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Author Topic: Blythe's Smutty Requests  (Read 546 times)

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Blythe's Smutty Requests
« on: April 24, 2013, 07:51:00 PM »
Hey, this is my smut-driven request thread. Please PM me if you are interested; I ask that you do not post here in this thread. I have a completely different thread for stuff I want a strong plot with. Anything in here is likely to be driven by sex and violence. Most ideas in here are also going to be in the NC to Extreme area.

I would be playing a male character in this game. I do not care about the real gender of my partner. I accept male or female characters to play alongside.

Idea Number One: Howl (May take more than one game for this)
First, the song that gave me the inspiration for this.
Florence + The Machine - Howl (Lyrics)

Pairings I Like For This: MxM or MxF

I would be playing a werewolf, a man who forcibly changes into a monster under the full moon. Extreme stress and anger may also provoke his changes. He would be unaware of these changes, slowly  becoming convinced he's either mad or otherwise a murderer. I want him to fall in love, or at least have nursed an unrequited feeling for either another man's wife or another woman's husband, perhaps even escalating to such a degree in his beast shape that he murders the spouse that's in the way and steals the surviving spouse for his own.

Essentially, the plot is simple. My character would be trying to avoid capture of death while obsessively seeking love and family. This is smut driven, so it's all revolving around the vicious monster and his perverse lusts...and how he may or may not convert the one he loves to his macabre lifestyle.

Human/Lupine appearances

URL for first image in case it doesn't display:

URL for second image in case it doesn't display:

Vague setting: 1800s  in the USA, perhaps in the more gothic and sprawling woods of Washington or Oregon. Open to other ideas for it as well, so long as it's in an isolated forest area, somewhere misty and rainy.

Genre: Gothic/horror, some fantasy (essentially ritual magic).

Kinks I Wish to Include: (these are negotiable and subject to change depending on who messages me) Nonconsensual scenes, sleep play, light to heavy BDSM (chains and collaring are a must, at least in nonsexual scenes), blood play, branding, anal/oral/ or vaginal virginity, willing to experiment with soft vore.

More Intense Kinks I Might Wish To Use In This: (not necessary to include, but they are ones I might want to try) Knotting cocks/bestiality, Incest, Impregnation (M-preg that uses oviposition or normal female pregnancy)

If you have other kinks you want to include that I haven't listed, ask me. The worst I can do I mention I'm not interested in them.

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