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Author Topic: Desires and Cravings (Open - Images NSFW)(M/F, F/F, H/F, M/H)  (Read 2448 times)

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Welcome to my Desires and Cravings thread. Please see below for the ideas I currently have swirling about. Please private message me over posting to this thread; thank you.

All ideas can be modified and tweaked so please do not feel entirely locked in by what you see; I am willing for modification and improvisation. Do keep in mind though that there may be elements which I will not change because they're specific to the story and needed to "complete" it for me.

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Re: Astra's Musings and Cravings
« Reply #2 on: June 26, 2013, 05:25:36 PM »

Star Wars

Fear of the Unknown

"Fear not master. I am unafraid, I will not fail you."
"Tis not you I worry about my young padawan, tis them."

Born with substantial force sensitivity, a young female Padawan is taken by an elderly master. He is hesitant to train her. She shows no fear of any kind. But it is not fear of her future that lurks in the dark; it is the fear of the unknown past and the secrets of her heritage. In time the old one fades and the young one is left alone. Rather than return to the council to be appointed a new master, she settles for exile on Arorua in the Outter Rim. Many years pass, a once well socialized Jedi Padawan is now a rather wild woman. Of course this exterior is merely a shell of her inner self. The council, determined to know the whereabouts and status of her master have sent one of their newest Jedi Masters to find her. When he does, he gets a good bit more than he bargained for.

Elements: Seduction, exploration, mind reading and connecting, training, combat, innocence, sex with non humanoids, etc

Story introduction post here.


They had trained together, nearly died together, watched war and greed ravage countless cities and planets; yet they had never raged against one another. They swore to always protect and look out for one another. A connection deeper than most Jedi dared to ever allow themselves to feel. Their defiance in their youth had cost them much but they had always rallied and found a way. Regarded as a star ready to implode they had been frowned upon by the council. Visions and predictions of failure and death had followed them like shadows upon their souls. While they knew they should never have allowed such an affair to begin, love cannot always be stopped. Despite their efforts to stop the force had guided them, nurtured them, pushed them together even unwillingly. No mission or quest seemed to prevent their meeting, they had constantly been brought back to one another.

In time however they each questioned if they were right. She could feel the fear taking him. He could see the constant threats. Unwilling to let go, danger fractured their bond. Will the two lovers find one another again and turn the tides, or will darkness claim one and force the hand of the other. On a war torn planet, the two Masters now cross blade. One lost to his fear and rage, the other desperately trying to break through the veil and save her love.

Elements: Seduction, betrayal, dark to light, light to dark, extended story play, innocence, secrets, passionate, etc
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Re: Astra's Musings and Cravings
« Reply #3 on: September 11, 2013, 02:04:36 PM »

Cravings - Harry Potter

A Trip to Diagon Alley
Children of Magic are rarely excluded from the world in which they are intended to exist. But one such witch was. Her name was Sophia Rose Burkwick. Born of magical parents, she should have been full of magic. However that was not entirely the case. She did posses magic, yet it was different; unique. She could brew potions, cast spells, fly on a broom, and even communicate with animals (a rather rare trait most would say). What she could not do however was be consistent. Sophia had passed her classes, graduated with full marks at Hogwarts. Yet if someone looked at her records they would see it was all a shell of truth, a hallow lie. Sophia's magic was barely above that of a Squib. That being the case very few accepted her as a true witch; most even cast her away.

Sophia however refused to believe her magic nonexistent. In a deep wood shack, covered in moss, grass, and flowers she lived. Day and night she toiled with her spells and magic. When she did not work on magic she worked as a mail carrier for a small town just outside the wood. It gave her enough muggle money to live on. Just enough to buy the supplies she could not find. But never enough to truly delve back into her work as she had at school. Her parents had disowned her when they learned their daughter was not right. A full blood witch with no magic could not be theirs. With no money and next to no friends, many would call Sophia a recluse and loner. Many called her wretched and grotesque, not fit for a muggle or a witch. None saw the real Sophia..


It was the 8th of May. A full moon was to rise that night. To make her spell work Sophia needed one last ingredient. An ingredient she would only find one place; Diagon Alley.

Potential Elements: Magic, Romance, Suspense, Surprise, etc.

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Re: Astra's Musings and Cravings
« Reply #4 on: March 10, 2015, 12:13:55 AM »
Cravings - Fantasy

Daughter of the Morning Star

In a mountain temple, deep in the jungles of Asia lives a young woman. They call her the Daughter of the Morning Star for at dusk and dawn, when the sun fades and wakes her body changes into something more. At first it was merely wings and then slowly horns and a tail. By her 19th year she could morph fully into a demon or an angle. Innocent and naive, she knows nothing of the world at large. Her keepers keep her safe in the temple garden away from questioning eyes. But when war begins to ravage the country her mountain home is suddenly alive with men and women seeking resources and treasures. Her safe haven is quickly plundered and she is left alone, protected only by the secret room in which she was placed. When she emerges, she finds herself thrown into the arms of fate under the protective arm of a traveling warrior.

Potential Elements Magic, transformation, demons, angles, battle, romance, love, innocence, first time, etc


A noble's daughter is sold secretly into slavery; her abduction laid out like a well played game of chess. No one knows her true nature, nor the secret skills her brother dared to teach her should she ever become a target. The hunter seeks merely to impress upon his father his value to the male line; by doing exactly as he asks by rescuing the nobles daughter. The son cares not for the politics nor injuries but strongly for life. Unknowingly he plays right into the game; tracking down the girl, determined to return her for the chance at proving his worth. His own life cord hangs by a thread; should he fail he will die as many of his bothers did before him to their father wrath. Should be succeed honor will be his along with a bride and title. Will the hunter and its prey survive the journey set forth or will both perish as their families play chess upon the board?

Potential Elements Magic, transformation, werewolves, slavery, D/S, M/S, seduction, light non-con, etc

For Inspiration or Later Use
Not all images are safe for work, open at your own discretion.

Jedi Images

Odd Images

Recently Taken Stories


The civilization once known is long past. Ruins litter the lands from ancient times onward. Most lands are overgrown and overrun; taken back by nature in the fallout of the worlds sundering. Those humans who survive form clans and small villages. Each is ruled by its own code and caste system. For most it is hunter gather, for some it is thieves and pillagers. Some roam as nomads, some live as hermits. The amount of humans who do remain are few and scattered. Those who are weak are sheltered by the warriors of their homes. If not they die. Women were hit the hardest by the cruel fate and reckless devastation.

In the dark places however small bands of women thrive; warrior's. Like the amazons of ancient Greece and Rome, they are fearless and will die fighting before letting anyone take them prisoner or harm their sisters. Because of their nature they have been ravished, murdered, and scattered where larger tribes form. A lone survivor of such a tribe must now survive alone. Unwilling to fall to the same fate as her sisters, she must forge her own path.

But sisters do not easily forget those who do not return to the fold. A bounty is placed upon her head by the very women she fought with, the very women she saved and helped escape when their lands were lost, the very women who raised her. Can love and freedom be found in the vast untamed and brutal world ahead?

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Re: Astra's Musings and Cravings
« Reply #5 on: April 28, 2015, 10:12:53 PM »

Cravings - Historical

The Laird's Wife
Born poor, a sheep herds daughter, she knew nothing of noble life. Taught to keep the family fed and farmstead going she was so much removed from high society that most found it strange she would be chosen as a nobles bride. Comely and robust, she was healthy and beautiful, despite her heritage. Despite her soon to be husband's efforts, her caravan to his holdings is besieged. Bandits, mercenaries, and those to poor to know better set out to kill the men and loot the wagons and bodies. One among them finds her, taken by her beauty and spirit. Claiming her, he becomes her protector and her master. Will she be rescued or seduced?

Potential Elements Seduction, romance, D/S, M/S, etc

Yokai Samurai

The murder of a prince is the greatest offense; punishable by death. When it is a woman who commits the crime it is the greatest dishonor. If she is yokai, her very soul must be sundered to pay for her crime. So were the words of the emperor to a young girl, who was barely fifteen. Before his throne she sat, her kimono ripped, blood stained, and barely covering her lithe figure. The body of the prince lay between them, his short blade protruding from his chest. In her despair and her sorrow she pleads for her life. She swears she will never again take her true form if her life is spare and she will learn the ways of the Samurai and Geisha to serve as a protective companion for the soon to be born heir of the first born prince.

Even in anger and sorrow over his son the wise Emperor sees reason and promise. He lays one condition upon the deal. If she ever assumes her form, even in the protection of the royal line she will be sentence to death by the very one she is sworn to protect. The deal is made, for no other deal could there be but what the great Emperor demanded. Years pass, the young girl now a woman. Trained as a Geisha and a Samurai, she lives in the palace and trains. She is unknown to the princes outside a consort of their grandfather, who now rests while his son, their father, rules. Hidden behind make up, silk, and steel, the Yokai within bides its time for freedom and retribution for the abuse sustained over a lifetime.

In these years two princes were born, both so very different, like night and day. The elder is wise, eloquent, and kind. His younger bother is cruel, greedy, and vicious. Kept safe inside the palace due to war within the country, the young princes are due to tour now that peace has arrived. The younger of the two is given a companion of his grandfathers consort. A very lovely Geisha by the name of Tsuki. She is to be his companion and body guard, though he is not told of her skills nor her heritage.

Potential Elements Female warrior, adventure, exploration, seduction, romance, love, etc

Game started here.

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Re: Astra's Musings and Cravings
« Reply #6 on: January 17, 2016, 12:57:53 AM »
Revamped and Updated Thread. Added two Jedi related ideas, removed several old ones and odd pictures.
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Re: Astra's Musings and Cravings
« Reply #7 on: August 21, 2016, 10:50:21 PM »
Added two new stories, Yokai Samurai and Daughter of the Morning Star. Removed several old.

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Re: Cravings - Harry Potter, Star Wars, Fantasy, etc (Open for cravings only)
« Reply #8 on: November 27, 2016, 07:15:18 PM »
Updated plots, current and hiatus stories, and overhauled the thread again.

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Update thread on current games, working revamp of cravings.