Avatar the Last Airbender plots (OC, M/F or M/M)

Started by Ghostly, April 08, 2013, 10:46:15 PM

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  This is a plot bunny for AtLA I'd like to try out again. Basically it can take place at any point in time after the war starts, though the timeline will affect the world and character's interactions somewhat (boiling down to just how racist both characters and the rest of the world are). I would really love to have some collaboration with this!

(M/F, M/M)(I'm using 'she' just to keep the pronouns separate)

Your character is a waterbender who was mistakenly taken to a firebender/nonbender prison instead of the waterbender prison camp. Cautious by nature, she knows that even with her waterbending*, she knows she only has a slim chance at escape. Failure isn’t an option; the rest of her family have been sent to the waterbender camps and she needs to mount a rescue.
*If female and from the Northern Water Tribe, she might not have any offensive waterbending skills at all.
My character is a rogue firebender who infiltrated a highly secure Fire Nation army base in order to steal a sword, and nearly got away with it. He's tossed into the same cell block, and the two realize they have a mutual goal: escape.

Notes: Obviously the plot would extend beyond the escape, and I had generally thought that they would go on to steal back MC's sword and rescue YC's family. I don't want them to trust each other at first; one option is even to have MC find out about YC's waterbending and blackmail her into helping in his half-baked escape plan.

(Possibly more details to come?)

Katra Alexion



If your still interested in someone to play this 'she' character I would very much love to play this out. I've watched the series probably 3-4 times, although never found Korra in the sequel very interesting, despite the fact that she is how my character act most of the time.
For anyone who had been role playing with me before I left...
I'm sorry for any inconvenience I may have caused and I am also sorry that I was gone for such an extended amount of time. Things have been difficult and time has been sparse on my end so there hasn't been any way to get on.