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May 26, 2020, 10:29:26 PM

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Author Topic: Unexpected love  (Read 700 times)

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Unexpected love
« on: March 28, 2013, 09:59:13 PM »
"You really shouldn't go on this mountain trail with him. It's too dangerous! You could slip and fall. Am avalanche could happen and crush you, the trail could crumble under your feet and you fall to your death!" My friend kept going on about the dangers I could face on this mountain trail with my date this afternoon.
"Easy Daniel. You freak out about the littlest things, silly." I giggled, amused.
"I do not. I just see the dangers of what could put you in harms way." He said defensively as he adjusted his black rimmed glasses and looked down. His black hair fell over his brow.
"Oh really? What about that day in the game arcade? You were afraid a dart would go straying and hit us when we passed that section." I teased.
"Hey! People have been known to stray in their throws." Daniel blushed at the memory of that day.
"Honestly, ever since I've known you in high school you've been scared about the littlest things. You're a scaredy cat. Admit it." I throw a wadded up piece of paper at him and he ducked, but instead fell off the roller chair he was on. With a moan of pain he slowly stood up and rubbed his bum.
"I also said roller chairs were dangerous for that reason." He groaned.
"Those things only happen to you because you think too much on it. It's more likely to happen when you fear it all the time."
"I highly doubt that." He muttered as the doorbell rung.
"Yes! Chris is here!" I said excitedly.
"Amazing how much athletic stuff you've been doing since he asked you out last year." Daniel sighed, "I remember how you used to stay trapped up in your room or hang out with me most of the time."
"Come on now. I wanted to do active stuff with you, but you always get scared and say what could go wrong. I enjoy going out too."
"I don't like him, Marie. Something about him rubs me the wrong way." Daniel muttered.
"Paranoid." I said with a small smile as I opened the door and greeted my date.
"Hey Marie, ready?" Chris asked as he leaned his handsome self against the doorway and ran his fingers through his light brown hair.
"Yep!" I pulled on my jacket since it was still chilly in this early spring weather and pulled my long, dark hair out as I waved good bye to my friend.
"See ya, little buddy." Chris said as he roughly patted Daniel on the back, nearly sending him face down on the ground.
"Please don't do that, and I'm not little nor your buddy. I'm almost as tall as you and I don't recall ever considering you to be my friend." He said firmly with a frown.
"Be nice, Daniel. It would be nice to have my friend and boyfriend get along." I told him.
Daniel just glared at Chris with his hazel eyes, and Chris had a tight smile on his tanned face as his green eyes shone with annoyance. I just rolled my brown eyes in exasperation.
"We're leaving now. Take care Daniel." I said as I took Chris's arm and pulled him away.
Two hours later the sun was high in the sky, warming my skin as Chris and I hiked higher on the mountain trail. Breathing harder from the climb out my body screamed for rest.
"Are you doing okay?" Chris asked from behind me.
"Yes. Just tired. I hate going uphill." I told him.
"No worries. Downhill will be faster and easier." He assured.
"Yeah. Looking forward to it." I breathed as I took another step up, but I stumbled from exhaustion and my foot slipped to the side and the edge of the trail crumbled underneath me!
"Ah!" I screamed as the trail crumbled and I fell off the edge!
Just in time my hands grasped the edge of the crumbling trail, but I felt myself slipping fast.
"Chris! Pull me up please!" I begged as I gritted my teeth in fear.
"Hang in there! I'm coming." He said as he edged towards me, but the trail weakened and chunks of the it fell, making it to narrow for Chris to bend and grab me without the danger of him slipping too.
"Marie! I can't safely get close enough to you! Most of the trail in between us is crumbling!" He cried as he pressed his body against the edge of the mountain.
"There's still space! Grip onto that!" I exclaimed, now only the tips of my fingers gripping the thinned out trail.
"Sorry, but I can't. I'm too young and have too much to live for!" He whined.
"What?!" I yelled.
"Sorry!" He cried again before turning back around and racing down the trail where it ended on leveled ground.
"Chris!" I screamed.
'I'm going to die! That jerk!' My mind screamed.
In a split second my fingers lost its strength and I lost my grip. Tears of fear fell from my eyes as I started to fall.
'This is it. I'm dead!'
My arm was painfully yanked as the weight of my body pulled down with gravity as my right arm was caught in something firm.
"Marie!" A voice called out my name.
I looked up and my eyes widened in surprise as my eyes caught sight of Daniel.
"Daniel? What are you doing here?" I asked, stunned.
"Trying to save your life! Can you try and climb up? I don't have the physical strength to pull you up by myself." He gasped as he strained to hold onto the hand he held onto with his.
"Y-yes. I think I can." I stammered as I hesitantly placed one foot, and then the other on the edge of the mountain I was hanging off of.
I did my best to find a firm grip on the rocky wall of the mountain as I reached with my other hand and grabbed Daniel with the other. Together he was finally able to pull me up in what felt like hours when it was only minutes. With shaking bodies from the fear and relief that I did not fall to my death we scrambled to the wider trail that was not weakened and crumbling.
"I told you this trail wasn't safe!" Daniel yelled with a shaky voice.
I was about to argue with him until I felt his arms pull me into him in a tight hug.
"Don't ever do that again. I thought I lost you." He sobbed as he squeezed his eyes tight as if trying not to see what would have been if he did not save me.
"Lost me? No. Thanks to you I am alive and well." I told him, my voice matching the same shakiness as his as I rubbed my face against his shoulder.
"By the way," I added, "what are you doing here?"
"Oh. That? Well, as I was going back home I came across siblings who had hiked this trail yesterday and they were talking to one of their friends saying how this trail was starting to weaken and how it was too dangerous now to hike because of the dangers of falling off from this so I wasted no time to come after you and Chris to warn you two, but as I was heading up that Chris guy was running pass me with a pasty white expression. He didn't even stop by to talk to me. I figured something was wrong when you weren't with him and the fear that was plastered on his face. I became so scared that the worst had happened and ran up." He explained, "I'm glad I did. I don't know what to do if I lost you."
"I'm surprised you did this. You're so scared of everything that you don't want to put yourself in harms way."
"You know what scares me the most? Having something horrible happen to you? I-I..." He trailed off as he released me from his hug and looked into my eyes, "I love you more than for my own self. I have for a while now."
Speechless I stared at him.
"I never thought you'd go for someone as scared and not charming as Chris so I said nothing. You deserve the best Maire, and I'm far from that." He said somberly.
"No way." I whispered, than louder, "No way! How can you think that? Despite all your fears you rescued me without regard of your own safety for me. If that isn't someone who can give me the best in everything than I don't know who possibly could."
I wrapped my arms around Daniel, nearly knocking the wind out of him and held him close.
"You're the best Daniel, don't ever doubt that. I love you just as is. Let's go out somewhere tonight. Just you and me."
Daniel smiled small and shyly as he blushed at the touch of me.
My heart felt light and happy for the first time ever as Daniel helped me up and we went down the trail together with Daniel holding tightly to me as he eyed the trail nervously, expecting it to crumble underneath us. I smiled at this and looked back at Daniel.
"No worries. If we fall we fall together." I teased.
"How can you joke about this after what just happened?" He moaned as he looked back down.
Though I knew if I fell again he'd be there by my side no matter what as well as what lay before us in the future.