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Author Topic: serenity non-adult rp  (Read 752 times)

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serenity non-adult rp
« on: March 29, 2013, 11:13:28 PM »
Ok now do i start the story? :D

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Re: serenity non-adult rp
« Reply #1 on: March 29, 2013, 11:16:27 PM »

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Re: serenity non-adult rp
« Reply #2 on: March 29, 2013, 11:26:20 PM »
*cabin door opens* Alright crew for everybody new my name is Mephisto this is my ship. My first mate here will introduce herself and explain the ship rules any questions from the new crew or passengers?

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Re: serenity non-adult rp
« Reply #3 on: March 29, 2013, 11:40:59 PM »
Anya stood from her post next to the pilot and spread her legs shoulder width apart. She eyes the motley group standing before her and straightened her shoulders. She cleared her throat.

"Listen nuggets. We have a few simple rules here. If you are to work, you work. You don't gossip, you don't back stab. You work. We have a lot of ship and it needs run proper like. You all already know your positions and you should get started right away. We expect a solid days work for a solid wage and a bed. Passengers. Do not interfere with the crew. You keep to the dining area and your quarters. You mess up and we might just eject you from the air lock. Clear?"

She looked to a young crewman who was starting to doze off. She stalked over to him and grabbed him by the shirt collar.
The pit-faced scrawny man managed a nod before she threw him back in his seat.
Hugging she backed away and brushed a few stray hairs that fell from her bun in ringlets away.
The Auburn haired woman may have only stood 5 feet tall but the look on her face screamed "Tangle with me."

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Re: serenity non-adult rp
« Reply #4 on: March 29, 2013, 11:49:20 PM »
And now the weve all heard from anya we can be underway quick and clean. Please make yourselves comfortable ill be in my cabin if u need me. Pilot make for Bastion. As the crew fell to Mephisto pulled Anya aside and asked quietly: "did everything go smooth with the docking attendant?

Offline VeronicaH

Re: serenity non-adult rp
« Reply #5 on: March 29, 2013, 11:55:20 PM »
"Absolutely!" She smiled at him, her eyes sparkling with mischief, "of course, I had to flirt a little bit. But that it is all in the name of duty... sir."

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Re: serenity non-adult rp
« Reply #6 on: March 30, 2013, 12:11:22 AM »
Mephisto would reply. "Now Anya you know i dont hold with others mistreating my crew." He pats her shoulder. "Now after we drop those passengers on Bastion where should we head to unload the lyrium? Muster and Brigs will shoot us on sight after last time." Heads over and double checks everything. His eyes roaming over the wide space of the cargo deck lovingly. Taking in every detail of ship, cargo, and crew. "And once we drop the goods whats next Anya? With the take from the lyrium we should be able to do a complete overhaul. But that wnt cover much else. Have to keep u people fed or I wont have a crew." Leans against the bulkhead and raises hazel eyes to Anya's. The humor and vitality brimming in them.

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Re: serenity non-adult rp
« Reply #7 on: March 30, 2013, 12:20:03 AM »
"Good questions, sir. I guess that is why you are the Captain." Her icey blue eyes danced. She was teasing him now.
"Muster and Brigs no better than to shoot you. They would want to string you up first. Me... well you know what they would want with me. I am afraid I do have a habit of not fulfilling my promises." She winked and leaned against the hold metal wall.

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Re: serenity non-adult rp
« Reply #8 on: March 30, 2013, 12:37:00 AM »
"You madame are tease. Ok so we see Muster and Brigs. They hate us but they always pay top notch. We overhaul then shoot for the terminus systems maybe find some privateer work. In the meantime we'll be pushing hard for Bastion and trying to look innocent once we get there. Make sure everyone settles in ok and remind them i'll be cooking evening meal soon. Im thinking shrimp fettucini alfredo." I grin watching the thought of alfredo flow across your expression. ;)

Offline VeronicaH

Re: serenity non-adult rp
« Reply #9 on: March 30, 2013, 12:43:34 AM »
"Awe, my favorite. But a question. What are you going to pretend for shrimp?" She was baiting him, as she was prone to do. The longer she knew the stoic captain the more she took liberties. She liked watching the way he blushed and the flame kindling in his eyes. She leaned uncomfortably close.
"Oh honey, I am not always a tease..." With a swish of her rear she turned and walked to the bridge.

((Feel free to post, but know that it is 2 am and I am off to bed. I look forward to what you come up with next.))

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Re: serenity non-adult rp
« Reply #10 on: March 30, 2013, 01:40:03 AM »
He stood there watch as the prettiest and possibly the most dangerous crew member on his ship walk away. Admiring how the combination of simple yet well made clothes and firm well rounded body making his face warm. Thats one intense woman he thought. Any way better get started on our meal. He walked back to the galley taking off his jacket and rolling up his sleeves. He takes out the shrimp flavoured mushrooms he picked up special for the meal and started dicing. Humming to himself and trying to imagine the thoughts running through Anyas head a moment ago. The look she gave him flashing across his retina's and causing his blood to boil. The smells of the mushrooms and spices sauteing nicely wafting thru the ship. He decided that he'd test the waters y making her plate spicier than usual remembering seeing her sneaking looks at the dwindling spice wrack. He hit the intercom and told everyone evening meal was ready. Grabbing Anya's special plate and hoping to suprise her on the way to the gally.

P.s. Its 130 am here im going to bed. Please feel free to reply whenever u like i will log on as soon as i awake. ;D

Offline VeronicaH

Re: serenity non-adult rp
« Reply #11 on: March 30, 2013, 09:54:37 AM »
Anya joined the pilot on the bridge. Alpha, her twin brother, had been the ships pilot just as long as she had been crew. They were a two for one deal, the Captain had said smiling. His smile never went the whole way to his eyes. It worried her at first, what sadness must lay beneath them. Why he chose to crew a renegade ship. Sure, some Captains decided to defy the government because they wanted quick money but Anya knew that he was not one of them. He could have been wronged by them, or he could have been caught up in the civil war years ago. She had been only a few years too young to fight against the federation. Whatever the reason for his sadness, it had to be immeasurably deep.

Anya plopped down on the chair next to her brother and slammed her booted feet up on the dashboard, reclining. Nothing was there, really, just a few of his books and some toy soldiers, memories from the past.

"So, ruffian, how are the skies?" She always asked him the same question. Always called Alpha her ruffian brother. It wasn't true of course. Growing up she had been the one to get into fights, break noses and even hearts. Alpha was not a fighter. He was far too content to spend most of his time indoors, reading about flight maneuvers or practicing them in fighter jets. He would have been a great fleet pilot, had it not been for their parents reputation.

He was an amazing pilot, gifted with maneuvering and orienteering but not gifted in the field of fighting. It worried her at first, especially when they were searching for employment.  She knew that along with his piloting program he had trained daily and was in physically fit shape, that wasn't the problem. He hesitated. Refused to fight when the time came upon him. He was a pacifist.

"It  has been smooth sailing, actually." He rolled his eyes at her and reached over to push her feet down. A grimace graced his lips, as he tried to brush the crusted mud off his copy of Three Brothers Karamazov, "I take it you had a successful venture on rock?" His tone was flat. He hated the surface. Never ventured of the ship.

"Why yes, I did! I rounded up some passengers and got a small amount of crew, engine cleaning and the like. Of course, only a couple will pan out, maybe one, a pretty lady who knows her way around a hydroponic system and can shoot. If we could grow our own food, Cap said, we could save more money than a crew member salary."

Alpha stared straight ahead. He knew that Anya had a way of worming her harebrained schemes into the Captain's head, so he didn't dare to challenge it. Besides this one didn't sound quite so bad and not nearly as dangerous as the last dozen.

"What about the cargo? Did you, get it?" He tried not to show his tension, but it was palpable in the air. Anya could feel it. She stood now, and put a hand on his shoulder. Her big brother (by 10 minutes anyway), always had a hard time with the illegal part. Bless his soul.

Captain's voice came over the intercom. Hearing it sent a chill through her spine. She tried not to let him stir those feelings in her. I mean sure, she wanted a tumble in the hay with him, but she wouldn't let it grow to more than that. After all, he was her boss. She had managed pretty well so far, 2 years and nothing serious had come about yet. Maybe a little harmless flirting. Still, something had changed in the atmosphere lately whenever they were alone in a room together. Like magnets pulling them.

She walked towards the door of the bridge then turned back to Alpha, "You gonna put this bucket on autopilot or you want me to bring you some slop. Captain said it is supposed to taste like shrimp tonight." She waggled and eyebrow at him, holding back a giggle. Finally Alpha smiled. She loved her brother.

"Nah, you go on ahead, I'll have Liam bring me a plate when he comes on duty to help navigate." Alpha turned back to his view of the stars and forgot her. He seemed to forget everything more often these days. Ever sine Mira docked.

Anya strutted into the dining room and looked around. The few passengers they had picked up (four or so) sat next to each other. You could tell who had been aboard a ship and who was on their first voyage. The ones who had ate quickly not even guessing what was in the dish, while the others looked at the meal and poked at it, unsure if it was fit for consumption.

"Might be made of mostly mushrooms and canned milk, but it will fill ya up and keep ya full until mornin'. Your momma's told you all not to play with your food, so put it down the hatch." She barked then plunked into her seat. The crew kept their heads down 3 hands who would probably only last this service, Liam, Sam and Jenn (the new girl). Against the Island, Mephisto stood, a smirk on his face and a plate in his hand. It wasn't his, she noted, for his was in his spot at the head of the table, just to the right of her.

He sauntered over and put it at her front with a clunk then slid into his own chair, eating wordlessly.

It smelled better than most things the crew usually made (dinner was a rotational chore, everyone, except Alpha, took part in it. Alpha... he may be able to read a cook book but he couldn't follow one. It was best that way). The waft of spices made her way to her nose she could not believe they could spare them all. She took her fork and milled it around in her food, inspecting it. Finally she shoved a bite into her mouth and closed her eyes. Delicate, light, with a kind of cayenne and cajun seasoning (why it was called cajun and what kind of plant that was, she didn't know, but it was one of her favorite combinations) that provided just the right amount of spice. She opened her eyes and looked up at the Captain, who was now staring at her as she ate.

That flame she noticed early, it was there again in his eyes. They shared a silent conversation for just a moment, before Sam started interrupting about the mechanical issues.

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Re: serenity non-adult rp
« Reply #12 on: March 30, 2013, 06:32:44 PM »
He let the countless minor details of ship mechanics sail across his mind leaving barely a ripple as he contemplated how drasticaly things had changed in the last few years. How hed managed to escape the fate of orion colony. The years of running himself and his ship, the only thing left of his time on orion, to pieces trying to stay a jump ahead of the feds and everyone else looking for him.

He had done an incredible job but it hadnt been enough. Then Anya and alpha had found him and everything changed.

"Are u listening captain? We have to replace the forward stabilizer or we wont make reentry next time. And we could use more thrust vents on the port side as well.

"I hear u sam" mephisto said "As soon as we finish the run we can pick up the parts we need. Make a list but keep in mind we can't
replace everything. Id also like u to take a look at the forward array its been acting up lat......"

Just then alpha's voice came over the com "unidentified vessel on our six captain!"

"Whats she look like alpha?"

"I cant tell captain but by these readings their flying without containment...."

"Powinda rashine**** its reapers get us out of here alpha hard burn. Crew get to your stations sam i want every last erg of juice u can give me. Anya get up there and help alpha." Their eyes locked and he was reassured by the fire in her eyes. If he could count on. anyone it was anya and alpha. "Everyone else back to your rooms and seal your hatches. Pray to the verse we arent caught."

And as everyone rushed to comply a deadly chill settled into his chest.....reapers those damned heathens wouldnt take everything from him again not again. He kissed the twisted piece of metal around his neck and ran for the one and only turret their boat could boast.

Offline VeronicaH

Re: serenity non-adult rp
« Reply #13 on: March 30, 2013, 07:40:24 PM »
Anya managed a nob before sprinting up to the bridge. Alpha was using the manual controls now, physically dodging and maneuvering the hefty cargo ship Sweat was beading down his face, but there was a fire in his eyes and a grin on his lips and she could tell he was in his element. As excited as he was at danger licking at their heels like a wildfire she knew he must be confident that they could get out of it. After all, that was what he was hired for. But he was damn good at his job.

Anya slammed her ass into the control chair, and took a hold of the firearms controls. They were recent additions, Sam, Alpha and Anya had worked tirelessly to convert the guns from an older model mercenary fighter ship to this cargo ship. It wasn't exactly regulation, but so long as they remained hidden (Thanks Sam and her hydraulics ) they would pass any inspection.

Anya let a delightful yeehaw as she opened fire on the Reaver Vessel, denting its construction and slowing them. Of course their guns were inferior and would do little but slow the vessel, maybe stop it but never destroy it. It had to be enough.

Together the two siblings were the vision of reckless. They hooped and hollered slamming around in their seats as they led the assault. No one could guess that they were anything but related. Their colony had been inhabited exclusively by a group descended from Ireland on what was once Earth, so the histories had read. They were a rough and tumble bunch, mostly farmers and ranchers that lived hard on the land with no real determinable modern technology in many places. Had someone seen them now they would think that they belonged in a bar fight or a hay brawl with those grins, not knowing anything about Anya or Alpha's true natures.

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Re: serenity non-adult rp
« Reply #14 on: March 30, 2013, 08:57:07 PM »
Reaching the turret power controls he would turn them up past the stops. It would mean fewer shots but with a ship that size the nirmal settings just wouldnt cut it. He then ran to the bulkhead panel and sealed the passengers in their rooms in case of boarding then grabbed his lucky pistol and ran for the command deck. Reaching the bridge and slamming himself into the ops station and saying. "Sam i need that power! How we doing alpha? Status anya?" Eyes locked on the screen yet burning to visualy check that anya was unharmed. Sam came back over coms. "Captain we push her any harder and we wont have a ship"  "I dont care sam if we dont get moving we all die anyway."

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Re: serenity non-adult rp
« Reply #15 on: March 31, 2013, 02:23:27 AM »
His mind flashed back to the first time he was saved by anya and alpha. He was still lost in grief back then and couldnt let go of what happened. He canvassed the deeps out passed what used to be orion colony scavenging junk that floated in system on the solar winds. He talked to no one. He spent his time working on his ship and on scavengin. And on the rare occasion when grief took him he drank. And on that night he drank more than he shouldve. (Truth be told he wasnt sure how he made it to the field much less to his ship.) And he finaly gave into the grief. He had taken his little headhunter far past the saftey margin into reaper space and he didnt care. All the alcohol would let him think of was his precious son gabriel and wife saraphina. And after that all was a red haze. His little blast boat jittering and groaning as he did the only thing his drink addled brain would allow. Hurt those that hurt him. It wouldve been an impossible task even had he been sober. Their were just to many of them against his blastboat but then his soul woud shatter a little more and he would forget. That is until all he could hear was dry firing from his turret and sirens as his ship fell apart around him. This was it what hed craved since that horrible night. He pulled the e.v.a. handle and suddenly he was floating in the void. Just his flimsy suit between him and the cold vacum of space. Oh and about a thousand of thet most twisted evil beings in the verse. And he was just shiny with that. Screaming obscenities that no one could hear he waited to die. Wanted to die. In his drunken state he couldnt understand why they had to die and he had to live. And just as he pulled his  lucky pistol, which would at most go unnoticed by the reapers, a shuttle passed between him and the angry swarm of hate an insanity that was baring down. Then a jarring impact and blackness. He awoke tied to a strut. The first thing he noticed was the incredible hangover. Gradualy that eased and he registered the presence of a beautiful woman in front of him. Just in time to take a hard smack on the head and hear. "U crazy bastard were u trying to get yourself killed?" He looked up at her and replied simply. "Yes." And those shameful yet very sincere words were the first spoken the the woman and her brother. Those to helped him find a semblance of sanity and stuck around afterwards. Then hed gotten this ship and things had never been the same. Flashing back to the moment he turned and looked at the two of them. Alpha lost to the verse doing what he did best juking and rolling diving and twisting. Moving a firefly class freighter in ways its inventer couldnt have dreamed of. And anya hands on the firing controls spitting hot plasma and curses down their pursuers throaght. At times like these he found himself hard pressed to come up with reasons he shouldnt show her exactly how he felt. And then the old pain would flash across his soul. And he would wonder if he would ever have the courage to feel that way again. His mind was healed but his soul was still in pieces. Then their eyes locked and fear raced thru him as he watched her read all the emotions playing across his soul like he was a book. The fear,hope,grief,longing, and the ever present rage. And then the moment was gone and all he could do was kiss the piece of twisted metal on a cord around his neck and pray they lived long enough for him to wonder what his fiery first mate read in that brief moment of weakness.

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Re: serenity non-adult rp
« Reply #16 on: March 31, 2013, 11:53:34 AM »
Anya looked over to her brother. Sweat was beading down his brow as he tried desperately to maintain control of the craft, the maneuvers becoming more difficult. Pieces of space debris floated in the beside and in front of the craft. The good news was, it slowed down the reavers. The bad news? It slowed them down as well. Not as much though, not with Alpha.

She concentrated, the plasma guns were almost out of energy, soon they would need to recharge. She did the best damage as she could and it helped. She was able to disarm some of the ships control and she could tell the pilot was struggling, though he probably didn't care. Reavers were mindless and had only one goal on their minds. Destruction.

Anya had a few close calls like this since she started sailing with the firefly but she had never actually seen a reaver. Didn't want to. She heard rumors that Captain had, but she never asked. It sent chills to her bones to think about them. She put it out of her mind and focused at the task at hand.

Captain was calling her, asking her how they were doing, she grabbed her com and pulled up the video board. His intense look bore into her eyes. Something she could not quite grasp. Yearning perhaps? She thought she saw it, every once in a while. Especially when they were in tight spots. She wanted to be in different tight spots though, and usually she would make a crude joke about it to lighten the tension, make herself appear unattractive. Not right now. Not this time.

"We are handling, Captain. Just as we always do." At times like this she worried, worried that he would forget he was the leader.

She remembered the desperation in his eyes when she first met him. He couldn't have led himself out of a wet blanket, let alone an entire crew. His ship was in tatters, his emotions too. But still, he had a ship and it was more than her and Alpha had. They were crewman for the ship that rescued him, and poorly paid too. Alpha did little more than navigate in those days and scout ahead in Jets. Alpha washed out of the academy for his inability to conform to their rigid control. She had done well, but she left her post when he was forced from his. She would never abandon her brother. He was all she had left. He needed her.

So they took a couple of terrible crew jobs. It was difficult work and because they couldn't explain what they had done before it was also menial. Mephisto saw them different, he saw what they could do and how well they could do it just by watching them do simple tasks in those days. He had had some money saved and he paid for his own passage and theirs back to his vessel. Together they repaired it and came into their own. Now, his ship was a fine piece of work, she loved the bucket, and even when she cursed her it was as though the ship was a dear sibling. No one else could talk against her. No one.

Anya let out a deep sigh and retracted the phasers. They were done. She left Alpha in the bridge and ran to Mephisto. She needed to know what to do next. He needed to lead. She would follow him... anywhere.

((What is the ships name? Also please refrain from using chat speak as well as not capitalizing proper pronouns. It makes it a hard read. In the approval process it stated that they may look over our forums. I don't want you to be denied! I want to keep roleplaying with you :) ))