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Author Topic: t i m e s apocalypse  (Read 400 times)

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t i m e s apocalypse
« on: April 17, 2013, 04:11:59 PM »
Note: I know, I know, where's the picture? At this time I am forgoing all of the pomp and circumstance that goes into luring players into a scenario. I'm putting the story back drop below because I want to see if anyone would be interested in playing this with me. This could either go 1 x 1 or be done with a small group. I've had this back drop for three years now so I have an idea of what I want to happen, allowing for flexibility of players of course.  If you wish to participate with me, I ask that you post a minimum of two solid paragraphs per post. The role of the Princess is already taken, but anyone can play most anything, there are many races on this world -- elven, human, dragon, dwarven. You may play someone from Gehenna, the "evil" kingdom, they will have humans, dark elven, dragon, and demon. Either way, I know who I'm playing and what will be going on. Please read below, I am willing to alter the story a little if necessary.

It seems for untold ages, the Kingdom of Mour has stood, a solitary granite sentinel nestled between the bosom of the looming jade mountains of Eyllisghym. It was around the time of the kingdoms' first rulers that the Mourfein Knights were created. These men wore heavy gilded armor and wielded dangerous weaponry to better serve the will of their master. Now it may appear that the monarch had created such an army so that he may expand his empire, but this was not so. At that time, the minions of darkness often could ride through the lands of Man unchecked, and soon would grow more bold. It didn't take long for the henchmen of Gehenna to increase in number and strength, for they had decided that they wished to glean the land of men and other folk for themselves, and create a world where they had unlimited power and ability.

 Now, what seems to be eons later, the Kingdom of Mour, for nearly forty years has been ruled by King Thadius. Thadius has been much loved, for he is a true and just king, and during his forty years, there have only been fifteen years of warring in total. Earlier in his reign, he married the Queen Dariena, who was also adored by the people of Mour. She bore two heirs to the throne, the eldest by only a year, the Princess Annabelle, and the Prince Thalos. It was shortly after she birthed Thalos, due to her weakness, that the Queen succumbed to a fever.

What most would never know was that the catalyst was when Annabelle began to have nightmares. It was shortly prior to her twenty-second birthday when the murmurs of disturbance began amongst the peasants of Mour. Merchants attacked while traveling the long road between the kingdom and other villages that lay further outside of the territory. Children abducted while fishing in the Rana River that weaves through the kingdom's lands. Young maids accosted in the forests by insidious beings as they picked berries for the Princess's birthday celebration. The King heard all of these, and called his legion of knights to arms in order to investigate the legitimacy of these tales. Squads of warriors who had been trained since boyhood were sent out, scouring the forests for evidence. The King himself, true to his nature, climbed atop his steed, and with a small entourage of his most trusted knights, headed towards the outer boundaries of the kingdom, seeking out the source of these attacks. It was during one of these evenings that King Thadius and three of his closest knights, Sir Amrynn, Sir Deldrach, and Sir Gaelin all vanished without a trace. The kingdom was in an uproar, their beloved king had simply disappeared! The Mourfein Knights now turned their search to finding and if need be, rescuing their king. Princess Annabelle and her fellow Shield Maidens even held vigils by candlelight outside of the castle walls in hopes that her father would find his way home. It would be a week before the prayers of Mour would be answered, and it is highly likely that if they had known what the were so desperately asking for, they might have cut their own tongues out instead.

 On the evening of the eighth day, as the sun was setting its dying golden rays across the landscape, four riders became visible at some distance on the horizon. They were blazing down the long road, and many of the people who had been out gathering wood for their evening fires, or game for their dinners stopped, watching with a building anticipation. "It's the King! Look, he's returned to us!" Someone shouted, and it was soon followed by other cries of astonishment and joy. The four thundered through the open gates of Mour, and those inside of the castle walls soon began exclaiming. "His majesty has come back!" Cried a loud voice which caused a stir from within the castle itself. The Princess and Prince rushed out to the center balustrade, watching as their father and his three knights entered the castle stronghold. King Thadius, it seemed had indeed returned. However, after a time, it became evident that things were quite different. For one thing, the king began issuing edicts stating that it was several of the outlying villages that were housing the culprits for the past attacks, and that those villages would need to be thoroughly cleansed of their corruption. A portion of the knights, under the King's persuasion set out, burning and ransacking these so-called corrupt villages. Hundreds of peasants were killed, and the remainder of the king's knights grew wary and suspicious, for they saw no evidence that there was so much as a thief in those villages, let alone should it have warranted their destruction. A bitter rift developed quickly between the knights who didn't approve of the King's new edicts, and those who swore they should serve their king regardless. The occurrences also brought a rigid split between the inner court as well, no one knew what to make of the way the king was thinking, but everyone knew he had always been just.

No help would come to save the kingdom. With Mour in such turmoil, Gehenna's army was able to sweep through and tear the walls of the castle down. Now nothing stands between Gehenna and the lands opposite the jade mountains.

Offline AbsentMindedGirl

Re: t i m e s apocalypse
« Reply #1 on: April 23, 2013, 05:43:01 AM »
Sounds like fun...If your willing to have an unapproved ( hopefully not for long im 60 hours into the process) join you in your roleplay then im quite interested. Because I am a strange person, I'd like to play the obscure untapped role of a Dwarf woman, though maybe I could take on more than one if I'm feeling confident. So I hope you accept me into your stories and that I can be a regular. ^_^

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Re: t i m e s apocalypse
« Reply #2 on: April 23, 2013, 09:17:36 PM »
Oh I don't care if you're approved or not. But you're the only other person who's shown interest?

Offline AbsentMindedGirl

Re: t i m e s apocalypse
« Reply #3 on: April 23, 2013, 09:49:30 PM »
Oh ...shit look at that, my dwarfieness must have scared them off. I get that alot. Just say when you want to start they might come after.