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Author Topic: Mass Effect and other ideas (F for M)  (Read 397 times)

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Offline JadedTopic starter

Mass Effect and other ideas (F for M)
« on: March 23, 2013, 08:59:51 PM »
New ideas in second post.

Deadlands Reloaded

I just picked up Deadlands Reloaded and would really like to play a character or two using it.  The minimum content I would be looking for is non-consensual, but I am willing to go extreme and include pretty much anything (obviously within the rules) you want.  I don't mind having to reroll a character if mine should die, or playing multiple characters.

A few of the characters I am interested in playing are:

A huckster who is also a prostitute.  She fled a semi-comfortable life back east due to the unfortunate death of one of her clients, the son of a powerful man, and now makes a living where she can while pursued by mercenaries with orders to 'make her suffer.'

A pair of twins, the only children of a ranch owner.  They are polar opposites.  One is a bookworm and woman of god, the other is a rough and tumble tomboy.  I would be playing both at once.


This one is inspired by what little I got to play of the new Tomb Raider game.  A beautiful young woman, skilled and knowledgeable but naïve and overconfident, finds herself stranded on an island populated solely by men.  They don't want to kill her, for obvious reasons, but definitely want to get their hands on her.  She just wants to get off the island.


In a cyberpunk setting, preferably Shadowrun, a woman goes in for a bit of cosmetic surgery and wakes up in a beautiful body that no longer resembles her own.  Her identity has been changed, and she is now stuffed full of strange cybernetics. 

I have a few ideas where this could go, but am also interested to hear your ideas. 

Thanks for reading! :)
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Offline JadedTopic starter

Re: Mass Effect and other ideas (F for M)
« Reply #1 on: April 01, 2013, 04:58:48 AM »
Mass Effect

I played the first two Mass Effect games, but never got around to the third.  However, I am kind of craving a roleplay taking place in that setting.  I’m not sure I want it to be focused on the whole Reaper aspect, rather I think a human agent involved in various activities (visiting Omega, hunting Slavers, etc) before the war would be more interesting.  I would like a strong plot, but also a great deal of action, and a decent amount of smut, preferably non-consensual or extreme. 

The bar tender on Omega poisoning Shepard.  What if it wasn’t poison, but a sedative?  He still hates humans, what would he do with one?

Lost Powers

She was a superheroine, one of the best.  She fought crime in all its forms for nearly a decade.  Then, one night while out dealing with a group of street thugs, her powers suddenly vanished.  She still has her equipment, her training, but will it be enough to defeat the villain who stole her powers?  I would like a strong plot, lots of action, and a good amount of smut for this one as well.  The basic plot I see is that a villain somehow discovers how to deactivate super powers, and begins to use it on heroines at bad times.  They tend to retire or get killed not long after.  My character is one of the few to survive, a bit worse for wear, and sets out to defeat him after discovering what he has done. 


The plan was simple, and stupid, but she had not been in her right mind when she came up with it.  The charges against her sister’s rapist had been thrown out due to insufficient evidence, and she was determined to make the bastards pay.  So she would let them do the same to her, but get the evidence.  She planted a camera in the room, and left her phone to record any voices, then pretended to pass out at the frat party.  This would be heavy on smut, but I wouldn’t mind developing it into a simple plot involving them discovering her identity, and her having to escape. 


She married young, to a man with multiple children already.  It was all about the money really, she wanted a comfortable life, he wanted a trophy wife.  She took to cheating on him when he was away, he did the same while he was away.  The relationship worked, at least until her seventeen year old step-son and his friends got involved.  This would be pure smut, the step-son and his friends basically turning her into a slave.