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April 17, 2021, 12:31:41 am

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Author Topic: Damien's Deviant Delights (and other assorted alliterations) (M for F)  (Read 3195 times)

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Offline DamienTopic starter

Current status
Not actively seeking stories.

Please send a *PM* if anything here interests you (in whole or in part), or if you have your own ideas you'd like to share

Hello! And welcome to my humble ideas thread. I'd like to start off by stressing that these ideas are not set in stone. I prefer to brainstorm and incorporate my partner's ideas than simply use something I came up with all by myself. The stories are significantly more interesting when we create something unique between us.

I do not operate on a first come, first serve basis. There are plenty of wonderful writers out there, and some are more compatible than others. I don't consider myself to be extremely picky or elitist, but I will investigate my potential writing partners' profile, preferences, and writing to ensure that there is the a good chance that we will get along and that are writing styles are compatible.

RP preferences
I require that the all RP be plot-focused (rather than sex focused). That is, I enjoy writing erotica, not porn. That doesn't mean that there won't be plenty of sex or kinkiness, or that it can't happen quickly, just that said sex and kinkiness shouldn't be the plot.

Be sure to read my ons and offs as well.

I don't think that there's a setting I don't enjoy writing. Fantasy (and its sub-categories) is a favorite, due to the amount of flexibility it lends itself to. But I am perfectly content playing historical, modern, sci-fi, supernatural, modern fantasy, steampunk, and (of course) post-apocalyptic-renaissance-goth-high-fantasy-mystery-comedy.

Posting Frequency
My posting rate an vary wildly at times, but on average I tend to get 1-2 responses written per week for any given story. Full disclosure: there are times where life gets busy or my muse simply needs some time to recharge. If you are unable to resume a story after brief periods of inactivity, then we may not be compatible. I hope to write with people who's posting rate is similar to my own and who can be patient with me when necessary. I will never pressure or poke my partners' for posts, and am more than happy to wait as long as is necessary for replies. I'm patient.

Current Cravings

Setting: Fantasy
Content: NC, Master/Slave, BDSM

A powerful king receives an unexpected gift in the form of a perfect slave.

The Seraph have become so rare, that there are parts of the world that believe them to be nothing more than myth. The secret to their creation and reproduction has been lost for hundreds of years, and despite their inability to age or grow old, their numbers have inevitably dwindled over time.

Bred to be the perfect slaves, each one is unique and impossibly beautiful. Every aspect of their being has been magically altered at the genetic level to make them the perfect slaves: an obedient temperament, an unearthly beauty, an inexhaustible sex drive, unable to reproduce or get sick

A small cluster of Seraph have managed to escape their servitude and remain hidden for many years, until one day a raiding party discovers them, capturing them and delivering their leader to the king in hope of gaining favor and fortune.

Tailor Made
Setting: Near future
Content: NC, BDSM, Slavery

Each girl that he sells is worth enough to set him up for a life of luxury for the rest of his life; but he's not in it for the money. Not entirely. He enjoys the thrill of the capture, the conflict between mind and body. The breaking of will. The molding of a new, perfect creature. The challenge of meeting his clients' exacting specifications.

The slaves he trains are so much more than sex objects though. And while a large portion of their training is centered around becoming the perfect sexual creature through rigorous physical training, mental conditioning, and subtle physical alterations; an equal amount of time is spent in training them to be the perfect companion according to the buyer's desires. Some of the greatest musicians, dancers, storytellers, and cooks have been produced by this program, destined to only ever perform for a private audience.

I'm potentially interested in playing with someone interested in cycling/alternating between various girls who are kidnapped, trained, and eventually sold.

Entangled (M/FF)
Setting: Fantasy/Modern Fantasy
Content: NC, Master/Slave, BDSM
Premise: A pair of twin witches unleash a power that they are unprepared for

The basement went pitch black as soon as they finished the incantation. The intricate diagrams painted on the floor still etched into their eyes' memory. The air turned icy cold and an impossible wind swirled around them until the darkness was broken by a pair of red glowing eyes.

The creature that they had unwittingly summoned was more than happy to accept their offering, even if they hadn't intended to hand their souls over to him. The twins were exceptionally powerful, and he had ample plans for their use. And he was oh so hungry.

The New Girl (M/FF)
Setting:  Modern/Alt-modern
Content: Anything from vanilla to BDSM or M/s
Premise: A man and his wife bring a new girl into their relationship

The basic idea here is the idea that the kind of polyamorous relationship they engage in here isn't something that's considered weird or taboo. Either because of the unique relationship that they have, or because they live in an alternate world where this kind of thing isn't considered unusual or taboo.

Other potential options here range from a simple modern story revolving around the development of this kind of relationship, to an alternate world where women aren't first-class citizens, to a post-apocalyptic setting where they are driven by need over anything else.

Seeing Double (M/FF)
Setting: Modern
Content: Infidelity, BDSM, Dub-con, Blackmail
Premise: A man engages in a D/s relationship with his wife's/fiance's sister

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A couple new ideas.

Offline DamienTopic starter

Re: Damien's Deviant Delights (and other assorted alliterations) (M for F)
« Reply #2 on: November 13, 2013, 03:13:43 pm »
A couple of more ideas, looking for 1-2 more solid RP partners.

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Added some new cravings.

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Re: Damien's Deviant Delights (and other assorted alliterations) (M for F)
« Reply #4 on: October 29, 2016, 10:26:54 am »
Selectively looking for 1-2 more writing partners.