I have written a subroutine for you (Star Trek, FEMALE looking for MALE partner)

Started by xRebecca, April 25, 2013, 11:10:07 AM

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Nina's life had been hard from the very moment she was born and had fought for her life in the first few hours of her existence. Unlike normal human babies, she didn't cry, didn't make any sound. She just lay there motionless, her heartbeat faint and barely noticeable, as though she had nearly died already. Her parents, two people from the beautiful state of Texas, had always wanted a child so when they finally had her - were it with complications - they were as happy as could be, willing to sacrifice nearly everything for her, but not minding how that'd affect the woman in her later life. As Nina had been diagnosed with a heavy brain malfunction when she was just in the womb, feeding on her mother's placenta, her parents had decided to take the risk. A revolutionary method of curing mental and physical disabilities had just been invented by Soong, back then the great leader when it came to science. Her brain carefully replaced by a positronic brain, she would be able to function just like any other. Any other android.

Although Nina had recieved a lot of help and attention from her friend Data, whom she shared thoughts with, her life wasn't easy. On the outside she looked like a normal human being, although her insides were fully controlled by the device stuck in her head, sending electric pulses through her nerves in order to keep moving as she was supposed to. She had even considered a relationship with the android, but had deemed that to be illogical, as their relationship would be purely platonic and wouldn't lead to anything at all. All in all, Nina was more or less like a Vulcan with a chip implanted to give her the occasional emotional outbursts, attracting strange looks from her Starfleet colleagues. Some days, she just wanted to get rid of everything and devote her life to science and nothing but that. It would make things so much easier, just taking in everything she saw and never forgetting any of it, making a perfect Starfleet commander. But that was a dream, and, as dreams often led to bad decisions, she had scratched the idea from her wishlist and decided to go for something that would give her a lesser status, but where her talents would come in great: being a science officer.

Being half-human, half-android, Nina's body changes and goes through the same things a normal human goes through. She menstruates every month and is perfectly capable of concieving children, another chip in her brain regenerating the right hormones for her. But, as she is chipped to feel emotions, she does feel there is something missing in her life. Something... Something she shouldn't live without. Her programming is far from perfect and she has to get updates very often, so her emotional stability is questionable.

Nina stands five foot five and has honeyblonde, straight hair that reaches her middle. As she doesn't move in other ways than her positronic brain tells her to move, it rarely gets tangled. Nina's eyebrows are full but kept neatly, her eyes a dark shade of green with hazel spots around the pupil, making them look more or less brown. Her breasts are around a C/D-cup and her body looks as it should. She is 21 years old.

What am I looking for?

I am looking for a descriptive, devoted and literate roleplaying partner. Of course, I'm not asking for full perfection ("ain't nobody got time fo' dat!"), but will demand a certain level of literacy, meaning I enjoy it when my partners are able to write in full sentences. I have written this piece in third person (she, he) but would like to try a first person (I)roleplay as it's something I have never done before and it would be interesting to see how that goes.

Besides, I am specifically looking for MALES to roleplay with, I do appreciate the effort some of you lovely girls put into messaging me, but it just doesn't appeal to me.

And for your character: as we are talking about the Star Trek universe, he could be anyone. An existing character (Riker, Worf or even Data. Maybe it'll be fun to see how things develop if Data gets a few "updates" when it comes to emotional responses?) or an OC (created by yourself) will do just fine, ANY race is accepted: if playing a tough Klingon has always been one of your fantasies, feel free to contact me. Or a somewhat reserved Vulcan, could be possible. Even an android like the famous Mister Data could be fun to see. Or a human like herself, I don't have any preferences.

When it comes down to whether or not this is something consensual from the beginning: I am used to playing vanilla-plays (soft sex, consensual) or light bondage, but can try expanding my imagination by making it somewhat forced at the beginning.

I'll be looking forward to seeing your responds!


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