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Enslaved healer and broken master/mistress

Started by Soveliss, April 15, 2013, 06:08:29 PM

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Hello all!

I had the idea of an RP about, well, an enslaved healer and a broken master/mistress, set in a generic medieval fantasy universe.

Plot summary:

My character was born with a divine blessing, the ability close small bodily wounds with a simple touch. As such, she was quickly invited in the temple of a god(dess) of healing, where she was trained in clerical duties. And as an acolyte, she was send in a border town to care for the healing of the people here. She got very well liked there, a bit too well liked for the village leaders, who felt threatened by her popularity. They removed her by drugging her and selling her as a slave. Started a life of brutal training (including sleep deprivation, controlled starvation, dehydration, beatings...), but she did not break. She stayed as defiant as from day one. Seeing that they could not sell her for what they had hoped, and were loosing money in expenses they could not hope to earn back, the slavers chained her on a corner, until she would starve to death or would be bought for very cheap, whichever came first.

/end of my healer's backstory.

Enter your character. (M, F or Hermaphrodite, I don't care either way, though the last two options would be more confusing for my character.) Your character is a person with heavy emotional baggage and in a serious emotional pain. And your character notices mine. Maybe because your character can see the true soul of anyone by gazing into the windows of his/her soul, and saw her kindness and compassion... Maybe for another reason. (It's your character, so it's your call. I was just sending an idea.) So a few coins change hands, and my character finds her new master/mistress. She will go through several phases.


My character, not knowing her master/mistress at first, would keep being defiant. Disobedience, badmouthing at every opportunity... After receiving token punishment (enough to let her know that her new master/mistress does not likes her disobedience and badmouthing, but not enough to cause her distress and real pain), having her chains replaced by ones in which she can move, even though she can't run away or fight, and being fed well, her feelings would go from defiance to confusion.


Her owner was not at all what she expected. Punishment was way lighter than what the slavers put her through. She could barely feel it, like it was meant to let her know of disapproval rather than trying to break her. She was allowed to move. She was well fed. Why? What was her owner doing? That person seems kind though. She would play along to learn more, going from confusion to obedience.


The more she obeyed, the more freedom she was allowed. Chains were loosened then removed. Sometimes she could go out on her own, as long as she was back by dusk. Her owner started showing her some affection. A gift here and there, a kiss at times... Did her owner fell in love with her at some point? Was her owner delusional enough to think they were soul mates when they met? She surprised herself returning the affection. Not just physically, but emotionally as well. The two of them bond well, and her owner started opening up more. She would then start the healing.


As she would get to know her owner better, my character would start to understand what happened. And as a healer, it would be her duty to provide assistance, right? What kind of a healer (or a lover) would she be if she didn't helped her owner to get better?

So, would anyone be interested in such an RP? Keep in mind, I just threw general ideas, I am open to modify the premise a bit (or a lot), as long as the central themes are there. The central themes are healing, caring and love, in a world where violence is a common occurrence. The light of hope and love shining in darkness, so a lot's of things could be build upon that.

Thanks for reading, and please send me a PM if you are interested.

Taken. I might post another RP later, so don't worry too much.
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