Looking for a succubus or succubi (M for F)

Started by Retsu, April 06, 2013, 02:24:38 PM

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I hate to complain about things like this because I enjoy all the Rps that I engage in, but playing certain roles all the time can get boring. For me, it is the pairing of demon x whatever. Every time I engage in an Rp like that, I always wind up being the demon, and lately it has just gotten a little boring for me. I am the kind of person that loves to have a constant flow of new things, or new experiences, but sometimes that doesn't always happen. Which is why I have made this thread.

I want to play opposite a succubus or succubi(that is the plural form of succubus). I know this sounds odd, but I have never actually done an Rp like that before. I have always read stories, comics, and other Rps that have involved them, but never actually played one myself. So, I have lined up three different ways we can go about this depending on your taste; however, I will not take just anybody. I have but two requirements that you must follow because I do not think it will work well unless you can pull these two things off. You must be able to tease men quite well, and have the know-how on how to wrap them around your little finger, and you must know how to seduce men well, and have the know-how on how to make them crave you like no other. Without those, all of these will just be boring.

For those that desire a more dominant man

Perhaps my character has been granted a succubus slave of sorts. Not just for sex, but maybe she is even a maid for him as well? Perhaps he is the spawn of Satan himself, and your succubus character is a personal servant granted to him by his father? This can also be turned into a group Rp if I can find multiple willing parties, or if you want to play multiple characters by yourself than that works too.

For those that love a good switch

Your succubus character is on the prowl for another man to seduce and have sex with, and she thinks she has found a good target in my character. All his life, he has always wondered what it would be like to submit to a woman because he has always been a dominant person in life. He never had the chance to try until your character came along. He gets his wish through her, and finds that he quite enjoys both being a sub, and her company. Because of those two things, he quickly overpowers her, and shows her his dominant side. This one is going to require someone who is as switch as well as you need to be able to play both a dom female, and a sub female.

For those that want to be the dominant woman in bed

Sadly, I have no good solid ideas for this one; however, that means this is completely up to your own imagination. Being a switch, I can easily cater to any dominant woman who would want to help me come with an idea.


After a very long time, I have started to want this again. So...120 days bump I guess. If such is not allowed, then I guess this thread will be deleted.