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Started by Holdaer, March 28, 2013, 11:06:07 PM

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Hello, and thank you for your interest.

The following are story ideas I am working on and would like to play out, more are added all the time so be sure to keep a watchful eye. As always, if you don't see something you like feel free to PM me and we'll see if we can't work something out we will both enjoy!

-Addicted to You-

In this one, I would be playing the object of your character's affections. They could be one sided, or it could have just been something that fizzled out and never quit took hold but you couldn't let go. The exact circumstances can be worked out later. The main idea however is that you would use some kind of addictive substance (natural/supernatural/etc) to make me yours. At first I would just feel a little sick, and you might come over with something to 'make me feel better', and it does.. for a while. Until I become completely dependent on it. A side effect might be that I become completely unable to not love you back. Other side effects are possibilities as well.

-Born to Serve-

This is an idea I have been mulling around in my head for a while and thought I would put to paper. In this scene I would play a female character that would be in some way be forced to serve a master through a non consensual means. Something like say, she's walking home from school and gets abducted by her captor and brought to his home/dungeon/fort etc and is trained to be his or her slave. She would resist the training and would possibly be subjected to physical harm or torture to help her comply. Various techniques could be employed, all of which would be at the discretion of the Master. Where it goes from there, either full enslavement or something more sinister is completely up to you. You could torture her until she begged for death, and then grant her that wish. Make her so sexually frustrated until she is begging to have you inside of her. Or even just tie her up and fill her with your seed night after night until she was full with your child. The exact time/place and location as well as genre for this scene can be modern/futuristic/medieval. For the most part you would be in control of how she was treated based on how she reacted to what you did.

-Boring Office-

In this story, I would be playing an officer worker in her late twenties whom quite frankly is bored with her job but with the economy the way it is can't find a replacement job that excites her. The economy being a bit slack as also allowed for some ex-terns to be hired on, since they don't get paid and are doing this purely for college credit or just the work experience it doesn't cost anything. Her office is near the entrance so she sees them every day as they enter, and everyday one of them looks at her but keeps walking without so much as even saying hi. Not that it bothers her, just seems a little odd not that all of them say hello on their way in, even people she has worked with for the past two years don't say hello to her and they get paid. Her husband works at a different company, and works the same hours. So when she comes home to him they have nothing but time on their hands. They are both LDS (Mormon) and even had a temple wedding and sealing, but he wasn't able to satisfy her in the bed room. Part of waiting until that wedding night means that you have no idea what your partner is going to be like. They married young, he was 21 and a freshly returned missionary and she was 18, fresh out of high school. They got married only months after meeting, very rarely do they have sex as it's not exactly pleasurable for her she refuses most of the time. One of the ex-terns heard some rumors of the perfect Mormon wife that was frustrated by her husband's inability to pleasure her and sought out to fix that, by taking his place. How the ex-tern does this is completely up to you, be it seduction, coercion or some other means. I would love to hear your ideas!

-Celebrity Crush-

In this scene I will play an actress/singer whose' star is rising and as such as become under the focus and scrutiny of the public eye. As is with most young singers/actresses in the lime light she is the subject of many male fantasies, and for the most part she enjoys this. Posting some suggestive pictures on line and saying they were 'leaked or stolen', posing and being featured in magazines like "teen cosmo" and such things while she was still under 18. She heard and saw things people posted about her, saying what they would do to her and she found it to be hilarious and fun to do that, knowing that they would never have the pleasure. When she turned 18 she did a racy role in a movie, nothing nude and there were no leaked nudes of her to be found. Always careful to make sure nobody saw her naked, teasing everyone was so much more fun. She was out at the bars, drinking and smoking while she was there, taking pictures of herself hugging up on 'fans'. She decided she had enough fun for the night and took the elevator up to her room, a gentleman was already in the elevator but she didn't care her room was in the penthouse, using her card the elevator registered her access to the penthouse and the lift climbed.

Some things could happen here, PM me to discuss where it goes from here. The guy in the lift could be a sleeze and try to rape her, or he could have put something in her drink and she becomes more compliant or someone could burst in at the next floor, see what was going on and save her and she could fall in love with her savior. Many things could happen and I'm cool with almost all of the possibilities!

An Exotic Affair

This story revolves around a married white woman (Ages are negotiable.) and her husband whom is also white. They have a happy marriage, love one another and enjoy life together. Their life is good, they both work rather well paying jobs and money is not entirely an issue for them. There is only a slight problem, a small one if you will. Both she and her husband were chaste before marriage, vowing to not have sex with one another until they were married. This worked out great for both of them, the sexual tension that built up the years leading up to their marriage was intense and allowed them to both experience ecstatic pleasure.

The problem came when the tension wore off, her husband not being very well endowed didn't do much for her and on many occasions she would have to wait for him to fall asleep before finishing herself. While she loves her husband the sexual frustration is some times too much, while she would never tell him that she constantly finds herself fantasizing about other men.

Then one day an exotic looking man, dark skin, tall and toned comes into the picture. Her entire life has been spent in a rather upscale life where people of color were not entirely common place, and the exotic nature of this man ignited her fantasies.

The story can go in many different ways, with many kinks and quirks added here and there as well.

This is just a beginning, more will be added later and ideas are always welcome!

-30/03/13- Added a scene (Born to Serve)
-02/04/13- Added a scene (Boring Office)
-04/04/13- Added a scene (Celebrity Crush)
-18/05/13- Added a scene (An Exotic Affair)


To Catch a Killer

This story requires a male character but the player does not have to be.
The idea for this is that I will be playing various victims and the female detective in charge of the cases.
The victims will all be between the ages of 18 and 30, physical appearances are something we can work out together.
Mainly your character will stalk, rape, torture, humiliate, kill (does not have to be in that order.) the various victims I will be playing.
The detective will be a rookie looking to make a name for herself, roughly 26-29 years old but negotiable.
The main things I'm looking for is essentially a bunch of one shots in a bigger story form, with each victim being selected for a special trait they have. (You tell me the trait you want in your victim I work one up.) Then we play out the stalking rape/consentual sex and eventual murder of the character. How you kill me is up to you, you could have an mo or just random to keep it fresh.

If you want we could also have one maybe get away or you work your way up to murder, however you like it.


They Found Out I Am A Girl.

The rough idea of this is that I am A girl who playsan online game, MMO of your choosing. I was playing under the guise that I never revealed my gender, for fear of stalkers or creepy guys hitting on me etc. One day somehow it is found out I am a girl. Where it goes from there is something we can discuss. You could be super stalkerish and show up out of the blue, or romance me over chat or anything you can think of. I am fairly open to discuss ideas of almost any fetish/kink so don't be afraid to ask.

Thanks for reading and please pm me or add me on yahoo, as I do not actively monitor this thread.