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Author Topic: ~* BDSM, ideas inside. Limited so get em while there hot. M/M *~  (Read 452 times)

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All positions have been filled  >:)

Ok so I have some pics here and a rough idea of what I want. Personally I am a switch and I am comfortable in dom positions and sub and switch. I like to play with these aspects a lot and one of my favorite things to do is put a dom character into a compromising position. Read more on my O/O's and feel free to suggest something to me.

The pics: None of these are suppose to depict either your character or mine but they are just meant for reference.

So I have really wanted to try a rp with a Leather Master. Whatever protocols the master enforces would be up to them. I am up for lots of things with this one including but not limited to boot licking, nipple/cock piercing, edging, pushing boundaries (such as if my character isn't sure about public nudity yours can push that and make him more comfortable with it.) cock and ball torture, confinement, giving orders that must be obeyed or the sub is punished (punishment can include tears and begging). What I am looking for here is a master who leads the inexperienced sub deeper and deeper into BDSM. This is something I may even want to do playing the dom.

He felt his leg on his back, trapping him and his masters foot forced his head to remain low, subservient, compliant. The pounding of his heart thundered in his ears as he hid his face in his arms, the heat of embarrassment and humiliation rising to his cheeks as his cock bloomed again to full arousal against his master's thigh. There was no hiding his ardent desires now, now that his master knew all, now that his body betrayed him as the sexual deviant his master always thought he could be. He let out a forced gasp as his master probed him mercilessly with his fingers, cum lubeing his recently used hole. Tears spilled down his burning cheeks in the knowledge that he was utterly humiliated, helpless, before him.
I was thinking of thyme's of perhaps Blackmail, Debt, Power Play, Humiliation, Sexual torture/teasing, Non-Con. Looking for dom/master who is perhaps a wealthy man who meets my character and must have him for his sadistic pleasure perhaps offering to pay back my characters debts in exchange for getting his moneys worth out of my character. I can make this any time period and I can go pretty deep with this I'm kinda open so yeah. Also romance is not off the table.

Ok for this one it's content is apparently Non-Con or even rape. I want a bit of a more intense rp with this one. Maybe my character is captured and brought to a samurai's mountain hide out for the winter as his (and maybe a few others) play thing. Nights are cold and he may make a good bed warmer yet. They are snowed in and there is no escape unless he wishes to brave the harsh winter.

Humans have taken to the stars and have settled all over the universe. Some worlds are more primitive, being farther from the center of civilization, and some worlds are more advanced with entire planets being entirely made into a gleaming planet wide city. There are space pirates who profit off the hijacking of Federation ships that traverse the universe in an unceasing flow. There are War Lords that hold entire planetary systems in there grip. Rich traders, Emperors, and brilliant military generals that serve them all fight to keep the peace and protect the citizens and the ruling classes.

Slavery is legal throughout the universe and is used as a punishment system instead of jail.

In other words this rp can go anywhere and you can be anyone.

What I am looking for in a rp partner is someone who can build a story with me. That does not mean I am not interested in awesome hot sex because I am but I want a story too. Now what I need is a master for my unruly slave. When I say unruly I mean he's a fighter and this isn't going to be something where he gives up after a beating and a good fuck. He may have certain feelings arise that he didn't know he had but he won't be tamed quickly or easily. On that note he is not untameable. He has his weaknesses like any man but he has a lot to learn. Like how to control his temper and not just jump into things without thinking. He's brash, bold. So I would need someone who is not afraid to use physical force (slapping, punching, whipping and holding him down) while at the same time using his mind and energy to dominate my character. I want a passionate romance to smolder between the two of them.

My character is an Ex-gang leader who was betrayed by his second in command Katnze, who he had a romantic relationship with as my character being the top. My character wants to get back at Katnze (who he still has feelings for) and escape his slavery. I would like things to get complicated as my character discovers feelings of masochistic submission. Feelings he didn't know he had that are brought out by your character. I would like to explore my characters embarrassment/humiliation at these feelings and his introspective journey to self acceptance with the help of your experienced character. So pretty much Dom/Dom and if you want we can switch too.

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Re: ~* BDSM, ideas inside. Limited so get em while there hot. M/M *~
« Reply #1 on: May 06, 2013, 03:55:05 PM »
Hey So I just got approved two days ago and stumbled upon this request. Reading over the topic. I'm intrigued and interested in the Leather Master idea. I'm fairly new to the sexual roleplaying aspect but have been roleplaying for over 8 years. I too usually only play guy characters. I'm interested in the idea of trying out a BDSM type roleplay. I'm open to trying new things and would like to possibly be the submissive. If you're interested in maybe running the scene with me. Hit me up. Thanks ^_^