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August 17, 2017, 10:56:26 AM
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Author Topic: Damien's Deviant Delights (and other assorted alliterations) (M for F)  (Read 2058 times)

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Offline DamienTopic starter

Current status
Potentially open to new stories.

Please send a *PM* if anything here interests you (in whole or in part), or if you have your own ideas you'd like to share

Hello! And welcome to my humble ideas thread. I'd like to start off by stressing that these ideas are not set in stone. I prefer to brainstorm and incorporate my partner's ideas than simply use something I came up with all by myself. The stories are significantly more interesting when we create something unique between us.

I do not operate on a first come, first serve basis. There are plenty of wonderful writers out there, and some are more compatible than others. I don't consider myself to be extremely picky or elitist, but I will absolutely investigate my potential writing partners' profile, preferences, and writing in an attempt to ensure that there is the highest probability possible that we will get along and that are writing styles are compatible.

RP preferences
I prefer to write male characters with female partners writing female characters.

I most frequently play dominant men with a submissive partner, but D/s is not required in all of my play. Switches and equals can be just as much fun. My preferences can be quite eclectic, as I don't like to get stuck just playing variants of the same story over and over.

I require that the all RP be plot-focused (rather than sex focused). That is, I want write erotica, not porn. That doesn't mean that there won't be plenty of sex or kinkiness, or that it won't happen quickly, just that said sex and kinkiness shouldn't encapsulate the entirety of the plot.

Be sure to read my ons and offs as well.

I don't think that there's a setting I don't like to play in. Fantasy (and its sub-categories) is a favorite, due to the amount of flexibility it lends itself to. But I am perfectly content playing historical, modern, sci-fi, supernatural, modern fantasy, steampunk, and (of course) post-apocalyptic-renaissance-goth-high-fantasy-mystery-comedy.

Current Ideas

Fantasy (M/F)

Setting: Modern
Content: Comedic, Twisted romance, D/s

A young writer fantasizes and writes about having a beautiful, eager, perfect, and insatiable slave at his beck and call. One day he comes home and she's there, waiting for him.

This is a story that I would like to progress from smut-heavy and rather comedic to something more serious and potentially dark. The situation he finds himself in would seem like a dream-come-true at first, and he takes full advantage of the seemingly impossible turn of events. But begins to learn that there's a reason fantasies are perhaps best left in their place.

I'd like to deal with issues ranging from dealing with the fact that he suddenly has to care for the life another human being, to legal issues such as her identity, and of course all of the potential emotional drama. Does he even like this girl beyond the physical attraction they share? How does he cope with the fact that she throws herself at him at all hours of the day and night, interfering with his work life and exhausting him with her desire for him.

It would also be interesting to see her transformation from a simple-minded girl with a very basic and primal set of motives to someone more human and complex as time passes.

Seeing Double (M/FF)
Requires a partner who would be willing to play two characters (not necessarily at the same time).

Setting: Modern
Content: Dub/non-con, D/s, BDSM

(Not the sort of theme I normally look for, but for some reason this one stuck. It should be noted that this story contains themes of adultery/cheating, but they are purely a plot device and not kinks.)

Their relationship was just about as perfect as it could get. They adored each other and were truly happy together, always eager to spend time together despite the fact that they had been together for several years and now engaged. That all changed when he spent the night with her sister. The sister was her opposite in so many ways, while his fiancee was prim and proper, well-composed, sociable and popular, her sister was quiet and introverted, always letting the light shine on her older sister.

They were both reluctant at first, but there was too much alcohol in his system and she just couldn't find the willpower to resist, and before they knew it something that had been a one-time mistake became a pattern as he discovered a kind of relationship and lifestyle that he hadn't imagined before. Despite his continued relationship with his fiancee his relationship with her sister continued even as it grew darker and more demanding by the day.

How long would he be able to keep up with this double-life? And what would happen when the lines began to blur?

Picture Perfect (M/F)

Setting: Modern
Content: Dub/non-con, Blackmail, Dark romance, Manipulation

A photographer grows obsessed with one of his subjects.

Inspired by this picture, I'd like to see a romantic story slowly grow darker over time. It could start as a simple relationship between a photographer and a model (both of them crossing a line that they know that they shouldn't), and as time goes on he grows increasingly manipulative and controlling over every aspect of her life and her appearance.

Life Hack (M/F)
Potential Content: Dub/non-con, twisted romance, BDSM, master/slave, public/risky sex. Potentially darker subjects such as misogyny, humiliation, degradation, and abuse may be discussed.

The classic set up, a pair of school rivals: he's the track star and she's the star of the swimming team. He's nerdy and intelligent, she gets by on her social skills and good looks. They're constantly fighting, playing pranks on each other.

One day she catches him alone in the showers late after practice, intending to play a prank on him. What starts out as playful teasing quickly turns into them giving their virginity to each other. The fighting only gets worse from there, with the added complication that they're sleeping together now.

I'm looking for a story where they discover their dominant and submissive natures together as she realizes she likes the way he treats her. As time goes on he would grow more and more dominant and controlling over every aspect of her life.

Taken/Shelved Ideas
From the Ashes (M/FF)
Requires a partner who would be willing to play two characters (or is willing to share control of the second female character).
Setting: Post-apocalyptic
Content: D/s, negotiable

The population of the world had been reduced to a tiny fraction of what it once had been. Everyone thought that it would have been the constant arms-race between the world's superpowers, but in the end it was a simple sickness that did it. It spread quickly, having no notion of boundaries or respect for age, race, creed, or gender. No one lived long enough to figure out if it was a mutation of an existing virus or if it had been created artificially. In the end it didn't really matter. That was nearly ten years ago.

Cities that once were home to millions of people were now homes to mere thousands. Suddenly there was more than enough room for everyone. More than enough resources for everyone who survived to take what they wanted and live comfortably on their own.

A man lives on a patch of land with a pair of women: a meek young woman whom he'd rescued from starvation and sickness a couple of years ago who adores him, and a second spunkier and more spirited woman that enters his life is spunky and spirited. Together they make a home for themselves and try to survive the hard trials that this new world has to offer them.

Part of the appeal here is that no one in this relationship views anything about it as taboo or forbidden. They live in a broken and solitary world and those social norms are what they make of them. Group sex scenes aren't necessary, I'm more interested in exploring a polyamorous relationship and having a huge sparsely populated world to explore.

Corruption (shelved) (M/F)

Setting: Modern Fantasy, Angels and Demons
Content: Combat, capture, NC, extreme, slavery, bondage, pleasure control, mental conditioning (negotiable)

In the constant war between Angels and Demons, prisoners are very rare. Not only is there a propensity towards killing first and asking questions later, but soldiers on either side of the fight would never surrender and are known to go to the most extreme lengths to avoid being captured and subjected to the whims of the enemy.

However it has been known to happen on occasion, and a powerful angel is captured and enslaved to an equally powerful demon. Over the long period of time that he has her captured he uses her and trains her and corrupts her and bends her mind to his will. When she is rescued some time later, the Angels see her as impure and filthy and are unwilling to take her back into their ranks. Normally she would have been executed, but out of a sense of mercy and compassion, she is cast out to Earth instead.

This is the overall story arc I have in mind, as always details and plot are negotiable. I would like to start with her capture and play through what happens after she's exiled.

Dimensions (taken) (GM/F)

Setting: Sci-fi, historical. Alternate realities.
Content: NC, extreme, slavery, bondage, pleasure control, drugs, mental and physical conditioning (negotiable)

In the distant future, one of the most incredible advancements that has been made is the ability to travel across dimensions. As the technology grew more and more available, entirely new industries began to grow around it - and along with them new kinds of black markets. One of these markets surrounded the kidnapping and enslavement of pretty men and women from these new dimensions. There was much less moral outrage when this occurred, and it was much more difficult to enforce.

The most exclusive and expensive of these services sends out scouts to the most promising dimensions it can find, and then collects women that meets their clients' precise specifications. Once located they are kidnapped and trained and conditioned in whatever manner the client desires.

One such client has made a request for a young and beautiful princess to be trained and delivered to him. His specifications are exact and extremely demanding, but the service assures him that they are able to meet his demands.

I have a number of thoughts on how this story can play out, and would love to hear yours as well if the premise is appealing.

Sacrifice (taken) (GM/F)

Setting: Modern
Content: Anything and everything

A young maiden is sacrificed by her village to the local deity, a ritual that has been performed once every ten years for as long as history can remember. Just like all of the others before her, she's stripped of all of her clothing and placed in a blood-red sacrificial garment that barely covers her and her hands and ankles are bound together. At the appointed time she's tied to a post in the center of the holy grounds and the village watches as she's swallowed up by a blinding flash of light - like all of the others before her. But instead of being dead like she expects, she finds herself standing on the side of a modern-day road

Obviously directly inspired by the accompanying image, I'm looking for another free-form sort of story where this girl has been offered up to her God - but rather than killing her as everyone assumes, he transports her to another realm and subjects her to anything and everything that strikes his fancy. I would be playing the part of the deity that's controlling the world around her and toying with her for his own amusement.

For a Price (shelved) (M/F)

Setting: Fantasy/Medieval
Content: Anything

She was the Empress, the only child of the Emperor who had fallen to assassins. She was next in line for the throne, but her hold on it was tenuous and her enemies - inherited from her father - were many.

He was trained at the most elite school in the world. It was eighteen hours of study a day for twenty years. He was trained to be a master of every discipline imaginable - politics, economics, finance, sex, martial arts, warfare, assassination, the sciences, and medicine. There were few people in the world that could afford his services, only surpassed in scarcity by those who were able to complete the schooling. Once contracted, his loyalty was unquestionable and unwavering. Immune to any form of bribe, blackmail, or torture.

With the resources of a vast empire at her disposal and enemies around every corner, just how far would she go to keep a hold on to her throne?

Caged (taken) (M/F)

Setting: Fantasy
Potential content: Anything ranging from light, comedic, and romantic to BDSM to NC.

She had been stolen from her home land far away in the darkest depths of the Forgotten Woods, an exotic creature of rare beauty. Now she was caged and put on display in a menagerie - their prized possession. Her powers are subtle and mysterious, but they have been weakened by her imprisonment and she is helpless. That is until one man comes to visit her on a regular basis, her subtle magics working on him and making him grow more and more obsessed with her until he decides that he's going to free her from her prison. The question is: did she just trade one cage for another?

Ideally my partner would be willing to use the picture prompt here as her character portrait.

Claimed (taken) (M/F)

Setting: Alt-modern
Potential Content: D/s (basic to extreme), BDSM, ageplay, romance (negotiable)

Women in this world are treated as second-class citizens, while many live normal everyday lives, that lifestyle is completely subject to the whims of the Citizen who has laid claim to her. At the age of sixteen any unclaimed woman can be claimed by a Citizen with a free claim. The younger girls wear their hair in braids to indicate that they've come of age, and any unclaimed woman caught wearing her hair braided is subject to legal penalties.

However, there are small rebellious factions that have been trying to change things. The only daughter of one of these factions has just barely turned sixteen. She's extremely intelligent and on the verge of graduating from school a full two years early. Her parents hope to get her into a private college on scholarship so that she's almost always safe from being claimed by a random stranger.

She rides home from school on the subway at the same time every day. Her school activities keep her out later than most, and so she frequently finds herself alone among a group of Citizens heading home from work, and despite the fact that she's of age now her father instructs her to keep her hair braided when she's in public.

On her daily trips home she catches the eye of one Citizen in particular: a man in his thirties by the look of things, always dressed sharply. Over the course of a week they develop a kind of routine with each other: he's always sitting in the same bench at the end of the train when she boards. There's standing-only and she makes her way to one of the polls near where he is sitting, standing there under his open scrutiny for the duration of the ride until he takes his exit.

Then one day, she chooses to leave her hair down on her way home from school.

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Image inspiration
« Reply #1 on: May 14, 2013, 11:48:25 PM »
I don't have specific ideas for these images/characters, I just know that I need them in my life. If any of them inspire you, please do tell.

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A couple new ideas.

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Re: Damien's Deviant Delights (and other assorted alliterations) (M for F)
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A couple of more ideas, looking for 1-2 more solid RP partners.

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Added some new cravings.

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Re: Damien's Deviant Delights (and other assorted alliterations) (M for F)
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Selectively looking for 1-2 more writing partners.