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June 02, 2023, 07:58:40 pm

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Author Topic: Got some Ideas...  (Read 708 times)

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Got some Ideas...
« on: March 31, 2013, 09:42:57 pm »
So, I have some ideas if you have the time to go through them.
Okay so I have a mass affection for Princess Peach, so I have plots below if anyone is interested-- I'm up for ideas or more plotting if you would like.
Well I will write M/M, F/M, F/F, Transgender, Furry, Anthro, Feral, pokemon whatever~

Aside from that also interested in:

Magician x Apprentice
Druggie X Stranger (Friend, cop, lets make it interesting C: )
Father X Son
Father x Daughter
I'd like to play a werewolf, so I'll pair that with anything-- less likely a vampire, but if you can convince me why not.

Goldfish x Human
Would be kind like Ponyo/ Little Mermaid, she's a special little gold fish, and she only wants to please her owner. She transforms into a beautiful girl!
I don't know where this plot is really going, but I just like the idea of the cute little adventure.

Star Rod Peach
Princess Peach x Anyone

Alrighty, in a nutshell.
So I personally think that Peach could use a little action-- I'm tired of seeing her being the constant damsel in distress-- and I like thinking that she kicks ass like in Smash Bros.

Annnyway, the basic outline would be that she has a item called the 'Star Rod' which has the power to hold the balance of the mushroom kingdom in place. The wielder who possess it would control how the world functions -- and the Toads having chosen Princess Peach as their beloved ruler to keep this power in order.

Now I don't care who the villain is-- I kinda like mixing it with the smash universe so that any character can come and go. But this power either gets stolen-- or shattered,and the star pieces are scattered over the lands (or universes if its smash world) and need to be restored to keep the world in balance aaaand so that it doesn't fall under the wrong hands.

Peach chooses to go in search for these star pieces since it was her duty to guard them, and asks for help to have some one come along and collect them with her.

Princess Peach Galaxy Travel
Peach x Fox (Or anyone)

This one is pretty much the idea of Mario galaxy and this time instead of waiting for Mario to come around Peach manages to get herself off and is lost in space until she happens upon said character. I like her learning how to fly a ship, and the adapting to a different lifestyle -- maybe kinda like firefly in away. I'm not sure were this plot is going, but it broadens the princess's mind to other things around.

Princess Peach x Toy

This is pretty much what it sounds like, in this one I have Peach as a Futa (This doesn't have to be, I can easily change that) and she longs for a lover. The Master Star grants her wish and her stuffed animal/toy comes to life. Just a smut idea really.

Music roleplay ideas?

Wings of a butterfly]
I'm not sure where this would go, but it seems like an abusive kind of relationship. It could go anywhere, demon, or human, or something.
I'm up for plotting~!

[url=]The Ogre and the Maiden

This song makes me get all choked up every time I listen/watch it. It pretty much tells its own story.
But pretty much a blind Maiden gets lost in a forest and she meets an "ogre" who befriends her. She seems to see passed him or think of him other than an ogre. time passes and she visits him up in the mountain side every day. The villagers get jealous and threaten the Ogre to leave, and so he does and it breaks her heart. Its hinted that they meet again but maybe they don't.
We can change things and add more to it, if you find it interesting!

What happens when a girl is a caught between reality and the dream world, the power she finds that she can change things around her bring and end to the world she tries so hard to escape-- but has so clue that she is doing it. Can she find love? WIll it resolve anything?
If you have different ideas for this one let me know!

Tragic love. Something so sweet and fragile, seems like it'll last. But it doesn't something tears it down, things change, you aren't the same people no longer. Simple slice of life, could be young, could be older. But it makes me sad listening to it. Maybe you'll hear a differ take on this song, so I'm up for anything.

Feel free to suggest any of your own ideas, pairings and desires~
Please when pming me adress:

Who are you?
What do you prefer? (M/M, M/F or F/M? )
Any Ideas? (Want to suggest something?)
Did you like anything? (Pairing you like have interest in?)