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Author Topic: An Innocent Affair [Currently only seeking a one shot]  (Read 1371 times)

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An Innocent Affair [Currently only seeking a one shot]
« on: April 01, 2013, 08:39:20 PM »
Hi everyone!  Thank you for stopping by.  First I must sincerely apologize to my previous roleplay partners for my hiatus.  I had stuff going on in the real world that took me a while to settle, but now I am back and craving a good old fashion roleplay.

I play mostly submissive females.  [it is easiest for me]
I'm also willing to play a dominant male in a hetero relationship, or a submissive male in a homo relationship.
You'll have to convince me if you want me to play a dominant male in a homo relationship or a female [sub or dom] in a homo relationship.

I can, and prefer, to play multiple characters at once in my roleplays.  I usually like to start off one on one though and then add in characters as we go on unless it's a plot that starts off with multiple characters at once. 

Here are my Ons and Offs when it comes to partners:
 + Rich vocabulary [I love learning new words]
 + An array of playable characters [I like a partner who can play the bad guy and the sweetheart, male or female, any age etc]
 + Will let me know if they are going to be away or just want to stop the roleplay [I don't bite... often]
 + Open minded [You don't have to like the same things that I like, but willing to acknowledge that I have my own little fetishes]

- One liners [I like to read]
 - Novel length posts [I don't like to read too much in one sitting]

Now here are a few themes that I enjoy:
Fantasy - I like to play elves, demons, succubi, and kemonomimi
Sci fi - Journeys through space, time, laser guns, aliens and space cowboys
Murder Mystery - I love shows like Castle and Psych, so anything like that I would like to try
Fairy Tale parodies - Snow White, Red Riding Hood, Cinderella
Modern - Cafe scenes are cute
Note: I will not play school scenes

Themes I don't particularly like or detest:
Zombie - I can't handle zombies... they freak me out
Incest - Just no
Bestiality or Furries - No
Scat - It's called waste for a reason

If there's anything I have not listed, feel free to ask.
I will be adding some scenarios and character profiles to this thread, so please PM me if you are interested in roleplaying.
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Re: An Innocent Affair
« Reply #1 on: April 01, 2013, 08:39:54 PM »
Some scenes will have a 'base' which is the starting point for the story, and 'scenarios' attached.  The scenarios are different paths that the story can take. 

[work in progress]

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Succubus Training [One of my favourites - There have been many various over the years]
Base: Mikhara is a virgin succubus who has trouble seducing men [or women if you wanna go that way].  It has been 10 years since she has 'become of age', and her lack of promiscuity has made her the laughing stock of the succubus community. 

Scenario one - modern setting:  Mikhara decides to infiltrate the sex industry of the human world, and observe how the humans seduce each other.  She starts working at a pornography company as an assistant and meets many colourful characters. - Active with Top Cat

Scenario two: Mikhara's friend [insert name here] is an incubus, and has decided to help her by 'teaching' her how to seduce humans. 

Scenario three - fantasy world setting: Mikhara visits the human world and encounters a priest. Upon hearing that Mikhara is a virgin succubus, he decides that instead of slaying her he will take this opportunity to send her on the path of righteousness. 

Witch Hunt
Base: Eathylyn is a witch, living in a community where witches are seen as gods.  She is the last of her kind and is kind-hearted and cares for the people of the village.  The village is small and resides near the base of a mountain.  The residents of the village can include humans, elves, and other creatures that can be discussed upon.  Eathylyn is a virgin and has stayed pure for as long as she has to, but it is said that the mate of the witch also gains great power. 

Scenario one: Now that Eathylyn has become of age [18] she is to be wed.  Then men of the village try their best to win her heart, some just want to be powerful, others actually love her. [romance, story driven] - Active with Wolfy

Scenario two: The neighboring village has heard of the virgin witch, and have decided to kidnap her in order to harness her power. [Non-Con, multiple partners, smut]

Sci fi
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Journey through space
Earth has long been destroyed after an intergalactic war, the only remaining Earthlings reside upon a space ship carrying a crew of roughly 5 [Captain, Pilot, Gunman, Mechanic, Doctor] individuals [races can be decided upon].  The crew are traveling through space looking for a new planet to call home.  They will encounter many obstacles; gargantuan carnivorous plants, tentacle aliens, shapeshifters, and perhaps another humans. 

Murder Mystery
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Murder He Wrote
I would play Blake Henders.
Blake Henders, a murder mystery novelist, was finally arrested and sentenced to life only a month ago for the serial murders of 3 high school girls.  Now there's a copy cat on the loose, killing girls in the exact same manner as Henders, gauging out the eyes and removing their hearts.  Having taken 3 years just to catch Henders, the very detective that put him away is now asking for his help.  To catch a killer you need to think like a killer. [M/F or M/M, Con or Non/Con, Light bondage]

Fairy Tales Parody
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Little Red Riding Hood
[The 'wolves' are not werewolves, just human males wearing wolf hide]
The Hunters and the Wolves have been at war for generations. Red comes from a long line of Wolf hunters. She is sent on a mission to deliver a message to the Grand Huntress, her grandmother.  On her way she is ambushed and taken hostage by Wolves. They try to extract information from her by any means necessary. [Non Con]

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

The Frog Prince

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Librarian by Day - Active with Violelia
Base: Sally has been working in the local library for three years. On the third floor of the library, far back in the western corner, where there are no windows and the lights are broken, Sally constantly encounters youngsters making out.  This infuriates her every time she has to chase them away. 

Scenario one: Sally decides to stay back one night to fix the lights.  It is after hours and the library is closed but someone decided to stay behind. [Non/Con][Can be multiple partners]

Scenario two: Sally complains to her co-worker Tailor, he says he will take care of the problem, but instead Tailor decides to set up some cameras in the area so that he can have his own private peepshow. [This can be joined in with scenario one]

I Wanna love you [based on The Maine's cover version of 'I wanna love you' by Akon]
I can play male or female roles for this one.
A man visits a strip club.  He watches a beautiful woman dancing and taking her clothes off and falls in love with her.  He approaches her and she agrees to sleep with him.  She considers it a one night stand but he thought it was something more.  [Plot driven - Fluff]

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Re: An Innocent Affair [added two OCs]
« Reply #2 on: April 02, 2013, 08:41:11 AM »
This is split into two sections: One shot characters and Original Characters. 
One shots are characters that I don't want to spend time pre-planning a plot with someone. They are for smut only.  So when you see a character you like, just send me a pm with what you would normally write for a beginning post.  Read the character's likes and dislikes please.
My OCs however, are my babies that I want to find a good roleplay partner for.  These would be characters that I want to create a whole world around.  If you see one you like then send me a PM with a story idea and potential partner/s.

[work in progress]

One Shots

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Yuriko [19] [not a virgin] Kind, clumsy, tries hard to please, happy-go-lucky, apologetic, good cook
Likes to serve her master, enjoys being punished [spanking], stripping
Dislikes bondage

Human Sacrifice
Sherridan [25] [Virgin] Obedient, frightened, shy
Likes : Unsure
Dislikes : Unsure

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Newly Wed Bride or Runaway Bride [not a virgin]
Likes: Restraints, stockings, fellatio, 69, spanking, being dominated
Dislikes: Vanilla

Julie [18] [Virgin] Shy, socially awkward, easily embarrassed
Like: Unknown
Dislikes: Scat, waterplay, vore, gore

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Naked Apron
Yumi [19] [Not a Virgin] Kind, obedient, eager to please, happy-go-lucky
Likes: Restraints, unconventional places, fellatio, cunnilingus, spanking with tools, food play
Dislikes: Toilet play

Wet Clothes

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Elthian [180] [Not a virgin] Strong-willed, adventurous, out going, fun
Likes: Anal, doggie, interracial [with an elf this can be nearly any fantasy creature]
Dislikes: Toilet play, blood, violence.

Original Characters

Maroon [18-20] ♀ Sub STRAIGHT -
Maroon, nickname Roonie, is a kind hearted girl with some emotional baggage.  She has been in a long line of abuse relationships and has started to accept the fact that she will never really find true love.  Leaving home after a fight with her father, Roonie is now unemployed and living in a motel with whatever savings she has left.  Roonie is trying to find a live in housekeeping job.
Looking for: Dom Male to take in Roonie

Roan [25] ♂ Dom GAY
Roan is a high school teacher at a public school.  He is a strict teacher that often complains but in truth loves his jobs.  He tries his best to help the kids aim high and get to where they want to be.  Roan lives by himself in a studio apartment and goes to gay bars on Friday nights.  He is a one night stand kind of guy. 
Looking for: Sub/Switch Male to try to make Roan fall in love

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Re: An Innocent Affair [Looking for a few more roleplays]
« Reply #3 on: April 07, 2013, 04:35:37 AM »
Updated: More pictures added to the one-shot characters list

Character Name: Blake Loreanthall [lore - ri - an - thall]
Player Name: Innocence
Age: 23
Race: 5/8th elf  - 3/8ths human
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual [leans more towards non-humans as she has a distrust for them]
Bloodline: Her great grandmother was the sister of a previous queen.
Physical Description: She is tall, slender and pale.  Her ears are slightly pointed, from her elf heritage, however they can easily be missed when covered and most people regard her as a normal human.  She has long red hair and bluish-green eyes.
She has a tribal tattoo on her back which she calls the mark of the forgotten. It was a gift from her mother who was 1/4 elf - 3/4 human.
Friendly yet deceptive - Blake knows how to socialize.  She is very out going and easy to speak to.  She is always willing to listen to what others have to say and will do her best to cheer people on.  However, sometimes it can all be a facade to satisfy some ulterior motives. 

Humble yet egocentric - Blake isn't one to boast about her skills or abilities, instead she will simply show her gratitude to others that compliment her and move on.  However, she has no doubts about what she is capable of, and often underestimates her opponents.

Likes: Gossip, food, animals, non-humans, food, competition, winning, and food.
Dislikes: Bullies, humans (although she wouldn't show it), losing, being hungry.
Ons - TBA as the game progresses.
Offs - TBA as the game progresses.
Blake was raised by a single father.  Her mother was 3/4 human and the product of a rape incident.  Five years after Blake was born her mother committed suicide, it was the first and last time she saw her father cry. In order to prevent Blake from suffering the same fate, her father raised her to be strong and capable, but still nurtured her and allowed her to embrace her feminine side.  All Blake ever wanted was to prove to her dad that she was not as weak as her mother, that even when things were rough she would move on and survive. 

The two of them moved around a lot. Blake's father was always wary, but allowed her to socialize with as many people as she wanted.  He wanted her to be able to talk to people without being scared.  Perhaps, he needed her to be able to. Blake enjoyed talking to new people, she would stare wide eyed as they told her stories and tales of wondrous places and all sorts of emotions she had never felt.  She wanted to experience them all the things she heard about, to go to strange new lands and to feel new things.  They traveled a lot, but never once during their travels did Blake's father take her into the walls of Eldurain.

Just before Blake's 18th birthday, her father met a woman, a human woman.  Blake wasn't particularly fond of humans, they always had the worst stories to tell of conquest and glorified bloodshed. But this woman in particular, Blake hated.  However, her father seemed so happy whenever he was with her.  When it came time for them to leave and hit the road once again, her father hesitated.  He asked Blake if she would consider staying in the small town on the border of Rin, but she was raised on wanderlust, and even if he could persuade her she would never have been happy to stay.  She saw how much her father loved her, but also how much she had fallen in love with the other woman.  It was then, on her 19th birthday, did she leave a town alone for the first time.  She bid her father farewell, and promised to return in the future.

Since then she had been travelling by herself.  Picking up odd jobs here and there.  She would mostly apprehend bandits when she visited a town, and started to gain fame as she took down more criminals.  She was asked to complete a job in Eldurain last year, and eagerly she accepted.  She was finally going to get to see Eldurain, the glorious capital of the Queendom.  When she arrived she was able to successfully finish her task in less than a weak.  A simple seek and retrieve mission.  There was no longer anything tying her down to the great city.  However, there was something about the streets, the buildings, the people, the food that enticed her to stay. And so, the elf-human girl hadn't left the city since. 

Talents: Gathering information and talking to people.  Blake is good at befriending people, even if she doesn't actually like them.  She is also talented with her twin daggers, an expert marksman and quick on her feet.  She has excellent eyesight, passed on from her elf heritage, which allows her to see farther than human eyes and better in the dark as well. 
The mark of the forgotten - Causes the victim to lose all memory of the wearer [Blake] but can only be used on an individual once. [She very very rarely uses it] Has a charge of 3.

Happiness -  Causes one individual to feel relaxed, content, and enlightened for an hour. Can be used on the same individual more than once.  Has a charge of 10.


1.) Martial Skill: 1
2.) Perception: 8
3.) Agility/Speed: 8
4.) Sneaking: 4
5.) Willpower: 10
6.) Fortitude: 5
7.) Strength: 1
8.) Knowledge: 8
9.) Resources: 6
10.) Fame (pick one): 4
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Re: An Innocent Affair
« Reply #4 on: May 01, 2013, 06:19:33 AM »
Updated: Added Maroon and Roan to OC list

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Re: An Innocent Affair [Currently only seeking a one shot]
« Reply #5 on: September 06, 2013, 07:59:58 AM »
Update: Semi back from my hiatus, craving a short one shot smut roleplay =]