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Author Topic: The League of Justification  (Read 2892 times)

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Offline KrataLightblade

Re: The League of Justification
« Reply #25 on: May 30, 2013, 01:55:44 AM »
Okay sure, why not?!

Name: Bioghost

Jake Hunter was a normal man, until he was kidnapped and used as the subject for experimentation in blending genetic technology with magical influences.  Things didn't go quite as planned, as being exposed to the mixed energies gave Jake the ability to dematerialize into the ether, making him able to phase through objects at will.  Unfortunately, the ether in the area of the experiment labs was wild and chaotic, and it changed him further, and as he phased through the magnetic relays that were to channel the energy, the very concept of magnetism was bound into his skin, along with the chaotic energies of magic.  Temporarily and involuntarily shifting back into the physical world from the shock, Jake was nearly recaptured by facility guards, and that was when the last of his alterations manifested itself, as the sheer chaos magic bound to him flooded out and the guards found their bodies rapidly and violently mutating.  None of them survived the strain.

Escaping into the world, Jake has become the Bioghost, seeking out other former and current test subjects, helping them to escape their captors and learning to control his abilities.  He hopes to learn to control his mutating aura, to give other test subjects new abilities, or at least alter their features to aid their escapes.  He now wanders the earth, slipping between the physical and the ether at will, and thus begins an adventure like no other.

Jake Hunter: Bioghost.

Offline Daoine Sidhe

Re: The League of Justification
« Reply #26 on: May 30, 2013, 02:14:30 AM »
Okay, my three random page rolls...
Eruption Inducement
The glossary page (Seriously?)
Chain Projection

So, my character can force eruptions from nearby volcanoes or, under extreme duress, actually form a new volcano.  She can also generate chains from her hands at will.  However, she has a strange compulsion to define words at random and to correct any incorrect definitions she encounters.  This obsessive behavior is extremely bad for her.  Not only does it distract her on a daily basis - several times every day - but it also disrupts her control over her powers, which can result in some devastating situations.  At the moment, she is not medicated for this problem, and is suffering from additional delusions and obsessive compulsive behaviors.  She is not considered a villain, but she is considered extremely dangerous and highly erratic.

Offline KrataLightblade

Re: The League of Justification
« Reply #27 on: May 30, 2013, 02:18:32 AM »
I just wanna say, I like that a lot, Daoine

Offline Daoine Sidhe

Re: The League of Justification
« Reply #28 on: May 30, 2013, 02:28:11 AM »
Thanks.  :-)

Offline EbbTopic starter

Re: The League of Justification
« Reply #29 on: May 30, 2013, 08:24:08 AM »
Both of those are quite clever.

And welcome to the site, Krata.

Offline Moraline

Re: The League of Justification
« Reply #30 on: May 30, 2013, 09:58:25 AM »
Peak Human Accuracy
Reality Restoration(Power Negation)
Power Erasure

Athena Llewellyn, known as "The Eraser" is an assassin of super humans but not in the traditional way.

Born with the mutant gene she manifested her powers at age 13 when she encountered a pair of super beings doing battle in her families neighborhood. The terrified Athena witnessed as the super hero and super villain battle obliterated a house. Then the hero turned young Athena's treehouse into a living thing that trapped the villain. When the villain began to set fire to the tree Athena screamed at them to stop.

In that moment the tree went back to normal (Reality Restoration), and suddenly the hero lost his ability to fly and dropped to the ground. In stunned silence the hero and villain realized that both of them had no powers (Power Erasure).

From then on, Athena was to be known as "The Eraser." She sought out the most destructive heroes and villains then undid the damage they were causing and erased their super powers, making them human again.

As a day job she uses her odd ability of precision to win dart tournaments and archery contests. Hey, it pays the bills.

Offline Jclaymore

Re: The League of Justification
« Reply #31 on: May 30, 2013, 10:53:45 AM »
Soul Conversion
Weapon Transformation (One of the most awesome powers in my eyes, right besides magic)
Supernatural Concealment

Fuyu Ilden, the youngest sister of a set of special siblings. In terms of raw power considerably the weakest, but her talents don't lie in sheer power. She lived the most normal life of all the siblings, at least up to her 15th. That's when the supernaturals started noticing her, like they notice her two older brothers. Like her oldest brother, she's has a very cold personality. Emotions are rare to show on her face, however she shares the same fiery heart as her middle brother. She can't show her emotions well, which led her to be socially isolated. Looking for a friend this is one of her greatest weaknesses. She dislikes violence, but will use it where necessary. Most of the times she hunts evil entities, but sometimes that, and fighting crime goes hand in hand. This caused her, to avoid public detection, to take on a secret identity. When she heads into battle, she makes sure she keeps her identity a secret, and is named by the public as "The Ghostsaber" due to her tendency to use a saber.

Her preferred power is that to conceal herself. Any supernatural below the level of Deity is unable to accurately perceive her. However this ability is draining, so she only can use it for short periods. When she uses this power she's not entirely invisible, but rather, quite easier overlooked. Perfect for evasion tactics, not? Because she can make herself hard to notice, it contributed to her hero name. Despite all that, she has no real ghost powers.

Her most dreaded, yet most beneficial is her ability to temporarily bestow, or remove powers by modifying the souls of those around her. However these changes last only for 30 minutes, and if the target moves outside her effective range, the changes are reversed, unless her blood is ingested, which prolongs the changes for another 30 minutes. She's not to keen on that though, because it involves getting hurt, and you never know what one might do to her in a helpless state. She can not modify herself. Should she try, she will lose all her powers and become a normal human. Permanently, because she can't leave her own presence. Also, certain materials seem to entirely negate this power. Like Kryptonite negates the powers of Superman, it appears that quicksilver does that to this power.

Though she usually carries a dagger, she can change it in most edged weapons. Due to her lower strength, she's most proficient with weapons that require speed and technique rather than strength. Theoretically, she should be able to change herself, or parts of herself into a weapon, however, that requires more concentration, or patience then she has, so she never actually tried that, and probably won't ever. Her preferred weapon is a saber.

Offline Daoine Sidhe

Re: The League of Justification
« Reply #32 on: June 01, 2013, 02:47:22 AM »
Oh, dear.  This girl is downright deadly.  I [bleep] you not, these are the three random pages I got for her.

Violence Embodiment
Energy Blasts
Paradox Manipulation (OP much?)

Without further ado, let me introduce...

The woman once known as Adriana Greene is no more.  Now, there is only the immeasurably powerful Sin.  When in a "good" mood, the super-villain is viciously violent, reeking havoc on everything in her path.  But, Sin is quick to anger, and that's when she's truly frightening.  Her inner power comes forth, twisting the very fabric of reality as she sees fit, and anyone foolish enough to try to stop her is emulsified by her energy blasts.  Capable of altering all aspects of reality, Sin has the unique ability to move between parallel realities - and to rip them apart piece by piece.  She is responsible for the destruction of nearly a thousand realities, an an uncountable number of lives.

She has no motives, no demands, no goals.  No one understands Sin, and without that comprehension, no one can defeat her.  She is heralded by psychics and precognitive individuals.  Some call her the Goddess of Violence, others the end of time.  Regardless of her title, one thing is certain.  When she comes, all is lost.

And, yes, I used the Phoenix 5 version of Emma Frost for the image.
« Last Edit: June 01, 2013, 02:54:24 AM by Daoine Sidhe »

Offline Moraline

Re: The League of Justification
« Reply #33 on: June 01, 2013, 09:00:08 AM »
One-Man Army/Gallery ((Well, that was a bust))
Devic Physiology  ((The power to use the abilities of Devas, the spirits believed to be responsible for maintaining every natural force. A possible result of Ascension))
Heavy Strike

Alexis Sanderson, "Princess Powerful"  ((I couldn't resist! Any Runaways fans here?))

She gave herself the nickname of Princess Powerful as a child when she discovered her ability to perform a "Heavy Strike." Her parents tried to keep her under control but with a young child able to smash through walls it became to much. So, her mother sat her down and explained to her that her father was not really her father. In truth, her biological father was a powerful being known as "The One Power." This extraterrestrial creature was an ascended being from another world and her mother had asked him to return to help guide young Alexis on her path.

When her true father returned he showed her the path to ascension and within weeks "Princess Powerful" took on the form of her Devic Physiology. This granted her a vast array of powers from immortality, flight, to Quintessence Force generation. She was now god-like in her abilities.

Once she was comfortable with her abilities they left Earth and traveled the stars to various worlds. Now the young woman who calls herself "Princess Powerful" has returned.

Offline Etherealdreamer

Re: The League of Justification
« Reply #34 on: June 01, 2013, 10:12:20 PM »

These sound ridiculously deadly. Not unbeatable, but definitely friggin' scary.

Clearly what we have here is:

The Sinister Sphere

Deadly by nature, sinister by design, this is one of the few super figures that chooses to be one thing or the other. Rather than be a part, the Sinister Sphere tries their best to remain apart. Records of the weapons facility that housed the volatile chemical elements responsible for the freak explosion that produced the Sphere are long lost(or destroyed). With so many people involved, from janitors, to scientists, to secretaries and guardsmen, there's no telling whom It could be. While It was once considered to be female, others claim It was male; whichever the case may be, the Sphere is neither now, simply a tragically sentient mass that morphs between humanoid and it's giant (and occasionally destructive) sphere body. It does not communicate via mundane methods, but instead releases benign growth mass spores into the air that are easily absorbed via contact to the skin, open flesh, inhalation, and or ingestion. Once 'infected' by the spores, they reproduce rapidly to the point where an exchange of thoughts can be made. In other words, mind to mind conversations.

It's power is based on the Sphere's body's ability to change and shift on a cellular level, thusly it is able to constantly rearrange, reshape, and redesign the composition of It's body. Due to an imbalance from the chemical blast that 'birthed' It, the Sphere does not always possess control over which viral compound It represents, turning any alliance with It hazardous at best. Complete immunity or proper infection precaution are the only way to ward off the Sphere's presence, but slight It, and It lives up to It's namesake of Sinister, and will break down every single preventative barrier you play in It's way by brutal force. Once in It's sphere shape, Sinister's density mass is greater than most anything on the known earth created by man, and in documented cases of people actually engaging in combat with the Sphere, and weren't killed or violently infected, their shielding was found to be comprised of alien matter or created by intense sciences way beyond the current speed of man. However, like any good virus, the Sinister Sphere has been known to... Adapt.

Overall, The Sphere is an entity that prefers seclusion. Engagements with the Sphere are very much like those with a reclusive, wild beast; rare and unpredictable. It has been given It's name merely out of fear.

Offline Lightskirt

Re: The League of Justification
« Reply #35 on: June 16, 2013, 02:51:07 AM »   aka ice wings.

Seriously. I had to laugh. This is like some emo sentiment: "I wished I could fly but I was destined to be just another melted popsicle in the summer sun."

Or perhaps another magical princess anime:
"Hentai High School student, Kikihara Shimiko, is secretly "Princess Softo Creamu!" using her sugary skills to stop petty criminals. On the first day of exams, she has a vision of her future love life with Masahiko Junpei- the schools number one track star. But what?? He's lactose intolerant!! How can she make their love blossom into the fruit parfait of perfection?"

Offline Interested

Re: The League of Justification
« Reply #36 on: June 16, 2013, 08:37:25 AM »

The ability to steal time from others.

Composite Deity Physiology

◾Accelerated Development
◾Data Manipulation
◾Enhanced Intelligence
◾Enhanced Mech Pilot Skill
◾Hacker Physiology
◾Holographic Projection
◾Interface Creation
◾Mechanical Constructs
◾Mechanical Intuition
◾Power Suit
◾High-Tech Exoskeleton
◾Scanner Vision (Power Suits/Powered Exoskeleton)
◾Technology Manipulation
◾Urban Manipulation

I'm an IMMENSELY powerful Machine God, it seems. . . composed of two different Deities. I choose Ananke:
◾Destiny Manipulation
◾Fate Embodiment
◾Human Manipulation
◾Order Manipulation

And Chronos:
Chronos ◾Future Manipulation
◾History Manipulation
◾Time Manipulation
◾Time Embodiment

I decree, across the Omniverse. . . The Good guys win.