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Author Topic: Agent 13  (Read 917 times)

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Offline TheLoversBeastTopic starter

Agent 13
« on: March 29, 2013, 03:16:36 AM »
So... In the midst of my application process, ive decided to branch out my hitman stories. In no way is this related to the video game series however this idea started with those intentions.
Each agents story will be in a different time, different place, with different levels of assignments with different outcomes. When I am approved I will be moving the stories where I can have relations hahaha xD
I also will plan a bio on the society if this story gets deep enough to my expectations

Offline TheLoversBeastTopic starter

Re: Agent 13
« Reply #1 on: March 29, 2013, 03:12:48 PM »
     July 18th, 1989
     At this time, Agent 13 has a small property in the forests of Brazil, equipped with his own dock, and airstrip.

     As the radio off in the distance muttered commercials in Portuguese, Agent 13 (Brandon Wallace), was fixing up the engine on his imported Volkswagen '88 Golf. He was obsessed with Volkswagen from the time he was a young boy. Anything and everything about their image and design fascinated him. It was a very muggy and hot day yet the Heineken was still ice cold. But even after a perfectly executed assignment, he could tell something was either wrong or something bad was about to happen. He and his wife lived happily, deep in the Brazilian forests. They were expecting a child the year before but the stress of him missing for 2 months made her miscarry. So they had decided after his 20 years in the society, which would've been 1997, they would move to Germany to start a family. Even though he would then be 43 years old. Secretly his wife Sasha regretted but wished he would get opted out for some reason so he could be home all the time and the payment he would receive, they could live comfortably with 2 children for the rest of their lives. But she knew the retirement pension hes built would leave them rich and be able to put 6 children through college and still live lavishly at 90 years old.

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Re: Agent 13
« Reply #2 on: March 29, 2013, 06:53:29 PM »
   As Agent 13 finishes up tightening every screw and bolt, Sasha calls Brandon in for an assignment call.
   "Brandon honey, Agent 1 is on the phone baby!"
   "Thanks hun I'll be right there!"

   As he went to grab the phone the smell of refried beans and seasoned meat filled the air.
   "Hello, this is Agent 13."

   "Good evening Agent 13, I trust you are well?"
   "Yes I am sir, yourself?"
   "Very, thank you. This next one should be a walk in the park, literally. I have a very close assignment for you, you could leave in 15 minutes and be home in time for tacos. His name is Julio Juarez. Have you heard?"
   "Yes I have sir, I have been scouting this dirtbag. For some time now. Trust me, he will be on Braz12 News tomorrow night. Ive just been waiting for the green light."
   "Thank you 13, Thats why your being scouted for the societies new director of operatons."
   "Thank you sir. As we say here, Ordem e Progresso."
   "No thank you, I am a campells man since I was a boy..."
   "No sir, thats Brazils motto, Order and Progess."
   "'..... Im sorry 13."
   "Its okay sir..."
   "Well then. Enjoy your dinner. Good night."
   "You too sir..."

Offline TheLoversBeastTopic starter

Re: Agent 13
« Reply #3 on: March 30, 2013, 01:44:46 AM »
     Disregarding the slightly insulting misunderstanding, He quickly dialed the number to his right hand man Steven. The society didn't know about Steven though he was trustworthy enough in Agent 13's eyes it wasn't on a need to know basis.
     "Yo, Brandon whatsup man? We go to Slippery Nips tomorrow night."
     "Trust me I know, And tomorrow night we'll have an extra 5 G's to our wife's spending plan." The both laugh heavily as they already knew what was going down.
     "So which one is it B? Julio or Vasquez?"
     "Thank god. If I had to sit through another, Cassie's Missing Children's Report this sunday, I was going to just kill him vigilante style with some god damned barbwire around a 2x4"
     "Trust me I know. So tomorrow, I'll pick you up about 9 o'clock. That will give us enough time to get to the parking garage he uses on the meetings every other Friday. God damn this worked out perfectly. Anyways, he'll get out after he does his coke and we'll approach him as repo men so he he won't suspect an assassination. We'll ask for a registration, and as he gets in the car to grab it, we'll cap his ass. Sound good to you?"
     ''Like gravy!''

Offline TheLoversBeastTopic starter

Re: Agent 13
« Reply #4 on: March 30, 2013, 11:36:23 PM »
   9:55 AM
   The two wait in Stevens tow truck waiting for Julio to arrive. Usually between 10:10 and 10:20.

   "So hows Linda?" Agent 13 asked.
   "She's....... Good. She's good." Steven tried not to make eye contact with him, as he was caught off guard by the question.
   "DUDE! REALLY!? You know one of these days, that shits gonna catch up with you."
   Steven had a bad temper, and one thing he couldnt tolerate, was girlfriends trying to change his way of living. So about 6 out of 10 women he dated would press that issue, 4 of those would get violent, and 2 would get killed. But Steven was an incredible handy man for a killer. Able to defuse and plant bombs, hot wire anything, and knew just about everything when it came to obscure firearms.
   "Whatever man, The past two womens parents I couldnt understand on the phone, and that last chicks parents are dead. Now grab your little clip board and lets go. He just parked over there...." As they nod their heads at each other Steven cocks his gun.

   "Excuse me sir is this your Cadillac?"
   "Yes..." Julio replied in his thick portugeuse accent.
   "Im looking for a Cadillac this model, but I dont have a license plate number for some reason. May I see your registration number?"
   "'........ No problemo, its just here in my glove box."

   Julio had thought something was going on, his men had spotted a surveillance member looking at Julio too frequently 3 months ago, his whereabouts are still unknown. As he assumed, they were hitmen, and Julio had seen him cock his gun in the tow truck. He was thinking when they would try to strike so he grabbed his gun in the glove box instead, however the car was not registered at all. As his hand gripped the handle of his pistol, Steven had his gun already aimed to the back of his head....... Julio was no longer a threat to young girls as the ringing of the gunshot echoes through the nearly empty underground parking garage.