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Author Topic: Sheveled (M LF F)  (Read 3193 times)

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Sheveled (M LF F)
« on: March 29, 2013, 09:31:04 pm »

Welcome to my request thread.


A note on structure: about half of the spoilered sections describe settings with plots below them. I am interested in hearing your takes and feedback on those settings and plots. Pick one or more, mash them up, tear them down, shove your hands into their steaming guts and divine a future where we tell a story together.


powers; broken tradition; implicit agreements; m x f

Powers, sometimes called superheroes, came out of military experiments in WWII. Since that time they have spread through a variety of mechanisms--some chemical, some hereditary, some spiritual. In the interim a quiet understanding has fallen into place where powers band together against baseline humans—humans working together could still destroy and/or enslave the powers. There’s been a flourishing system of vigilantes and criminals, with a cycle that works like this:

Criminal breaks law.
Vigilante intervenes.
They come into conflict.
Criminal either escapes or goes to jail, where they inevitably escape.

Recently, two of the most celebrated powers were fighting (think Batman and Joker status). This time they both lost it, caused an incredible amount of collateral damage (not necessarily unusual) and in the end the hero killed the villain. Since this is the modern era it was all over the internet in minutes, uncapping long simmering controversy about the rights and status of powers.

As powers themselves come under a special scrutiny with increasing criticism of their privacy in the face of national security there’s also a shift in culture away from the slavish hero worship towards a more anxious outlook. Now someone was murdered. Villains were getting more defensive now that one of their own had been killed and some of the heroes felt emboldened to take things a step further. The unspoken agreement was being cast aside and old scores were being settled, while new ones came to light. In addition to this law enforcement, intelligence, the military and paramilitary groups have been garnering more influence and latitude in terms of dealing with powers.

Blood Feud

extreme; exhibitionism; schemes; non-con; humiliation

Our characters occupy a higher powered tier among the heroes and villains. They’ve had a long, bitter history of victories and failures, plots foiled and brilliant tricks. Now that blood has been spilled our characters have become increasingly violent and are among those who are receiving the most scrutiny and attention.

One day things culminate. My character gets the upper hand and publicly rapes her. Live television crew. Leaked tapes. Smartphone footage.

People being as shitty as they are, this somehow ruins her public image and boosts his. From there, your character plans and executes a revenge scheme, landing mine in prison or worse.

It would go back and forth like that. It could culminate (if we wanted to be really fucked up) a profession of love and an understanding between the two, the eventual death or total disgrace of one or both, the subversion of one to the others' side or go on until one or both of us lose interest and do something else.


secret agents; vanilla/bondage; powers; action

Leviathan is the codename for a secret government agency our characters work for. Their healthcare coverage is top notch, there’s a 401(k) and travel is entirely paid for. On the other hand there’s a bomb implanted in their necks and a GPS chip in their spine. The reason being that our characters are among a very small number of government approved powers killers.

Our characters alternate through cover agency affiliations on a per mission basis and their sole goal is to track down and kill rogue powers. It’s better not to dig into it and ask why. One of our characters will have been doing this for a while, one of them is a new transfer. They’re going to spend long amounts of time alone with each other on a job they can’t talk to anybody else about.

Oh, and the other thing?

One of them is a traitor.

If Evil = Smart, Then Good = Dumb?

sexism; capes and masks; turning the established order on its head

Your character is an up and coming villainess of the master mind variety or at least of the public acts of mayhem variety. Whatever the case she's at that point in her career where the get away car is a used 10 year old sedan parked a couple blocks away and the handful of henchmen she has are rented in stock uniforms or whatever they can bring. Given your character's penchant for showy mid day crime, it was only a matter of time before she received attention from a well known superhero.

Enter my character. He careens down through the roof of the bank/museum/stock exchange/whatever, promptly causing more loss in damages than your character stealing in the first place and creates havoc. In the mess your character manages to book it while there's still a way out and my character is distracted by the henchmen.

Once she's outside he saves her from debris from an explosion he just indirectly caused, commenting on how much he likes her "costume" and hopes she has fun at the "party." I'm imagining this will come from a mix of obliviousness and misogyny ("A beautiful lady super villain? Ha ha, no, no... Only women who can't keep a man turn to villainy!") of the "old fashioned" variety.

From there I could see it going on a number of ways. The first, for laughs, where my character gets involved in yours' shenanigans through a mix of deception and obtuseness. The second, where your character has a way of exerting influence or control over mine: influencing his decisions through blackmail, making him lose his powers in her presence through some device or as a quirk of attraction, tricking him. The third, in which he realizes she is a villain and makes attempts to reform her by dressing her up as a color coordinated sidekick with overbearing, nonsensical lectures about honor, the inherent goodness of man and reflections on how some women just need a strong, guiding, male influence.


dystopian future; struggling; plague; fascist corrupt government

Imagine a future in which corporate greed has run rampant, and in which at one point the US government went so deeply in debt the USD was significantly devalued, leaving all Americans on the brink of total poverty in a way more stunningly profound than the Great Depression. It was then a coalition of the biggest businesses in the US came together and gave the US government a loan, in exchange for certain concessions.

These concessions morphed into the Great Buy-In, in which multinational businesses literally purchased permanent political positions and gained the rights to endorse senators, vote on both the House and the Senate and introduce wide ranging economic reforms. Among them were the Voting Registration and Responsibility License—an expensive certification gained after three tests spanning a week that allowed one to exercise the right to “vote responsibly.” Due to decreased political transparency, revisions to the First Amendment and a significant wage disparity America has become a blatantly class stratified society.

Stable in its fascism, the USA was dealt a powerful blow in the form of the Soldier Virus. An experimental nanotechnology plague had escaped a lab facility in Virginia and quickly spread spread up and down the Eastern seaboard and across the Midwest to the West Coat. The plague become an epidemic over the course of two weeks, growing at a startling pace that was unusually well confined to the United States.

At its peak, a full twenty percent of Americans had SV.

A fifth of all people infected with the Soldier Virus died of stage four leukemia within a month. Half survived with severe anemia, dehydration, hallucinations and delusions that lasted for days and typically culminated in chronic health issues. Of the remainder, most were asymptomatic carriers. A small portion, however, were successfully altered as a result of the Soldier Virus.

These altered individuals were mostly between the ages of fourteen and twenty-five, though some children and some older adults were altered as well. A wide range of changes became apparent, some drastic and others subtle. Many of them were accompanied by a strange, matte black metal running beneath the skin and in some occasions replacing sensory organs and limbs giving enhanced sight, strength, reflexes or what-have-you.

Through a significant public health and awareness campaign the government setup a system for people to call in their friends and families who displayed symptoms of SV, as well as playing up fears of the “monstrosities” it could create and its particularly swift mortality. After all, in the year that followed the SV outbreak four percent of all Americans fell ill and died of the disease. Everyone knew a handful of people personally who died from SV.

However, the government has been secretly imprisoning the altered SV survivors and experimenting on them. Since they have a secret legal ruling declaring altered SV survivors inhuman, they have no rights, and in the name of science and homeland security radical measures could be taken.

Doctor and Patient

inverted power roles; m x f; patient x nurse/doctor

My character is an altered SV survivor whose been experimented on for the last six months. Your character is one of the nurses/doctors who keeps him sedated and interacts with him at the laboratory, taking care of his needs and assisting during the experiments on him. She has seen first hand and interacted with inhumane, unconscionable surgeries due to the specific nature of his change.

He is able to control a variety of his body’s autonomic functions at will and has a deep, intuitive understanding of his body’s relationship to itself (proprioception) and an ability to heal quickly and efficiently. More than this, he could turn off pain at will. In attempt to understand the virus’ transformation of his nervous system they gradually vivisected him, slowly cutting out parts of his body and then allowing them to heal before doing it again.

During this time he was forced to cycle his ability to feel pain on and off, with no ability to fool them.

A couple months into this torture another altered survivor with the ability to communicate with and command computer systems released every single imprisoned survivor at once.

On the way out, my character saw yours and ended up heading in the same direction.

Maybe she’s decided to stay with him because she’s sympathetic and feels guilty. Maybe she’s probably going to get killed if they find her so she doesn’t go public with what was really going on with hospitalized SV survivors. Maybe she’s terrified of what my character would do if she tried to leave.

In any case they two of them are roughing it out together in the slums, struggling to stay alive. I was thinking that the interplay them would be fun, particularly if the nurse/doctor was clearly upper class and looked down on the lower classes. It could especially interesting (if crazy) if it turned out she was holding the scalpel during his repeated vivisections.

There’s also the two of them getting into trouble with the gangs in the area when they try to run a scheme for some money, get into the drugs game, maybe hire themselves out to do jobs or racketeering or something. It could also be that my character made the nurse/doctor get all the cash she could, sell everything she could and they’re using that money on a shoe string diet in the super bad part of the city helping people.

Hard Knock Life

worlds colliding; wrong side of the tracks; optimism and pessimism; wealthy x impoverished; thrown together by fate

Our characters also participated in the SV escape event. Perhaps yours even engineered it.

Being young, they have nowhere to go. One of them was born and raised on the streets post Great Buy-In as part of the lowest social class (the urban poor). The other was raised in the lap of luxury, however, in a post-SV power struggle their mother was disgraced and deposed from her executive position at one of the great corporations that controls the US. As an outcome of this, and with being one of the unlucky few SV monsters, she has nowhere to go and nothing.

Now they have to figure out how they're going to survive. Can they exit the country? Can they somehow purchase new identities? Will they join one of the revolutionary groups the newly free SV survivors are forming? Can they see past each other's fronts and find a reason to stick it out together?

Doing the "Right" Thing

stability vs freedom; dueling right and wrong; tension

As ever, shit rolls down hill. Our characters seem to be at the very bottom of it with open hands. They're one of the pairs sent to investigate reports of SV escapees, capture or kill them whenever possible and suppress news whenever possible. Due to the sensitive nature of the escape, particularly at a time when no one can afford to look bad to the pubic, they're underfunded and under resourced.

More than that, they're not dumb. They're going to figure out that the propaganda is wrong. The SV monsters are just normal people who have survived a horrible disease. How long will they be able to stand looking at themselves in the mirror, will they find comfort in each others' arms or grow to resent each other? What happens when one of them grows to dissatisfied with the status quo they let an SV survivor escape and the other has to live with them letting the monster go? Will they?

The Founding Event

alien abduction; pulp sci fi; strangers in a strange land; what is human

Tens of thousands of humans were collected by a mysterious, long lived alien called “the Biologist.” It went insolvent and had to sell its assets. As part of that arbitrage humans were woken up, tested for sentience and duly released as free thinking beings.

All remaining humans (referred to as: the Diaspora) are plaintiffs in a class action law suit against the Biologist currently bogged down in bankruptcy proceedings.

Cybernetic and biological implants and alterations are common.

There are many different forms intelligence life in the Known Universe and humans can communicate with most of them.

Humans are relatively unknown, since the galactic community constitutes some five hundred odd different sentient species numbering into the hundreds of trillions.

There are many different current factions of humans; religious cults with charismatic leaders are big right now, people trying to establish a homeland, people trying to get back to Earth, people who are traveling off wherever.

There is a lot of conflict and crazy shit. The universe sucks, generally, and there’s no real benevolent overarching leadership that guides everything similar to Earth. There are many, many wonderful places to live for various different reasons and there are many, many awful places to live.

Most other species are unique individuals, just as humans are, though they can skew one way or another due their culture.

This is not hard scifi--you don't need to know calculus or physics or chemistry, you just need to be able to make things up on the fly.

A New Home on the Rez

Part of the problem with humanity is an interesting Catch-22. To be fully considered part of the Known Universe with all the rights and privileges inherent in that, humanity has to be included in the Galactic Community. This requires GC recognized territory, which implies being able to locate Earth. The problem is the Biologist isn't releasing that information and due to the intricacies of the bankruptcy proceedings that's all wrapped out until the outcome of the trial, when some creditor will likely gain ownership of that information.

Until such a time as this comes to pass the GC has graciously offered humans a place to call their own, provisionally, subject to the GC's laws under the protection of a coalition of races. This is as bogged down in bureaucracy as one can imagine. The Diaspora have taken to referring to this as the Reservation, or Rez.

It is a large moon orbiting a gas giant with an atmosphere that is similar to Earth's in that it is human breathable and non toxic. The upshot is that the flora and fauna there is typically safe for consumption, insofar as anything on Earth is. The downside is that this is literally an alien planet with entirely new resources and problems to come to grapple with and a population that includes a vanishingly small amount of farmers and tradespeople who could successfully homestead in their native environment, much less this one.

Our characters are part of an isolated community trying to get by in the face of looming disaster.

New Hustle Same as the Old Hustle

thriller; high stakes; crime and punishment

Before your abduction you were a criminal. After your abduction? Still a criminal. Sure the venue, the gadgets and the prizes have changed but crime is remarkably similar across planets.

That's what you tell yourself, anyway.

You make a name for yourself after you get a handle on some bootlegged technologies and find yourself increasingly involved in a mafia like organization where you're the exotic. Do you have a cat and mouse game with the space cops? Do you try and gun for the capo's spot? Do you just want to pull off enough scores so that you can retire onto your own moon and get into something legitimate like waste management or import/export?

An Acolyte's Journey

submission; ecstasy; pain; journey without meaning

These aliens, they're years ahead of humanity. Centuries, maybe. Some of them even more. Some of the species are called the Fallen, species that hit their apex and have fallen into a steady decline where their numbers and territories dwindle. They can do things even the other species gasp at.

One of those species operates something like a priesthood that will take in any alien, even a human, and grant them immortality and the ability to go between the stars like the snap of a finger. You just need to pass a series of tests, interviews and neurological screenings and you, too, can become a Hierophant. Maybe you could even find Earth and bring it screaming forward into the galactic community or go back home.

You wanted to live forever and you were noticed. One of these aliens has come to pick you up--little did you know that all of those tests were to find out how submissive you were, if you fit certain standards one of these Hierophants had set forth. Strong bondage theme here.

Always Wanted to be an Astronaut

Our characters have decided to stay off the Rez and try their hand at the exciting life of a professional spacer. They could have joined a mercenary group--accidentally or intentionally--or become part of the crew of a big cargoship or luxury spaceliner.

Basically, shenanigans.

The Day After Tomorrow

strange mutant abilities; neither good nor evil; oracles; m x f

Our characters have been caught up in the growing tide of people spontaneously manifesting superpowers. While it may still be only one in one hundred thousand, it’s had a serious impact on society in the last fifteen years.

People with powers are a widely divisive and controversial subject. It’s commonly rumored that people with powers who go into the military don’t come out; there are rare occasions to sell your abilities for hire legally though that becomes rife with regulation; there’s good old fashioned bigotry.

Our characters have been manipulated by a mutant who can see the future together, where it is revealed to all involved that they have superpowers and that if they don’t go into hiding they will lose their careers, families and social standing as they are outed.

Instead they are told to pursue a dangerous man, a crime lord that blacks out future timelines with his presence. The oracle believes it is due to the carnage and disaster he brings with him in all possible futures.

From that little adventure, I’d like our characters to essentially contract themselves out on the DL to do jobs as they become more acquainted with human supremacist groups, radical mutant ideologues, underground criminal syndicates and aggressive recruitment techniques from foreign military.

Wyrd West

Your character’s on the road. She said the wrong thing to the wrong person, did the wrong thing one too many times (even if it was “just” once) and can’t go back home. She’s a shifter whose been expelled from her pack, a lone wolf, and she’s just broken down in the middle of nowhere.

Desert stretches on in all directions, the air swelters with heat and you’re stuck dead in the middle of a ghost town. The only place that’s open is jeweler’s marked Sturm Family est. 1885. Most of the windows are boarded over in the big vault roofed building.

My character greets you with a broad smile. He’s the town mechanic, gas station attendant, jeweler and resident. He’d be out, but he hasn’t got enough working car parks to make it out yet. If you’ll let him travel with you he’ll fix your car.

I’m imaging a series of episodic adventures exploring a modern Weird West version of the American Southwest. My character’s a mage. I see conflicts with mischievous coyote spirits, badlands ghouls, vampires that sleep in tar pits and drink bitumen.

It could be that your character is riding a wave of conflict that’s rippling through the shifter community. Her pack could have come under the sway of a charismatic leader with popular fascist and werewolf supremacist ideals that is systematically exterminating other supernatural communities.

The Warlord
Your character has had it up to here. Maybe she was at a tavern passing through or perhaps she had been living in a region for some time. Either way, she catches wind of the dragon riding orc who has raiding the farms and towns of Derma (the region). She gets it in her head to go to the ruins he calls home and confront the orc head on (perhaps she is an accomplished adventurer in her own right or merely foolhardy).

However, things do not turn out quite as planned. She ends up trapped and enslaved by this intensely martial man. Along the way she notes the strange connection he has with the dragon. Eventually something happens. More orcs appear. This side of the Godspine Mountains they are all but unheard of, this being the only of his kind on the Derma side, and things become standoffish. As it turns out the warlord was banished from the Orcish Empire and now decides to make a stand for Derma.

Now Orc war bands are appearing and it is up to both our characters to prove that Derma is not theirs.

The Big Mistake

Your character's "eccentric" great aunt has passed away and, for some reason, left her dingy condo and all its assorted crap from a lifetime. After cleaning it out a book has drawn your attention. It is bound in a strange, soft beige leather with copper rings piercing the cover midway through the cover. Within it are scrupulously written notes--single syllables in a row stuck between pages in with strange symbols.

Then the demon comes.

It is large and powerful. It is a somewhat alien being. It is intent on corrupting the world. Before he fell, Raguel was a herald in the angelic choir. He took leads in the song praising the Lord. Then, when Lucifer made his play, Raguel decided that he would like to sing about something else. He became Lucifer's herald and was punished for it when the war ended. His goal is to use your character as his tool to corrupt the world while he is active in it.

Will you go down this path of corruption? Will you make deals for power? Will you quail beneath Raguel? Can you open his blank eyes to the beauty of the world?

The Island

This is definitely more of a high fantasy setting, taking directly from D&D. This doesn't mean you need any facility or knowledge of that game. Your character has been imprisoned. Maybe she's a sorceress, perhaps a thief or holy warrior. She has done something to draw the attention of the constabulary, and by extension, the Baron who rules this coastal fiefdom.

Here's the thing: the Baron has a problem. There's an island full of vicious creatures. A long time ago they came on their hide canoes to trade. Now they come on their longboats to raid. Each year they've become more and more aggressive.

Here's the solution: you've been press ganged into a war party!

Here's the rub: you end up stranded on the island full of these strange, monstrous creatures. In the middle of the island is a vast ivory tower. Maybe if you investigate, you'll be able to put an end to this and get back to the mainland with your skull intact.

I'll be GMing this. Instead of playing one primary character I'll be setting the scene and playing a variety of them. This is going to be a Stranger in a Strange Land style plot.

The Volker Institute

Magical creatures hide among us. Most of them are just as human as you or I. There are also creatures purported to be demons loose in the world, however they're pretty sly and full of doubletalk when it comes to actually discussing their place of origin. As it turns out, your character was lucky enough to be possessed by one of them! The incident happened about seven years ago; you had to drop out of college, you tortured cats, killed a few people... All until the Volker Sheriffs found you and helped you.

Since then everything's changed. Your eyes have opened. You found a new calling. You went to a different college across the country, finished your degree and became a Sheriff yourself. Now you spend your days tracking down out of control magic users, the possessed and those who cause trouble for the magical community at large. You've learned to harness the demon side of you and it only rarely comes out to play anymore, though when she does things tend to get really wild really fast.

My character is your new partner. He does not know the lay of the land like your's does. He's just been transferred in from a totally legitimate, over the board mortal law enforcement division. He self-assured to the point of cockiness and jaded. It seems like every other time you look he's taking a pill from a bottle and dry swallowing it. On top of that he seems to have a motley assortment of psychic powers and completely inability to give a shit or even believe have of the things he's seeing. He always believes there's a simpler explanation, which is a problem, since you're working on a string of demonic killings.

This is very out of the ordinary since most demons don't kill. They're not around to rock the boat because they know their place is precarious and, as a fact, derive little joy out of murder. They like to play with their food before they eat it and seem to get more of a kick out of emotional reaction and vice than death. Demons have been observed going out of their way to preserve the lives and livelihoods of their victims if it means they get to torture and manipulate them longer.

We can discuss the path the investigation is going to take, I was thinking it could be that the killer is only killing people who have been possessed by demons and successfully managed to live with them as symbiotes. It bares further discussing.

Send me a PM. I will never notice if you post here.


Just assume they're NSFW and you'll almost certainly be correct. Also typically lend themselves to (times infinity) more smut oriented stories.

The Angel Milker
This is why you never leave a lady alone with goblins
"Doesn't protocol dictate against grouping the specimens like this? Something about the female human..."
If you know that you built your college on a monster infested cave network, don't let the biology class take field trips
... no matter how much the grad students beg you
And the theater majors? WHAT KIND OF COLLEGE IS THIS?
Um, what kind of phys ed class is this?
That marriage must work on some level
Crime and punishment
Ape kings are not what you would call "progressive"
The logical conclusion of a successful siege against a walled city with a proud lineage of female warriors
Lizard men have a unique method of welcoming guests to their lands
Deliciously humiliating
Breeding farm
Artisanal dairy
Magical experiments have been known to get a little tetchy with the "abomination" word
The toll can be paid in a variety of ways
Lurk and learn
It can be so hard to keep human form
Telepathic humiliation games, go!
The containment strategy
Backroom sauna succubus
World's most flexible gymnast
A proper facade
There is a traditional greeting among the post apocalyptic futa gangs
Oink oink oink!
The greenskin justice system
"This week on... When Pokemon Attack!"
Live bait
In a world where the land can no longer support cattle...
Bimbo fashion
The lube dispenser
Elf Assimilation Academy detention duty
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Re: I Like Storytelling (M LF F)
« Reply #1 on: March 29, 2013, 09:56:41 pm »
The island sounds like a fun role play. Is it all right if I could do that one with you if it hadn't been spoken for if you're interested please?

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Re: I Like Storytelling (M LF F)
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Currently craving: Wyrd West.
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Re: I Like Storytelling (M LF F)
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Updated with plot availability, reorganized some pictures.

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Re: I Like Storytelling (M LF F)
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New Wyrd West plot. Check it out.

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Re: I Like Storytelling (M LF F)
« Reply #5 on: August 10, 2014, 11:56:48 pm »
Just updated with two new plots: The Founding Event and The Day After Tomorrow.

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Re: I Like Storytelling (M LF F)
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Updated with craving, plots.

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Re: I Like Storytelling (M LF F)
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Updated with If Evil = Smart, Then Good = Dumb?

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Re: Fantasies (M LF F) (updated 7/29/16)
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Generally updated and expanded Powers, Liberty, The Founding Event.

Additionally added picture plots.


I am a pervert, forgive me.
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Re: Be Bad (M LF F)
« Reply #9 on: August 19, 2017, 08:14:58 pm »
I've returned to E- for the foreseeable future. I look forward to telling stories with you.

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Re: Sheveled (M LF F)
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Bumping because it has been so long; added some plots and took some away.