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Author Topic: Red's Role Play Partner Search --- of doom.  (Read 969 times)

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Red's Role Play Partner Search --- of doom.
« on: April 20, 2013, 04:38:25 pm »
Hi, I'm Red. If you didn't catch the idea from the subject line, I'm looking for a 1 x 1 partner. I have all of my sexual do's and don'ts up on my profile, you can check it out if it's that big of a deal. I'll be honest though, I've been role playing on and off for about 15 years now, and while I enjoy smut, I also like plot. So I am looking for someone who also likes to do more than just sex scenes.

I typically post around three to six paragraphs per post. I appreciate a partner who can do the same, even though I won't count your words or anything. Spell Check is a real gift, isn't it? Also, how much I post will depend on my partner. I'll try and give you good stuff to respond to if you'll return the kindness to me. In my opinion, fight/combat scenes only require 2 paragraphs because you can't fight fairly by doing a chain of counter-attacks and dodges. I can do dice, but I also consider myself a fair player. If my character is a regular human warrior and she's fighting your character who is a great demon prince...she's probably going to lose. I accept that.

So below, in the next couple posts, I'm going to talk to you about 1) My premade characters, (We do not have to play one of these) and 2) My preferences/interests for genre's and so on. It should be interesting!
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« Reply #1 on: April 20, 2013, 04:50:48 pm »
As stated, this post will have a list, with small images and blurbs about some of the characters I can and will role play. This is most definitely not a complete list. I'll work on completing my list this weekend and just because I can, but most of them can be tweaked in one way or another to fit into a scenario. If I have something below a picture about a character being under development, it's just because I haven't thought of anything yet. Please, take a look, PM me, or post here in the thread if you're interested. I can work with plot development and I also have a shit-ton of plots already.

Anime Art Characters

Name: Watanabe Satsu
Age: 19
General Description: Satsu is your typical college student. She is quite sharp, stubborn, and possesses a sassy attitude that half of the people who meet her find appealing or fairly unattractive. Satsu loves going to the beach, body surfing, and playing the violin. Her family is upper middle class and she has one other sibling, a sister, who is substantially younger than she is. Both of her parents are hard working, though her mother only works part time as a substitute school teacher while her father works for one of the larger banking companies. He is often away from home, but keeps in close contact with his family even when he is gone.

Name: Ito Saikoubi
Age: 18
General Description: Saikoubi or "Sai" has just graduated from high school. She has many dreams, one is to be a famous singer (yes she has the voice for it) and the other is to help her family run its dojo. Sakoubi has a secret though - she is the reincarnated soul of an ancient demon slayer! She has harbored this secret for two years and because of her family is a very good fighter. Sai can have a fairly sweet disposition, but she has been jaded through a great heartbreak in her life. She only likes boys, but lately doesn't like anyone really. One of her favorite things is cooking or baking! She loves the woods and likes to go hiking in them for fun. Additionally one of her most favorite hobbies is tea ceremony! See Otsuu. Sai would also not work in a scenario with a demon unless it was N/C.

Name: Sumada Rio
Age: 24
General Description: Rio is a born and bread Yakuza girl. She was introduced to the life simply because that was what her mother was and naturally her father was a member of the infamous Japanese mafia. Rio is bold, sincere, and very intellectual. She loves to be seduced and doesn't mind being treated roughly. It would be prudent to add though that she does not like to be abused and to do so would anger Daddy a lot. Rio is impressed by fast cars, classy men, and sunsets. She finds it exciting to travel to different places and be spoiled rotten by her father. Because Rio has had such a privileged and protected life, she can also be very self absorbed and can often say things that can easily wound people.

Name: Machiah (ma-shy-ah) Thorne
Age: 17
General Description: All around artsy! Machiah loves to draw, paint, and take photographs. In her mind the world is a vibrant and colorful menagerie of things that are waiting to be put onto a sketch pad, easel, or captured in a photograph. She listens to a whole assortment of music and absolutely hates going to school! Machiah can be hard to capture in a very serious conversation as she would prefer to be doing one of her favorite things. She lives with her dad who has absolutely no clue how to raise a daughter on his own. He does the best he can and she is pretty well rounded even if she does take his "girly" magazines to look at them in secret.

Name[/b]: Saito Iori
Age[/b]: 17
General Description: Bitch! Okay so Iori doesn't go out of her way to treat people like crap, but cross her at the wrong time of day and she will cut you into two. She is popular with a tight knit group of friends who are often equally unpleasant. Her family is very privileged since both of her parents are heart surgeons. They travel a lot but don't feel bad, Iori couldn't possibly care less. She likes romantic novels that have a lot of sex in them, but pretty much only likes girls. It would take an absolutely outstanding guy to turn Iori's head, but why would anyone want to? Perhaps deep down inside there is something more to this brunette bombshell, but it is highly unlikely she will be letting anyone close enough to see it. Maybe if you take her shopping!

Name[/b]: Matsumoto Otsuu
Age: 22
General Description: Otsuu comes from an ancient clan of demon slayers. She is the daughter of the Matsumoto clan daimyo. In Otsuu's clan, each generation produces a single princess who's soul purpose in life is to slay evil demons and monsters in order to cleanse the planet of their impurity. Perhaps you know her modern day reincarnation Sai? Otsuu's world is filled with darkness and despair, but she is a strong young woman who fulfills her life's purpose to no concern for her own life. In her world there is mysticism and magic, and with powers of her own she wages a seemingly never ending war against oni and youja alike! Please note, Otsuu would not work well as a pairing with a demon, she would never willingly do it. This scenario would only work in a N/C circumstance.

Name: Sailor Jupiter / Lita
Age: 17
General Description[/b]: Yes, I can roleplay this character. I will not type a description of her because if you do not know who she is, then you do not need me playing her! c:

Name[/b]: Takehashi Hojo
Age[/b]: 16
General Description: Character in development.

Name[/u]: Enma Ai
Age[/u]: 17
General Description[/u]: Ai Enma is the main character from the anime Hell Girl. She is Hell Girl, actually. I am capable of playing this character, but it would be better if you know who she is in order for it to be interesting. Basically, if you have a grudge against someone, you can summon Ai to send your enemy to Hell. Ai could work for a N/C trap situation I suppose.

Art Based Characters[/b]

Name: Seraphina the Bloodbride
Age: Undetermined
General Description[/u]: Seraphina is the high witch of a clan ruled by a cruel and bloody king. She is a vicious soul who enjoys bathing in the warm blood of sacrifices and committing any many of debaucheries that would make the purest of souls lose heart. Seraphina did not become the high witch simply because of her cruel ways and sultry beauty, her powers are strong and vile, and she has been known to wither the moral of any of her king's enemies.

Name: Pallas
Age: 25
General Description[/u]: Pallas is from a clan of people known by most as Dragon Battle-born. Essentially, for several centuries they were known for birthing dragon riders. Dragon riders in this context are people who are born to be bonded with a dragon. Once bonded with a dragon, they remain with that dragon for their entire lifespan -- which is forever unless they're killed in battle. An important detail for role playing with this character is that in my stories, dragons are highly intelligent, mystical creatures. Because of their mystical essence, they also possess the ability to shape-shift into human forms and draconian (humanoid looking lizards). In this instant, if you've noted Pallas' red tattoo, she would be bonded with a red, magma, or ruby dragon.

Name[/b]: High Queen Arabelle
Age[/u]: Some obsurd number
General Description[/u]: Arabelle is queen of a neutral sort of peoples commonly referred to as Dragon-Kin. These are a race of peoples said to have been born from the couplings of a human and dragon. Her kingdom is in the midst of a land of snow and ice, and the troubles of mankind are of little interest to them. The Queen herself is said to be the offspring of an ancient silver dragon mating with a human princess.

Name[/b]: Mitsushida Ryoko
Age[/u]: 19
General Description[/u]: Sworn shield maiden of the Empress, Ryoko serves only to protect Japan's most precious Goddess. She is a vicious fighter and as loyal as she could be. When not guarding her Empress, Ryoko will often entertain her by playing the shamisen with expert fingers. She is generally spirited, intelligent, and thoughtful. As a hand maiden to the empress, Ryoko is forbidden to love. Most hand maidens, when not guarding the Empress will wear silken veils that drape over their line of sight so that they will not look at any man and risk falling in love with him. Don't feel too bad, you can't miss what you've never known. Ryoko is also impressively skillful with calligraphy and has been commissioned many times to create banners used around the palace.

Name[/b]: Alexandra
Age[/u]: 22
General Description[/u]: Born and raised in the swamps of a dying planet, Alexandra and her clan are used to a life of hardship and fight. Hunting in the swamps is a dangerous task as there are many creatures who dwell there and they are always open to taking an unwary traveler. Post-apocalyptic setting only.

Name[/b]: Fau Xiang
Age[/b]: 18
General Description: Fau is currently in development. She will be based in ancient China - perhaps during the Romance of the Three Kingdoms? Open to discuss ideas!

Name: Madeline De Pomphrey
Age[/u]: 18
General Description[/u]: Madeline comes from a well off family in a village well outside of London. Her village is one of three networking villages that is surrounded almost completely by dense woods. At age 13 she was married off to a moderately wealthy and much older man. He adores his life size doll and showers her with all manner of gifts. Madeline is somber and finds her husband repulsive. She is polite to him, but rarely speaks. Most of the time she stares out of the windows of her stale estate, rides horses, and reads books. Oh, and her mother recently made a luxuriously elegant red cloak so that she could be well seen when she is riding around her husband's land.

Name[/b]: Coryn Tsukishiba
Age[/b]: 21
General Description[/b]: So you've heard of Coryn's band Koibito, right? Coryn is a talented singer whose voice can reach acute pitches that most vocalists avoid! Her music is most easily compared to Flyleaf. Coryn was discovered by Fujishima when she was just 17 years old and it has been a roller coaster ride since! Her music is mostly popular in asia but she has recently signed a contract to cross over into English and create a new English language album. One of the most amazing things about Coryn is that she can write her own lyrics. She enjoys writing short stories and poems mostly. Coryn doesn't have much time for relationships, but loves to socialize and attend events that allow her to relax and party. She is a little aloof at first and can be a challenge to get to know. Her biggest pet peeve is that people don't act "real" around her, she likes to see everyone's true nature, not some act they put on the impress her.

Name[/b]: Beatrice The Vanguard
Age: 20
General Description: Beatrice, high shield maiden to the Queen Isobel. It was Beatrice who provided the death-blow for the great beast known as Leviathan. This was not without great personal cost to the female warrior. In order to save the good queen and her kingdom, Beatrice had to sacrifice her right to love. It might seem like a choice that was difficult to make, but Beatrice made it in an instant and thrust the sword called Thalos through the skull of the monster. It's death knell rang throughout the entire world and at long last, Leviathan was no more. Beatrice made the journey back to her queen with what remained of the other shield maidens and still serves her to this day.

Name[/b]: Aonyobo
Age[/b]: There are rumors...and rumors.
General Description[/b]: Aonyobo is a great sorceress. There are those who consider her ability to wield magic makes her evil and a few who can testify that her deeds have been great. But the sorceress is surrounded by so much mystery that she is avoided by the vast majority, save for a few brave individuals who would risk the heat of Hell if it would make them stronger than their enemies.

"Real" People Based Characters[/u]

More to be added soon.

Name: Lily Luna Potter
Age: 17
General Description[/u]: As many of you well know, Lilly is the offspring of Harry Potter and Ginny Weasely - as mentioned at the very end of book 7. I would most verily be interested in a role play between Lilly and Draco Malfoy's son.

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Interests and Preferences
« Reply #2 on: April 20, 2013, 05:16:49 pm »
Glancing over my list, you're probably going, "Well, she obviously likes anime!" Yes, you're right, I don't have my "real people" characters up yet, nor do I have my other art characters up, aside from a handful which I realize evolves a lot around Japanese stuff. Once I get all of my pictures up, you'll see I have a much more "rounded" character list. I'm workin' on it, just give me some time. In the mean time, that's what this section is fore. It's to list all of my favorite themes/genre's/etc. for you to see if you'd like some of the same things too!


Romance is great, it doesn't have to be all flowery and fluffy, there are different aspects of romance, I can explore all of that.

Combat, fight scenes, etc. I like combat and/or fight scenes. Note that I'm using the word "scene" though, I don't like RP's that have little to do with anything but constant combat.

Drama, what's not to like about a little plot fluffing?

Sex, love smut, yep. Just don't want nothing-but-smut scenarios. I need more than that.

Intrigue! Oh I am a slave to intrigue, you know, plot twists, unexpected events, a lover who is someone you should totally not be interested in, love it!

Horror, yeah, I don't mind scary, gory, mysterious/frightening issues.

Dark, non-con is fine with most of my characters, but I would prefer to do this with a larger plot at the heart of it.


Aside from my original anime characters, I don't mind Furuba, Ronin Warriors, Sailor Moon (haha, I know, I know), Hell Girl, Gundam WING, High School of the Dead, Shikabane Hime.

Some Sci-fi futuristic stuff works for me, just needs a good plot. Warhammer 40K would be okay too.

Historical is loved. Victorian Era, Feudal Japan, Steam Punk, WWII era, I can do it all.

Vampire/Werewolf scenarios can be okay.

Post-apocalyptic is great, though I'm kind of bored with the same ol' zombie stuff.

More to be added!
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Updates Added 4/21
« Reply #3 on: April 21, 2013, 11:18:10 am »
I added four new characters; Pallas, Alexandra, High Queen Arabelle, and Seraphina the Bloodbride. Check them out in my art-based character section. I also edited my preferences and interests to include Post Apocalyptic and "Dark" (read: non-non) as well.
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Role Play by Picture as Inspiration
« Reply #4 on: April 21, 2013, 06:11:42 pm »
I find pictures really inspirational sometimes. I was wondering if someone out there wouldn't mind playing a little 1 x 1 game based purely off of our mutual interpretation of the picture below. There are many ways this picture can be interpreted, and perhaps it would be entertaining! PM me with your thoughts and I'll share my own. ;)

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Re: Red's Role Play Partner Search --- of doom.
« Reply #5 on: April 28, 2013, 03:58:20 pm »
Still interested in this picture base RP above!

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Re: Role Play by Picture as Inspiration
« Reply #6 on: October 23, 2013, 06:54:21 pm »
I find pictures really inspirational sometimes. I was wondering if someone out there wouldn't mind playing a little 1 x 1 game based purely off of our mutual interpretation of the picture below. There are many ways this picture can be interpreted, and perhaps it would be entertaining! PM me with your thoughts and I'll share my own. ;)

Still interested in this. Also I'm wide open right now anyways, so if you have something, hit me up.