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July 18, 2018, 11:30:58 AM

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Author Topic: The Black, Twisted Tower (M/M -tentacle demon, Initially NC, D/s)  (Read 246 times)

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So, I had come up with this concept for a game with another  writer but it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere but I’ve become extremely interested in playing it out and wanted to see if anyone else would be interested.

In a world of magic, a mage had built his impressive tower with arcane power, trapping a demon in the dungeon to draw from in its creation.  He has taken on a recent assistant, who is proving a little inept despite his potential.  He leaves the assistant to go on an errand, having told the boy to stay out of the lower levels.  For some reason, the young man decides to go down, perhaps he dropped something down there, and becomes intrigued by what he sees.  In his exploration, he releases the demon who immediately attacks him, molesting him to gain strength.

While I see the initial encounter as non consensual, I was thinking the demon would make him his slave and he would grow to like being his submissive pet.  Perhaps he realized he’s never really had any ambition and the demon is starting to show him so many new things.  Depending on my partner, the story could involve collaring him and using him, perhaps even branding him and piercing him depending on what we decide.  I’m fairly open but I would definitely want it to move from a constant rape of the boy into a D/s relationship, the boy enjoying his lashings as reward or such.

Original character concept though can be altered to suit the needs of anyone interested.

Name: Kahn

Appearance: Kahn usually appears to be a young man when he first appears.  His thin, lithe body is wrapped in a traditional robe, usually consisting of blacks and golds.  Long black hair flows down his back, though he often keeps it tied into a pony tail.  When he wishes, he strips off the kimono to reveal his true self.

In his true shintai demon form, Kahn stands 7’ 7” and is covered in cords of muscles.  His skin is black as obsidian, with streaks of gold, and cold to the touch.  He has had long years to adjust his form to his perfect specifications.  Two large tentacles, as large as a muscular man’s thigh, extend from his upper back, around his shoulder blades, and have large mouths at the end with sharp teeth and a pointed tongue.  Along his outer back slightly smaller tentacles, about 2” to 3” in diameter, run down his outer back on either side.  These tentacles are about to dilate or inflate as needed, even creating knots, and end in phallic shape heads.  The helmeted heads appear to leak glistening lubrication all over and function as secondary sexual organs for Ichi

The rest of his back is taken up by smaller, whip tentacles that are too numerous to count.  The long tentacles slowly winnow down to thin, flexible ends.  Although the appear smooth, they are covered in micro suction cups so they can cling to the slickest of surfaces.  Small pours on these tentacles can release a ooze that increases the sensations of the area it is on as well as contains an aphrodisiac to be absorbed into the system.  A simple cloth hangs from a belt covering his crotch unless he allows his chosen to experience him fully.

Age: 1278 years old

Personality: Once, Kahn reveled in simply corrupting humans as he felt it was his role.  But the years have made him believe it is his position to test those in life, to bring them to pains and pleasures never thought of before.  Now, he revels in his work.  He enjoys playing with his chosen, not worrying about what comes but enjoying the journey.  He can seem pleasant, if a little cold at first, but once his ire is raised he is a terror.  Having lived so long, he holds a grudge.  (The personality may change upon PMing ideas)

Current Clothing:  Currently wearing a black robe with gold trimming edges.  A black and gold belt ties the cloth tight

Please indicate your preference (Such as On, Off, Don't Care or something similar but easily understood) for the following (and feel free to add others you want your preferences clear on):  I don't do Scat, Gore/Vore/Mutilation.  Everything else I'm pretty open to.

Oviposition: No (though may consider if good concept provided.)

Pregnancy: Possible, not against it.

Copious amounts of cum: Yes, buckets

Pheromones/Aphrodisiac: Yes