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Author Topic: Rabbit Doubt (A game of mystery, and suspense. Revised, for better role playing)  (Read 544 times)

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Offline ProsakTopic starter

No more males for the time being.

Rule three changed. No, more round's. No longer game based. Now, free form role play.

Doubt. A game of deception, and lie's.

OK, this is not only an rp. This is a game on top of it. I think we all know the movie, Cry Wolf. Or the manga, which is by far a really good example. Doubt, or also known as Rabbit Doubt. < Link, to where you can read it there. I recommend it, it is good.  Now, what is the basic's of this game? Well, I can summaries it in many way's. In Rabbit, Doubt it is like this. A group, of equal, numbered players come together. Let's say, six. Five, are 'rabbit's', while one, is the wolf. No one, but the wolf know's he/she is the wolf. And, each 'round,' one rabbit is picked off. Until only the wolf, and one rabbit remain. Or, until the Rabbit's learn of the wolf. See? Well, what if it's put like this. A group of people, wake up. Somewhere, they don't remember being. Some, were just sound asleep in their bed's. Some, were just walking home, when a piercing pain hit's them in the head. However it happen's, they are locked, in this building, or room. Forced to figure out, who is their wolf. For, early on it is made known, that their captor, and potential killer, is among them. Now is that suspenseful? Each player, knows each other some how. They are all connected. And, it is because of this connection, that they are forced to betray each other, accuse each other, and figure out who among them is. The Wolf.  For, here is the kicker. You all, are guilty of something. You all, have something you want to keep from each other. You all, have a lie.

The Rabbit's
Their are two types of player's. The innocent little rabbit's. And, the liar, of a wolf. If your a rabbit, it is YOUR job, to survive. And figure out who. Their are many way's to play the game. Tell the truth, is one. But, how could you come out, and say your dirty little secret? What if, they hate you for it? What if, they think your the wolf for it? Then again, what if some one already know's? And keeping it to your self, makes them accuse you as well? This is a game, yes of lie's, and deception. But, remember, the wolf's greatest weapon. IS, KNOWING ALL TRUTHS. ALL SECRET"S.

The Liar IS among you. Who, is the Wolf?
It, is the wolf's duty, each 'round.' To decisively take out, each player. WHO, he/she takes out, is crucial. It is a strategy game on the wolf's part. For, he must not only lie, and deceive like all the rest. But, also know which he should take out first. Who's closer to the truth? Who, is not? Who is the weakest link? Who is the stronger opponent, and is harder to kill. It is a hard game for the rabbit, at first. And, easy for the wolf, at first. But as things progress. It gets harder on the wolf, and easier on the rabbit.

The rules of the game? Well here they are.

Here is how it will work. I will keep the player limit, to a maximum of 10, minimum of 6. I will, make sure that I list off the remaining slot's. And, who, is on for this. The game will play out like this.

1) An equal number of players are playing.

2) We, create our characters.

3) New rule: Instead of round's. We will role play this normally.  And just pick the wolf, at complete random. Character's can, still die. So, now rule three, is just me saying. That only role players, who play honestly in character can join.  Just becouse you the player know's, does not mean your character can know what you know.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Old rule
I, as the gm. Will get someone, as a trust worthy outside party.  He/She, will decide who's character is the wolf. He/she, would then PM, that player. Letting, him/her know. My trusted some one, would then keep it to him, or herself, who is the wolf. We would go about thing's normally.  I as the gm, dictating when rounds go by. When a round goes by, the wolf will pm my trusted friend, who had died. And, that friend, would then pm the killed. Informing the player, of their character's death. My trusted friend, will not divulge the information of the wolf's identity, to ANYONE. Not even those, already taken from the game. Also, Wolf keeps, the knowledge of their identity to themselves.

4) When you create your character. Keep a secret, or evil deed they have done in mind. DO NOT PUT IT ON THE SHEET! Keep it to your self. I will have my 'Friend' contact you. He/She, will have you tell him/her, what it is. My friend would then tell the wolf. It is the wolf's job, to cause tension, and friction among the rabbit's. By using such information. But, must be careful to do it in a way, that does not let him/or her get figured out. Now, here is the kicker on it. All player's, must chose one person, to know your secret. Even the wolf, must give one person their own secret. (Not that he or she is the wolf. But what secret they have, outside of being the wolf.) ONLY ONE PERSON GETS TO KNOW. Some may know more secret's then others, some less then others. And, some may end up with zip. This add's an other layer of complex, strategy. And, for those who know nothing, good luck. As for picking who knows? Be smart. Maybe it is a duel secret. Something you both share? Maybe he, or she witnessed you do it long ago.

5) We have fun, using our heads. In a game of guessing, lie's, deceit, and potential death.

I hope to make this fun. So fun in fact, that we can do it again, and again. With different setting's, and different outcomes.

The Setting.

The setting for this specific game. Is a school setting. Our group is one built up of friends, teacher's, and fellow student's. We are all locked up in the school. And, must find not only a way out. But, who is our captor.

Takahashi High!

Takahashi High is a boarding school that teaches ages 16 to 18. It is a high class school where only the rich, or those whom work really hard, go to. It is a large school with dorms for hundred's of student's to live on campus. However, at this particular time of year everyone is gone. For one whole month, the faculty, teachers, and students are all out visiting their families. As with most places built for the high class it is isolated. On an average day it would take a 6 hour walk just to reach the nearest town. Our characters wake up with no one around. No one for miles. No fellow students or teachers. Just like any other year, everyone has gone to see their families.

The doors are all locked and all windows are caged. Even if anyone got outside where would they go? What climb over the twelve foot tall, metal fencing surrounding the entire campus? Then what? Track through snow and blistering cold for six miles through a blizzard? We are as isolated as we can get. Things start to look worse when a dead body is found among us with a note on it detailing the rules of the "game".

How do we know each other? Well, we can always collaborate for that. Maybe all from the same class and someone is the teacher? Maybe these two player's were past lover's. Maybe these two are rival's. Etc.

Character Sheet

Job: Student, or teacher?

Appearance: Pic, and description. Preference to anime.


Current player's:

Slot's open: 5 girl's. 2 guys. For a 10 player game.

Rule change: Does not HAVE to be a even number. Can play, just as long, as their is enough players. We can start with 7, or 9. Etc, as long as we have enough people, and are ready to play.

Setting notes: These are thing's we have decided on thus far in discussion

1) We now, have this as free form rp.

2) All character's, have a key in their stomach. Adding to the suspense.

3) The school has no electricity, and the heat is off. It is winter, and during a snow storm. Forcing the players to act quickly.

4) Player's are allowed to arm their character's.

5) All player's, must develop secret's that their character's have. Must be something deep, and something they can not let anyone else know.
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Offline Kaiten

Oooh I like this, it sounds pretty good! I've always wanted to be in other things, I'll have to think up something.

Offline Kay Tana

This seems really interesting and all, but one thing is really bugging me. How do the rabbits die? If the wolf has to do it himself any group thinking logically should be able to figure it out in a few "rounds". However if the wolf is somehow triggering traps of some sort then maybe the wolf could win.

Offline ProsakTopic starter

Think of it, much like in the manga. The wolf's face is never shown when they die.

The wolf player wouldn't do it. The informed rabbit would have to act out their death. So that other players know, while the wolf's identity is a secret. Think of it like this.

You are informed your character has been picked to die. So, now you get to chose how. So, you have your character go use the bathroom. On his way out a mystery figure comes from behind, and start's strangling you with a garute. Or something like that. You make it happen, rather then the wolf doing it. That way your dead, and the wolf can continue unnoticed.
« Last Edit: April 12, 2013, 02:31:38 PM by Prosak »

Offline ProsakTopic starter

Rule change: Does not HAVE to be a even number. Can play, just as long, as their is enough players. We can start with 7, or 9. Etc, as long as we have enough people, and are ready to play.

Offline Kay Tana

Sorry, I've never read the manga. However, wouldn't this mean that the "wolf" still has to leave the group at some point before the death as he/she can't be in two places at once?  Why would anyone in their right mind go off by themselves in that situation anyway? It just doesn't seem winnable from the wolf's perspective. Sure you'll be able to kill a few at the beginning, but unless the rabbits start killing each other as well you're almost sure to be caught. Speaking of rabbits killing, how will the rabbits know if they've killed the wolf and for that matter how will that help them escape the what I would think to be the otherwise inescapable?

Offline ProsakTopic starter

And yes, whats to stop them from killing each other? It is a game of deceit, and distrust. I understand, how there can be some problem's that ensue like that. But this is not an ENTIRELY fleshed out idea. It is just an interesting one I had.  So, let's consider it like this, if you don't trust some one, how can you stay around them in that situation? In the manga, they did try to stick together. But, their was yes, trap's as suggested before. And, yes traps are allowed.  Room's being locked, on them was one thing. But, they mainly split up, out of the crippling insanity of isolation. Most not trusting each other, and just running off on their own. Feeling that since anyone could be the killer, they would not trust anyone.  Basically, when a character dies, they die. So if your chosen, be creative. And, at the very least create a gap for the wolf. Any suggestions you have is appreciated. Since, this is a really cool concept.

Offline Kay Tana

Then I suggest like in most games this one have an explicit time limit. How you would handle it is up to you, but the rabbits need to know that they must kill the wolf within a certain amount of time they all die regardless of how many are left. Of course as time is malleable in roleplays this will never need to be used, but it will have a great psychological affect on the rabbits. Merely staying safe isn't enough they have to actively question everyone's motives all the time and even if they think they know who the wolf is they have to somehow kill their suspect without the other rabbits thinking they themselves are the wolf. So long as everyone sticks to their character instead of thinking of this as merely a game to be won this has a lot of potential.

Offline ProsakTopic starter

Hmm, I see. Well, then how about this. The rabbt's, must kill the wolf to survive, lol no brainier. They can, as a group decide who is guilty, who is the wolf. Once every round, they are allowed to kill off a player, or none at all, but only one.  The game end's, and the wolf win's the day, in a specific amount of round's. I am thinking, one round per day of playing. Every round, is another hour that passes, in game time. The number of round's, depends on the number of players. So, if you do kill someone, and it is a rabbit, you made it better for the wolf. There for, it would have to be invoked, when one is absolutely sure. Even then, there is a chance that the person, was a rabbit.

Offline Kay Tana

Nah, that seems too restrictive for the whole "lies and deceit" kind of theme. I was thinking more along the lines of explosive collars set to detonate after so long or explosives rigged to bring down the entire school on their heads. Something the "rabbits" would have to worry about not necessarily the players. However, if the rabbits themselves decide that is their best course of action then that's something else entirely. I don't see the person picked being very receptive of the choice either way. Would there be weapons placed throughout the school?

Offline ProsakTopic starter

Re: Rabbit Doubt (A game of mystery, and suspense. Do you know who's who?)
« Reply #10 on: April 12, 2013, 05:51:50 PM »
Yes, there will be weapon's. Anything is a weapon, lol. Example's. A chair leg, a baseball bat, the blade from a large paper cutter ETC.  And hey, what if their is a motor club? Or a shop class? Lot's of weapon's- I mean tools.

As for explosive's, that would be a bit tooo elaborate for the killer.  But, maybe this!

 The school power is off. Meaning the heater's, are off.... Meaning they are stuck, in winter, for a month,  locked in a large school, no where to go, and no where to keep warm. It is urgent, for them to leave, and find the killer. As an added layer of suspense. Each player, unknowingly has a key, in their stomach. Each key, leads to different room's, and areas of the school. The killer, has his, or her own key.  So their options are, wait to freeze, wait to die, or fight to live. Every key lead's to some where, maybe even the exit?

Offline Kay Tana

Re: Rabbit Doubt (A game of mystery, and suspense. Do you know who's who?)
« Reply #11 on: April 12, 2013, 06:42:34 PM »
If its unknowingly how will they know?  ::)
« Last Edit: April 12, 2013, 06:47:33 PM by Kay Tana »

Offline ProsakTopic starter

Re: Rabbit Doubt (A game of mystery, and suspense. Do you know who's who?)
« Reply #12 on: April 12, 2013, 06:45:00 PM »
Ok, sorry, I mean unknowing of what key they have, and where it goes. They learn, from some form of note by the wolf.

Offline Kay Tana

Re: Rabbit Doubt (A game of mystery, and suspense. Do you know who's who?)
« Reply #13 on: April 12, 2013, 06:50:53 PM »
It's an interesting thought. It could also lead to an interesting scene where the rabbits cut open one of the first wolf victims to see if it's true or not.

Offline ProsakTopic starter

Yep, lol. That is the idea.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Rule three changed. No more round's. Just character's, being played within character.

Offline SomethingWicked

I have been following this thread and would like a spot for when it starts up.

I just want to clarify on the secrets. So each player has a secret and 2 others will know about that secret (the wolf and another player)? Am I understanding that correctly?

Offline ProsakTopic starter

Yes, that is correct about secret's. Wolf, and one other player. If the wolf know's, it is far easier for him/her to start shit. Your allowed to join, I am glad you expressed interest! Go ahead and make a character sheet if you want.

Offline eiselmann

I played a similar game to this with a group of friends when we toured Europe

So I'm definitely up for this

Just a do we add a sex element to this (not that its key but this is an adult site) was thinking that maybe theres a process where the secret would be revealed to everyone if we didn't have sex at least once an hour (or maybe would be revealed after say three hours if we hadn't had sex at all)...adds an element of vulnerability for each player with at least one other person for the duration of the encounter.

That way we are avoiding each other we also have to balance that with absolute trust (even if its for a short time)

« Last Edit: April 16, 2013, 07:41:58 AM by eiselmann »

Offline ProsakTopic starter

No rules on sex will be made. I already took enough choice from potential players. They have the risk of death, and the chance of being a killer when they may not want to. Making it so that they are forced at specific points to have sex. Is probably not the best decision for us to make. Mainly due to people preferring to role play out a relationship. Non con, or consensual. They would rather it come with the play, not be forced upon them. I see where your coming from. But, sex is sex. If a couple characters form a relationship, or do it. That is their prerogative. It is possible plot wise to. No one wants to die alone, un loved, or unwanted. Nor die a virgin. Sex is very possible. Without forcing it.

Edit: Although it could be that they must meet up where they originally woke up once an hour. That can still force interaction. For story purposes.
« Last Edit: April 16, 2013, 08:31:04 AM by Prosak »

Offline SomethingWicked

I don't see the rule on sex being very productive as far as inserting the prospect into the game. I can only assume that it will eventually come up, given the nature of the site, and definitely would prefer to let it happen organically instead of forcing it out. I'm sure the results would also be much more enjoyable to read/participate in. That being said I do think that there should be a rule that forces the group to gather at times, perhaps we can make those times into somewhat of a game for the characters. Kind of like "last one to the gym has to die" or something of the sort?

Edit: I'm not so sure about having it time based, though. Who's to say when an hour has passed in the game? And how often does these "hours" happen?
« Last Edit: April 16, 2013, 09:03:28 AM by SomethingWicked »

Offline ProsakTopic starter

Well, as for when an hour passes. It cant happen in days. This entire rp can only happen in that one night. So, an hour would just be dictated normally. Just like how a gm dictates when a day goes by, a time skip happen's, or the next chapter is on.

Offline eiselmann

all good , just threw the question out there.

Offline Kay Tana

While Elliquiy has its fair share of sexy scenes I'd rather see it as a place for "mature" people to roleplay. I'm sure that it's probably the most popular, but sex isn't the only adult theme. Besides, the focus for the rabbits is figuring out who among them is the wolf and the wolf's focus is killing off the rabbits without being caught. The secrets are there to sow distrust amongst the rabbits as it is just too "convenient" that the one person who they know knows their secrets is there with them. Which could quite possibly mean that person is the wolf or that they at least told the wolf the secret.

I wouldn't want to die a virgin either, but on the other hand I wouldn't want to take the risk that my partner might kill me during or after.