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Author Topic: Fleeting bits of Fun with theLeslie  (Read 807 times)

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Fleeting bits of Fun with theLeslie
« on: April 06, 2013, 09:02:32 PM »
This topic contains the topics I come up with.  If you are interested in playing one of these with me, please respond via PM, and not on this topic.

Seeking: Male or Female, but playing an Alien character, or group of aliens.
Forum: Non-Con Exotic
Type: One Shot
Plot:A girl is abducted by aliens, though there is no malice in their abduction.  Instead these curious, but A-sexual, ET’s come with a mind only for exploration, and this is the first human they've ever encountered.  Keeping her on on whatever serves as an examination table, these aliens probe her sensitive body gently with fingers, tentacles, scanners and devices in an attempt to learn of human physiology, and grow only more curious to the response gained by probing certain bits of her anatomy.  Spurned on by the girl’s odd moans and whimpers, they continue on to the obvious inevitable conclusion, and try to make sense of what happened.  This is meant to be a light-hearted non-con topic, more cute than painful.  The aliens involved should be curious and even innocent in what they're doing, never thinking they are bringing harm to the girl.  It would be nice if it went into the realms of severe over stimulation until she is begging for them to stop making her cum.  Feel free to be imaginative with the methods of restraint, exploration, an technology.

Seeking: A Dominant Woman to give a young nun some discipline.
Forum: Non-Con Solo
Type: Ongoing Story between one or more partners
Plot: Young sister Sarah has just recently joined a nunnery and dedicated her life to piety, chastity, and quiet contemplation of the scriptures.  She is a dedicated worshipper and does all she can to remain pure and virtuous in the eyes of her community.  The problem is, the community doesn't value her chastity.  Instead the mother superior of her convent is a lascivious mistress with a mind set on breaking and binding the lower sisters to her perverse will.  In this tale Sarah will be played by me, and I will be seeking someone to break down her will and corrupt her chastity, until she is left a hedonistic mess with nothing but self satisfaction on her mind.

Seeking: A magical man or woman to use telekinesis to tease and tormet a young woman in public.
Forum: Non-Con Solo
Type: One shot
Plot: On a long train ride home, our heroin suddenly feels the wandering hands of a stranger tracing along her thighs beneath her dress.  She looks around quickly but she is unable to locate the source of the stimulation.  In this story the partner is giving free range to touch, probe, poke and caress any portion of the heroin's body from a distance, working her up into a ball of desire and pleasure amidst an evening crowd of people returning home from work.

Seeking: A young woman in their early 20s for experimentation, gender of player does not matter.
Forum: Non-Con Exotic
Type: On-going
Plot: A Mad Scientist with a lust for bodily experimentation has discovered serums and techniques which allow her absolute freedom to modify the biology of living humans.  She has abducted a new test subject and intends on testing the limits of her discovery by sculpting the physical shape of her victim to suit her perverse whims and hedonistic desires.  From this topic you can expect a great deal of bondage, Orgasms both forced and denied, a good deal of physical abuse, humiliation, imprisonment, a penis being forced to grow on the victim, and modifications to the body which turn her into a veritable orgasm machine.  There will be massive amounts of intense, mind breaking pleasure, and large amounts of light to moderate pain involved.  Spankings and restraints will be common!  I am very eager to play this story out, so please do contact me to work out details if you are at all interested!
  In Progress

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Re: Fleeting bits of Fun with theLeslie
« Reply #1 on: October 09, 2015, 03:52:50 PM »
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