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Just listing a few plotlines I've thought up. If something interests you, let me know. Any particular cravings will be marked with red titles and all roles and genders are flexible. The plots are a fair example of my writing style. I post between 3 and 15 paragraphs and will always proofread. Post length isn't horribly important to me, but please have passable grammar and spelling. PMs of all sorts are welcome! There are also some fandoms I'm interested in listed below.


Harry Potter: I have a soft spot for the devious and ambitious, so Slytherin characters are a pretty sure win. Original characters are welcome, but I don't have a problem playing canon characters either. Ask me about my post-apocalyptic plot idea!
Avatar, TLA: Haven't seen Legend of Korra yet, sorry.
Warcraft: I play Horde characters mainly, so I'm only familiar with that side of the lore. LOVE the Forsaken and anything to do with the Lich King storyline.

The best things in life are free-
When the lord was young, he went off to war because that's what young lords do in these stories. He became close to another young soldier and the two were like brothers until the end of the war. They promised to keep each other's families safe, if one of them should die. When they made it home safely, they promised to keep in touch. But of course they didn't.
Now the old friend has written the aging lord. He's dying and has no money left to raise his daughter into the socialite she will need to be if she wants to catch a rich husband. He begs his old friend to take her in and help her make her way into the world. The lord agrees, as he's very wealthy and only has his three sons now that his wife is dead. A woman's touch would be welcome in the manor! The young woman arrives and she's as wild and unrefined as a person could be. She shocks the more dignified lordlings by running off into the woods alone one night, saying that she'll hunt the deer and bring back a nice meal. Now it's up to the lord's son to bring her back and make her behave.

Water birth-
Pongiora is a massive leviathan whale in the ageless sea, worshiped as a goddess by the people of the small country named for her. The Pongioran people as a whole no longer truly believe that she is the mother goddess, but the princess is still faithful. You guard the princess on her full-moon pilgrimages to the bay every month, and walk with her to the shrines on the canals whenever she wants. You love her as best you can while respecting her station, and you start to think that she might feel the same way.
One afternoon, you walk with her barefoot through the palace's marble halls to the pier on the bay. She's seen unfamiliar ships in the distance and wants a better look. Before you can get too far, explosions rock the building. Soldiers are screaming, running everywhere in a panic looking for more cannons. The city is under attack, the king is dead already, and now the ships in the distance open fire. The princess demands that you take her to the water. If she could only get into the sea, she could call Pongiora for protection. It's a ridiculous thought, but she is so earnest... You agree to fight through the waves of enemy soldiers for her, to bring her to the ocean and hopefully call her god.
Barefoot and unarmed, the now-queen of your home joins the lines. She pushes cannons down the halls in her silk gown and passes bags of gunpowder to her guards. It's a hard fight, but you and a few men manage to bring her within sight of the sea. It might be close enough, she says before dropping into the bloodstained canal. She should be well over her head, but the water only comes to her waist. She looks at you in fear for just a breath then staggers as the water heaves around her. A huge machine rises from under her feet, disgorging more enemy soldiers onto the canal banks. You can't reach her, but you can see her darting over the slick surface, still trying to get into the water. Then she is caught. The soldier grabs your beloved and slits her throat from ear to ear before tossing her corpse into the water.
So you fight. What else can you do? Hours drag and men fall, but you press on towards the ocean. When you finally get to the pier, the canal is more blood than water. Sharks churn the waves. Numb, you realize that many of the enemy ships are sunk. One lovely vessel with a huge cog on the sails is sending out boats. When the landing party reaches you, they great you in friendly voices. Exhausted, you collapse only to wake up days later aboard a strange ship, very far from home.

The saint is evil-
A few hundred years before our story starts, an adventurer finds a dragon's lair in a far-away mountain. He and his party load up their packs with as much treasure as they can carry, as well as five  dragon eggs. They return home and make lives with the loot they stole. The adventurer, by virtue of shrewd lending and clever gambles, soon becomes the wealthiest man in his homeland. Money leads to power, and after hatching one of the eggs, he becomes king of his region. The dragon-ling, after it's grown too dangerous for him to keep as a mount, is killed. Over the next few centuries, one or two of the dragons are hatched, as symbols of power for the new royal family.
Well, remember the dragon the adventuring king robbed? In it's homeland, the dragons are respected and worshiped. This dragon sends out some of it's warriors to hunt down the stolen treasure and eggs. Nothing really comes of the search, but the dragon has a long memory and keeps sending our it's best assassins.  After all this time, one of the men finally finds a small and wealthy territory. He is welcomed in by the gracious young queen
who shows him every courtesy. She eventually shows him the remaining eggs, proving that she's descended from the thief. Even though his dragon-god declared that the thief's family must die, the warrior can't bring himself to kill this virtuous woman.

Dirty King-
A very old and once-respected kingdom has gone bankrupt. In a last-ditch effort to save the throne, the king sends his son to post after post in other nations' armies, essentially whoring him out to the highest bidder. Eventually the boy is sent to serve in a position far off in the woods. On arrival, his soldiers turn on him and try to assassinate him. Barely escaping, the price goes into hiding as a common farmer and learns that his assassination was part of a larger plan. His family has been wiped out and his kingdom is now struggling against a mighty siege while he's trapped in a hostile land. Will he return home to break the siege and save his home? Or will he try to hide as a ragged farmer and embrace the poverty he was left in?

Master Thieves-
(Medieval/fantasy) Street urchins don't live long in this city, but you've managed to last. You're clever and quick and know just how to keep your head down to avoid trouble. Well, okay, most of the time. Today you weren't so lucky. Maybe you picked his pocket a little too roughly, or borrowed money without being able to pay it back, but this great hulking brute is determined to beat you to a pulp in this rancid, dead-end alley. No problem, you've been beat before and survived it just fine. But the blows keep coming and he's not stopping. In horror, you realize that there's no coming away from this one. It's too late for an escape, and just as you start to black out you hear someone swearing at your attacker. You were so sure the alley was empty, but does it really matter? The beating has stopped! Three figures of varying heights and builds manage to chase off the brute. In your confusion, the tallest man helps you up while the shortest figure (a young woman, apparently) starts examining the damage. The middle-sized one, wiry and androgynous with his smooth face and short wavy hair, appears to be the leader. he looks you over with a stern expression before nodding to the girl.
"Okay, what did you do?" They all wear fine dark clothes with belts holding various tools. You recognize a set of lockpicks, an expensive glass-cutter, and more than a few knives. These are thieves, and wealthy ones. If you could only get them to take you with them, maybe you could save yourself from a life (and likely death) on the streets.
Those that suffer-
In a city similar to Paris in the 1750s, revolt is brewing. The common folk are starving in the streets or being used for bloody entertainment for the rich. One idealistic aristocrat has just come into his family's fortune and seeks to use his new power to better the world. His fellow members of the upper-class want nothing to do with it, of course, and undermine his good work by making his lands even more unbearable. They steal food, kidnap women and children, and beat his serfs in the streets while claiming to be sent by the young man himself. The people have finally had enough, and send some of their own into his house with intent to kill.

Civilized behavior-
Goethen is a primitive, brutish nation in the north made wealthy by natural resources and a fierce army. They have no organized religion and the central government consists of a committee of chieftains spending their annual gathering getting drunk and fighting. Manalue is a rich land on the banks of a great river in the southern deserts. They have mastered agriculture, build magnificent villas, and have some of the most celebrated artists in the world. A rigidly structured church rules even the royal families and runs daily life with an endless stream of feast days and mandatory worship sessions. So when a Goeth heir is sent to Manalue to learn the "civilized" way of doing things, it's a huge culture shock. The weather is hot, the wine is sweet, and the food is different. He fights against the leadership of the church, even as he finds himself enjoying the festivals.

Favor and Fate-
A Hedge-lord's second (see also: least favorite) son gets sold into slavery as a way of paying off his elder brother's gambling debt. The gods must have smiled on him, because the young man is bought as a companion to his country's heir. The princess treats him as an equal, and they eventually develop a friendship. The "slave" enjoys status higher than he ever knew at home, and soon earns respect among the military leaders for his advanced knowledge of the enemy.
You see, the human world has been at war with the Medu (think big, magical, ugly canines that can walk on two legs) for as long as anyone can remember. The slave's home town was near enough to a Medu village that he was able to gain a bit of insight.
After a few months, the boy receives a letter from his brother (the gambler). The older brother wants to court the princess and win her hand. His plan is to marry the girl, then sell her to the enemy in return for wealth and power over a portion of land.
This plot could go a hundred ways, really. Perhaps the Medu burn the palace and the pair are forced to flee into the countryside; or maybe (for something more slave-ish) they never become 'friends' exactly and he turns around and makes the princess his slave.

Mama is in the crypt-
You are a soldier in you nation's army, occupying a kingdom that was conquered a few years back. Never have you felt the need to question your superiors but on arriving in the near-demolished palace, you start to feel that they might be too cruel. The royal family is dead, though one or two minor members are kept in the dungeon to be paraded around once in a while. The people are starving and beaten-down, while your generals feast in the royal halls and enjoy what wealth is left. Voicing your opinions doesn't go so well and you get stuck guarding the old palace graveyard.
It's a lovely garden, full of overgrown plants and elegant crypts, but boring and far enough from the barracks that you're forced to camp out in the graves. After a few days out, you notice something odd. The fruit trees rarely have any fallen fruit under them, but you've never seen a deer. Rabbits are also more scarce than you expected but nearly all the herbs show signs of being clipped. Staying up one night, you see a small figure slinking around the garden. You catch the trespasser and it's a young boy; very young, nearly starved, but only covered in a thin layer of dirt. His clothes are awkwardly sewn from battered silk and his little cloak is made from faded but expensive wool. Tearfully, the urchin tells you that he lives in the graveyard with his mother, but she is very sick and he doesn't know how to help her. This boy would have been just a toddler during the invasion, but you can tell he's already seen too much death. Do you offer your help? Or do you turn him and his mother in as thieves?

Angel of mercy-
Dying on the battlefield, a soldier looks up and sees a lovely face in the dim light.
"No one should die alone." The figure says. As the pain fades and numbness sets in, the figure asks: "Some shouldn't die at all. Is that you?"
The soldier passes out with a strange feeling of comfort. When he awakens, his wounds are healed and the figure is gone, but he's left wandering in a dark forest that looks nothing like home.

Something is seriously wrong. Maybe you shouldn't have taken that apartment next to the cemetery, or maybe there was nothing you could do. Either way, the news has been reporting walking corpses all day and even though you haven't seen one, your neighborhood seems to be 'ground zero' for reanimations. You're quarantined and running out of food fast. Why don't you go talk to that sweet little Haitian girl next door and see how she's doing?

The Bells-
Six months ago, and for no apparent reason, every bell on the planet rang at once. Ancient church bells without clappers and the glittering brass trinkets that fringe a dancer's belt, all of them sounding at once. The noise was tremendous. One hour later it happened again. Between the ringing, the bells would make no sound but a muffled and dull clang. Two hours after the first ring, the bells rang one more time before shattering. Every bell reduced to soundless fragments that left scientists baffled.
Then the death reports started. At the exact moment of the last bell toll, ten percent of the human population fell over dead. There seemed to be no pattern. Young and healthy young men would drop while the weak and elderly would be left untouched. An accident victim's life support machines failed inexplicably, while the terminally ill man in the next ward found the strength to keep breathing. One hour later, it happened again. A tenth of the remaining population dropped. Every hour, on the hour, one tenth of the survivors would die without any visible reason or pattern. Whole families were wiped out while others were untouched. This continued for ten hours before stopping just as suddenly as it began. It's estimated that just over a third of the population survived the first day, though riots claimed so many more.
Small groups of survivors are banding together, trying to preserve the old way of living, though it's becoming increasingly difficult in the cities. So many of the technicians are dead, those remaining are having too much trouble keeping up with damage to infrastructure. And the bodies. Six months later and the air still smells like charring flesh. Everywhere you can find burnt piles of ash surrounded with old photos and flowers. So many mass graves.


Added a new plot idea. It's more of a starter, really, based on a dream I had a few nights back. I'm looking for a steampunk/horror feel to this one.


Added some fandoms and will probably add more later!


Changed some cravings and moved fandoms to the top of the list. Really craving an Avatar: TLA rp.


Added a note about a particular craving in the Harry Potter universe. Postapocalyptic magic sound like fun to anyone? Original character s are welcome, but I'm happy to play a canon character for you, provided you are willing to return the favor!