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Author Topic: the outlaw life ( a biker story)  (Read 699 times)

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Offline iambrowncoatTopic starter

the outlaw life ( a biker story)
« on: May 03, 2013, 05:44:30 AM »
OK i got the idea for this story watching my favorite story and movies which will remain nameless  so i hope people read this   if this catches the eyes or people who want to role play it pleas pm me before posting so i can set something up to separate the story and the roleplay  other then that enjoy

Offline iambrowncoatTopic starter

Re: the outlaw life ( a biker story)
« Reply #1 on: May 03, 2013, 06:00:57 AM »
as long as he could remember all Travis (kip ) Randal wanted was to be with his Friend marry polst and  to be in the lost boys motorcycle club  ever since  kip was 15 seeing his brother James join the club when he was 19 kip wanted to ware the lost boys cut to feel the leather on his back that told every body he was someone he wasint just a face in the crowd he was a lost boy. now years later kip road threw town on his way to the lost boys club house knowing what today was  he was getting his cut to start his time  as a full member he had been prospecting for Little over ten months much to the displease of his Friend marry who had always been there for him despite being the mayors daughter marry had allways been cool to kip . he had always said if  he was not afraid to ruin his Friend ship with marry he would have dated her a long time ago but kip  was happy with things the way they were . as he pulled into the club house kip smiled parking his bike as another member of the gang  named  jackson (jax) mills  walked over his long brown hair tied back out of his eyes as he gave kip a high five pulling him into a hug saying you ready for this man .

Offline iambrowncoatTopic starter

Re: the outlaw life ( a biker story)
« Reply #2 on: May 03, 2013, 06:26:32 AM »
kip smiled saying hell yes as he flowed jax into the club house ware the other members were waiting for him as the president of the club a older man in his 50s names Luke walked over cut in hand as kip turned around letting Luke slip the leather cut onto his back saying welcome brother you have earned that as he gave kip a brotherly hug kip smiling saying thanks man as his own brother walked over saying i told you you would be a lost boy as he handed his brother a shot of whiskey saying slangier as they drank down the shoots to  celebrate kip becoming a lost boy  all the members drinking and partying  as kip smiled walking around meeting people as his cell rang he looked down seeing it was marry he picked up saying hey whats up. marry sighed hearing the nose in the backround knowing what it meant as she said i take it you got in as kip smiled saying yea it become official tonight i was just about to come see you you at your house . marry smiled knowing she would rather have him at her house with her then at the club house as she said  yea I'm hear  come on by as  kip hung up his cell taping jax on the sh older who was face deep in some girls wonder Regine's as kip smiled saying um sorry to interrupt your midnight snack but i got to go  as jax threw up a thumps up going back to what he was doing as kip left getting on his bike and riding over to Marys to see her . kip road down the street in blue jeans  a blue hoodie and his  new lost boys cut a black bassball cap on insted of  a helmet as he road parking a few blocks away from Marys house as he walked the rest of the  way  marry meeting him at the gate saying hey as she came over giving him a hug  before getting a  good look at the cut he ware warring

Offline iambrowncoatTopic starter

Re: the outlaw life ( a biker story)
« Reply #3 on: May 03, 2013, 06:41:13 AM »
she sighed looking him over as she stood before him standing 5"9 with his boots that gave him a inch his dark red hair cut short under his cap as he smiled at him saying finnly got your cut as she pulled him in the gate walking up to the house with him the clear blue sky of the day beaming on the in the afternoon sun as they walked up to her house kip looking her over smileing as he could not help but notice how beautyful she was  he  had known her since high school and even then he thought she was a knock out her long blond hair stoping just short of the middle of her back wich now adays was cut short stoping just at her sholders  he had always liked her alot even more so now adays as he held her hand happy that she was leting him hold her hand as they walked in the house . her father was almost never home wich worked out for the two of them seeing as they could hang out as long as they wanted as her father worked as the city maryor . marry had liked kip becuse he did not spoile her as much as her dad did he encureged her to do things on her own from time to time as they came in the house  marry smiled at him saying im happy for you kip  as she tuged on his cut saying just be sure this is what you want out of like

Offline iambrowncoatTopic starter

Re: the outlaw life ( a biker story)
« Reply #4 on: June 22, 2013, 02:35:28 AM »
kip smiled saying im sure as he smiled at marry who said then im happy for you as she held his hand leading him to  the kitchin ware she had a pizza  waiting for them and a small box as he looked at her saying whats this as she smiled saying opean it as he opeaned it seeing a necklice with a skull pendent on it that opeaned up to show a picture of the two of them smileing as he held her in his arms in a friandly pose as he looked at her saying thanks marry as he sliped it over his head smileing at her as he huged her hearing his cell as he picked up saying hello one of the lost boys said hey man you need to get back hear now man shits going down as he hung up looking at marry saying im sorry but i got to go as she said its ok go ill wait her for you as he kissed her cheek saying thanks doll your the best