, slowly turns to words of gossip and forbidden secrets.

But there's danger everywhere, especially when one holds information. Does she seek protection when she finds a dagger plunged into her door? or would she confront the dagger's owner? Perhaps during a banquet she make her move. What will she do?

This is more of a story laced with political intrigue and erotic thrills. Of course I am open to other possibilities.

"Ich Lebe Noch"

Category: From Possible Bondage to Possible Extreme.

Survivors of a bloody war. She was a native, he was an invader. Who was left for dead lived. Who invaded carried the burden of the cruelty he was ordered to do. And now years has passed, and she lives for vengeance.
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Re: One Shot ideas.
« Reply #1 on: May 10, 2013, 02:53:50 PM »
These are One Shot Ideas. They're mostly more sexual oriented.

Honest Intentions


Category: One Shot Possible Light to Possible Extreme

As a one shot idea, I expect this story to involve a confrontational scene. Fighters? Boxers? I anticipate this might be action packed to the brim. If you're interested, then please contact me with the your thoughts about this idea.

"Need A Ride?"

Category: One Shot Possible Light to Possible Bondage

I can go on any direction with this idea. This could be a shorter version of the above idea 'The Only Lead'. Less tame as the subject could be still suffering from amnesia and a foreign country is interested in procuring the subject and investigate his abilities. The lady is the agent meant to pick him up and hopefully bring him abroad before he can fully recover his memory. And he might take a lot of convincing.

Category: One Shot Possible Light to Possible Bondage

When I look at this idea, I imagine a powerful figure looking for a publicity stunt. Of course, nothing scandalous or outrageous. The photographer assigned for her new campaign could be discreet. perhaps its a one time thing where one succumb to the charms of the other. It wasn't in her schedule or agenda to take any nude photos. But maybe she was bold enough to ask for one just to know what it feels like to have her beauty immortalized. Or perhaps he'll suggest it, just to convince her how beautiful she is.
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Re: Inspirations looking for a plot.
« Reply #2 on: May 10, 2013, 04:25:59 PM »
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Reserved Ideas
« Reply #3 on: May 19, 2013, 11:42:38 AM »
This section will include stories that's been reserved for partners who expressed interest in said stories.


The Only Lead


Category: Possible Light To Bondage

He's a product of a long term failed research. A discarded experiment. The initiative aimed to create operatives that can carry out missions a regular human cannot. Superb awareness unwavered by the lack of rest or physical & mental ailments. A stamina that can last for days under extreme conditions. The program aimed to turn them into machines. But there was a limit to how much they can push the human body. Subjects were able to complete their tasks without any problems. But shortly after their deployment, some of these subjects snapped. The excessive stress they went through while outside a protective and prepared environment proved that the research was a failure. Incomplete. Any term will suffice to describe the fiasco. recovery for active subjects began. Induced amnesia was the only option. And those who proven difficult to undergo the forced treatment were terminated.

Of course, this project being a confidential military project were kept under wraps. But head researchers managed to convince top brass to induce amnesia rather than terminate all the subjects, just in hope they can continue the experiment at an undisclosed date. How she managed to convince them goes beyond anyone's knowledge. But years from that time, one subject found his way back to her. And he's looking for answers. It was expected to happen. They were ready if one subject recovered their memory and started whistling. But this subject was too careful ... almost behaving like a successful subject.

"I Missed You, Dear Kin Of Mine..."

Category: Incest Possible Light to Possible Extreme

She was always blood thirsty. A savage warrior who savored victory. To fight in battle , or to win tournaments, she was always the best choice. But when she murders due to her hot temper, her brother had to make a choice. Exile her and save his land from further bloodshed. And it pained him to do it. Not because she was his sister, but because she was the only one who understood him. Beneath that violent demeanor was the one person who was willing to sacrifice herself for him. And he was the only one who matched her swordsmanship. Each quelled the other's fires. But it had to end. She will be back, has she changed, or is it a sense of longing that drove her wind to his lands?
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Re: Red Light District Thread.
« Reply #4 on: June 28, 2013, 04:42:46 PM »
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« Reply #5 on: June 28, 2013, 04:44:20 PM »
Long term ideas no longer craved or desired.
Two tickets to hope. M/F Possible NC. Modern.

Imagine being on a business trip far away from home. And suddenly the world's greatest energy source runs out. And every nation holds on to what they have lift? When pilots refuse to fly a plane so they could stay home. When people fight over a mere gal on of fuel. When the world falls into mayhem in the matter of hours.

He is from Europe , and during that fateful day he was in Australia. And the only way back home starts with a dreadful cruise to southern Asia. A grand crossing to get to his homeland.

She was there during that day. She was struggling to find a way back home. ( her nationality is up to my partern's preference. ) He lend his hand in a moment of understanding to take her with him. What will become of their journey. And how long before they part ways or stick together?

Life goes on. M/f , Possible NC , Post Apocalyptic. Taken.

The year is 2080. The aftermath of the disaster that occurred in 2013 when oil ran out. The tension grew between nations. Some waged invasions for the little oil a neighbouring country owned. Rebels rose and threw down governments in these times of chaos for heir own personal gains. And the political tension increased until the third world war happened. Lasting for decades. And now ...?

Earth is in ruins. The population decreased drastically because of the war. Cities that once marked man's prowess crumbled and left forsakened. America , germany , Brazil , India , japan & Australia are the only nations left standing. Still holding it's own power source from nuclear energy , though limited.

He is a mercenary , working under a group that scavenge cities for enough valuables that interest their current employers. Most of the technology is barely operatable. And ammo and arms are scarce. Humanity still holding on to its recent past.

She works for herself. Living in a cruel world that robbed her of her humanity. Mercenaries are her enemies , for she lives off bounty hunting in that time.

An idea that offers alot of possibilities as well.

Powerless Heroes. M/F UN , Fantasy , Modern , Sci Fi. ( Can be Con or NC with Bondage or Extreme elements. )

If you're familiar with Star Ocean 3's story , Final Fantasy 7 & Final Fantasy 13. You'll understand this idea.

Cloud & Lightning both falls into a dimensional portal that sends them to this world. Whatever caused that portal to show up had it close immediately. A dimensional rift caused by a powerful monster? A supernatural power than transcends dimensions? The two heroes find themselves trapped in this new world. No materia or crystarium to relay on. And Gil won't do them any good either. How will they survive in this world? With only their weapon in hand and their own physical power as their weapons. But under our world's laws? can they do much? And will they ever be able to get back to their worlds?

So for this idea. The two would be thrown in different parts of our world. Could be in the same city but different parts of it. Could be in different countries ( But this may need a major plot twist to bringthem together ). When they meet they realize they both went through the same thing. Will they bond or become rivals?

This plot is not written in stone , so any feedback or ideas are welcome.

Seraphic Law. M/F , UN , Supernatural , Modern or Historic. Taken. Taken.

They say when an angel commit a sin , one feather on their wings turn black.
Barachiel is the black winged angel. Stripped from his celestial powers , banished from the higher realm and forever roams the mortal grounds.

She never believed in heaven or hell. She takes life for what it is and never fret over superstitions , as she calls them. What happens , happens. Fate , destiny , retribution or sins ... Nothing but food for a desperate soul.

What happens when she meet with an angel who can't live up to a human's expectations? Can he convince her without any of his powers that a higher power exist? Or would she just proves to him that life goes on without the existence of his kind?

This is an idea that can have many possibilities.  It can take any path an I see a lot of potential for this story.
An alternate scenario would if he met a demoness in human form. But this one requires alot of discussion.

I didn't save you. M/F UN , Modern. Taken.

He always lived in that house by the beach. Nobody knows much about him , and he never tried to mingle with the beach crowd. His house is a bit far from the bustling beach life. A secluded calm spot where the crashing waves echoes in a solemn rhythm. The silver white sands carpets the area around it. It was a haven , but within lived this man. Whatever he hides or hides from was never a concern.

But oneday a stray woman shying away from the crowded beach swims closer to that enigmatic spot. However the waves were rough and she loses her balance. Almost drowning. Sinking without a soul to save her. She slowly feel her life fade away. But when she opens her eyes. She find those cold eyes looking into her. A moment before he gets up and leave her be. No words comes out of his lips. Not even to confirm her health. What would she do? Thank him? Leave him? Why would he leave just like that.

This is an open idea. There's alot of possibilities. I need a female writer to play the woman and share her ideas with me. I have a few thoughts about it myself.

Icons & Idols. M/F Light , Modern. Sci Fi.

Inspired by Dan brown's ( Angels & Demons )

The year 2015. Professor Kotik Romanov finally discovered the true potential of ' Adrenaline '. This substance that our body pours into the blood stream during the moment of explicit danger , fear or rush. It enhances the human body's performance 10 times. Well that is the known concept until Prof. Romanov discovered that Adrenaline can bring back a dead man to life. A altered compound called ' Serumantine ' can be added to a pure dosage of Adrenaline , and it can bring the dead to life. However ... It has to be administered before 120 minutes since the brain gives out. Even with the drug still in its testing phase it proved to work , with minor draw backs. The subjects suffer from memory loss. Lose of a random sense. It all varies on the brain's dead cells and how much time has passed since their shut down. This break through , no matter how discreet they try to be about it , has reached every corner in the world.

The story starts with Prof. Romanov's murder before he make a speech for the annual W.H.O. ( World's Health Organization ) Convention in Paris. Everyone rushes to claim the drug and all of Romanov's research , But his assistant , Dr. Ren Selvenski runs off with it. They received threats while they conducted their research. many threats. But only now they proved to be true. And now Ren's life is in danger as so as his life's work with Romanov. The Pope & and the Muslim's Highest religious Icon are threatened. Someone wants to put an end to the ancient struggle between science and religion.

Elana Hadley , A British rogue Interpol officer who happened to attend the W.H.O. convention witnessed the demise of Romanov. She needs to find the drug. Why? For what? And what would she gain? Only time will tell.

I am still undecided on what Elana's motivation will be. I welcome all ideas about it if you like the plot so far.

Don't Judge Me. M/F Light , Modern , Foreign Affair.  Taken.

Zee Malaki , A 26 years old Saudi Paramedic who decided to further his studies abroad. Finally earning a scholarship in an American university. Having his reasons to persue his Masters degree at this age. He sets foot in the land of opportunities. A big change for him. Coming from the most conservative countries in the world and into the America. Even at this day and age some people from his country would call him a sinner. But he never concern himself with old traditions. Being a virgin , that was also something he was conscious about. Not that he isn't aware of anything. The internet provided too many information. The cultural difference he'd live with may have an impact. But he was here to fulfill a dream and won't let anything gets in his way.

Since he was taking an intense course , he spend half the week in field training in a hospital and the other half in the university attending classes. Doing his best and trying to stay out of trouble and avoiding controversies at all times. The stigma of the fools who did what they did over a decade ago still have remnants of it. But he manage to go by most of the time without any troubles. But maybe a few things are inevitable.

A female character , can be either a classmate or a work colleague where he trains. I want to explore this sort of relationship. How it starts , how it develops , the ups and downs of it. If you are interested in such an idea , please PM me about it.

We're All Monsters. M/F Exotic , NC , Extreme , Fantasy , Supernatural. Taken.

He is a werewolf sent to Purgatory. The realm where the dead souls of the supernatural go to. Everyone is an enemy. Everyone is a predator and a prey at the same time. The jungle may have mercy , but Purgatory is the Jungle's worst nightmare. Survival of the fittest does not even describe the true life of Purgatory. And he must survive. To kill and kill and never stop killing. Every kind of creature will hunt him down.

She can be any other creature. Or a human ( Like how they did dean in Supernatural TV show? ). The chaos of Purgatory will wear her out. Or would she kill him and claim his head? Perhaps he saves her from a dire situation? Or she saves him? Imagine being trapped in that world.

One Shot Ideas no longer craved or desired.
Name: Don't Tempt The Silence.   Taken

Content: NC ( Light can be discussed ), Human. Possible bondage. ( Depends on discussion. )

Scenario: My character is a Mute , and a roommate to your character. They've been roommates for over a year. They developed a solid friendship. However your character is a bit on the playful side , finding pleasure in teasing the mute and keeping him hanging , even when he was engaged in another relationship. One day , he got back from a very bad day at work. He got dumped recently. And your character just comes and do her thing. Only this time , he had enough of it and he will show you not to tease him anymore.

Setting: Modern.

Requirements: A lady to play the role of the female roommate.

Other info: PM if interested.
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Re: Formless' Ideas. When my muse takes form.
« Reply #6 on: August 26, 2016, 03:12:06 PM »
Major updates:

New ideas added.

Old ideas archived.

New format for all ideas.

Moved 'Current Engagements' section to the O/O thread.

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Re: Formless' Ideas. When my muse takes form.
« Reply #7 on: September 01, 2016, 09:30:53 AM »
Added the 'Reserved Ideas' section to this thread.