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Author Topic: The German and the Bomb Girl. (F looking for M)  (Read 614 times)

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Offline xRebeccaTopic starter

The German and the Bomb Girl. (F looking for M)
« on: May 10, 2013, 11:27:52 am »
(Inspired by the Canadian series "Bomb Girls", I decided to go for another WWII-themed roleplay. It's always been my favourite subject to study in history class and caught my interest from the first moment I got to know a little more about it. Both sides of my family have their story when it comes down to the war and for my grandmothers it's still quite a heavy subject to talk about.)

Rose Wright was a young woman whose life had been defined by many bad things, having lost two of her four brothers so far and praying for the safe return of the other two, James and William. There were few things she could do about the war but she kept writing letters to the two of them on a daily basis, telling them how well she and her parents were coping with the war. Lies. Empty lies were all she was able to write down. Father and mother were doing well and she still payed much attention to her studies, her dream to become a nurse. What an utter nonsense she kept writing them. Her mother often dreamt of her sons and got in shock each and every time the air alarm went off, dragging her and her disabled father (a result from WWI) and her down into the cellar and hugging them tightly, her cheeks wet with tears. Even her father cried during those times and Rose felt like she was the only one to take care of them, hardly paying any attention to herself and walking her ass off. She felt like she wasn't doing enough to "burn down the Jerries" and felt guilty for not having had the wit to lie about her age when enlisting in the medical department. There was nothing more she could try or do, except for working in the bomb factories. And that was where she wanted to be, to earn money for her already broke family and making bombs for her brothers who were both Spitfire pilots.

Despite being far too young for the job, being born in 1925, she enjoyed it and did it well. It gave her confidence to know she had something she was good at and it satisfied her knowing that she was helping her brothers out. The girls there had even become friends of hers and she enjoyed their company when she was working, talking about the little things in life, their fiancee's out on duty, the way they kept their hair so glossy despite the lack of good shampoo. It was nothing Rose really cared for, but it was better than having no company at all, something that would change dramatically soon enough. It happened on a chilly night in the beginning of fall.

Having slipped on her mother's big wellies and wearing a nightgown, she lit a lantern and went out to get a block of wood to get the fire on higher in her room, trying to make no sound at all as both of her parents were sleeping. When she walked into their haybarn though, she found something much different than a block of wood and thought her final moment had just passed. A German soldier with a typically Arian built (broad shoulders, tall man) laid there, the eagle emblem shining upon his sleeve and in his pocket probably a gun. When Rose had a better look though, she found out he had a wound. A wound on his leg and something that would start to swell soon if nobody took care of it. Something she was able to heal, given enough time. The man was older than she was, she could tell that for sure, but he gave her an impression that wasn't quite as... Violent as the radio often described the Germans to be. He seemed harmless.

Rose is 5'5 tall, has a nicely refined body, blonde hair and hazel eyes. Her breasts are around a C-cup.

What am I looking for?

I am looking for a MALE partner to play the German soldier. It's totally your choice to make up his bio and his history, background, et cetera. Anything will do.

- Devotion (!). It's a pre if you want to play with me. You can expect long, detailed paragrahps and (at least) one post per day, when given the chance. I will not settle for someone who bails the first day, that happened often enough and I am not someone who enjoys it when somebody else just disappears without even a "poof" or a goodbye.

- Literacy. No, by this I don't mean that you need to be William Shakespeare the Second (as that's just inhumane to ask :P), but I will require a certain amount of depth in your writing (not like: "lol I put my **** in your ***** LOL WTF OMG" <--- that's how my twelve year-old neighbour kid talks on Facebook). I'm really not too strict when it comes down to grammar, I'm not a native speaker of English either.

Apart from that, I'm just trying to find someone who enjoys the play and knows at least a little bit about the war. You don't need to be an expert, and most things are Googleable. I'm not strict, really, I'm just a little more into in-depth play than others might be. You may expect a lot from me, I'm willing to give you most things and will defenitely take your ON's seriously. Anything will do: if you want vanilla sex, you'll get that. If you want a non-con that changes to something romantic, that's fine too. Pregnancy, angst, (light) BDSM is still fine with me, as long as you keep faeces and urine out of the question. That belongs in the toilet, not on your partner's body ;)

I'm looking forward to reading your replies! Send me a message or reply here if you're interested :)
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Offline mermaidmaster

Re: The German and the Bomb Girl. (F looking for M)
« Reply #1 on: May 11, 2013, 10:38:28 pm »
It sounds like we might be interested in similar things.  Why don't you take a look at this and if the style is of any interest, we can talk about it.  This was originally a role play.